The Pigs by Abi B.

Dara awakened to the sound of pigs. Why pigs? Why couldn’t it be a dog or a rooster? she thought. But it was pigs. The pigs that roamed the cobblestone streets, searching for a midnight snack. The pigs that thirsted for blood.

The vampire pigs of Morsville only came out from 11 pm to 2 am. They crawled all over town, waiting for some night owl to take a nice little walk. The pigs would then leap into the air and use their 3 inch tusks to knock the person out. When they were on the ground, the pigs would somehow suck their blood, leaving the victim pale white, even their hair. No one has lived to tell the tale.

Dara dreaded the pigs, mostly because her brother, Nathan, had been attacked by one. He survived, but was never able to speak again because of the brain damage. He sat in his wheelchair night and day. Dara’s mom was his assistant, and her dad tutored Dara and her 12 other siblings.

The shuffling and snorting was getting louder now. Dara held her breath, waiting, praying for it to leave.

“Daaaaraaaaa!!!!” It was Nathan.

Dara leaped out of bed in spite of her fear. This was Nathan’s first time speaking in 5 years. She found him in his chair, his eyes milky white. “Dara, hhhhhelp….” he whispered.

“What’s wrong? Do you need Mom?”

“No, no mmmmmom. Neeeeeeddd to ttttell yyyyou.”

“What is it. I’m here.”

“Pppigs commming.” With that he slumped in his chair and his hair turned snow white within seconds.

“Mom! Dad! Help!” There was no answer. “Mom, Nathan’s gone -” She couldn’t say anything. She couldn’t describe it. Dara just held Nathan’s freezing hand and prayed. She prayed that her family was safe in their beds, that Nathan would come back, she prayed that this was just a dream.

Then there was the knocking of thousands of hooves. It filled her head, and she felt as if she would burst. It came from every corner of the house, pounding through Dara’s covered ears. Then she felt the solid punch of ivory, and everything went black.

Dara rocketed up out of her bed, beads of sweat drenching her flannel nightgown. It was just a dream. Her pleas had been answered. As much as she wished EVERYTHING had been a dream, Nathan was still paralyzed and the pigs still existed. And it was still nighttime. The darkness covered everything with a pitch black blanket of fear. It suffocated the masses of villagers in Morsville and left nothing but death.

Morsville was dangerous, but the mayor wouldn’t let anyone out. He knew that if anyone exited the gates, the rest of the population would follow, leaving a ghost town, literally.

The ghosts of the pig victims walked the streets in broad daylight, but they entered houses when the pigs were about, just as they did when they were still alive. They would rush into the closest building and wail in agony to ward off their killers. It only drew the pigs closer, and it left the inhabitants of the cottage exhausted. Sometimes Dara would find a silvery being in her room, crouched down and

bawling on the floor. Dara tried to shoo one out once. The ghost suddenly turned scarlet and grew fangs. It hissed and screeched and swiped with its claws. Dara made a mad dash to her bed and screamed, “I’m not here! I won’t bother you!”

Some nights Dara would wake up and weep harder than the ghosts that haunted the town. Her father would come in and tell her to calm down, that everything was all right. But it wasn’t. Morsville meant death.

Chapter 2

The morning dawned foggy and gray. Dara hated these dull days of shadow and darkness. She wished there would be at least one day that the sun would come out and warm the dank streets.

Dara hopped out of bed, tugged on her pale brown dress, slapped on her bonnet, and tied her apron. She leaped down the stairs toward the kitchen and tried to wrench open the cabinets, searching for corn grits. She reached up, trying to reach the cabinets, but her petite frame wouldn’t let her. She grabbed the stool and felt her way around, feeling for the grits. Her hand hit the decomposing body of a squirrel, and she screeched, alerting the rest of the family of her disgust.

“Dara, you nearly scared me half to death!


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  1. Great start of the story! I’m worried about what will happen to Dara and her family now!

  2. Thanks! I have just finished the second chapter.

  3. I wish I could read it when you’re done! It gets me so worried and it is just so creative! Great job!

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