Ziadádes by Sarah

Casi slowed down her breathing, careful to stay as silent as possible. She had finally tracked down the monsters that had terrorized the world, the Ziadádes. The Ziadádes had captured and murdered hundreds of humans. Casi’s little brother was among that number. It was Casi’s job to take them down, no jury or trial. Casi had whole heartedly agreed. Now, standing outside of the boarded-up old restraint, she was nervous. As much as she loved her little brother, she wasn’t quite ready to join him in Heaven. Taking a deep breath, she kicked down the wooden boards coving the door frame. A tidal wave of dust blew inside the abandoned building, followed by scuffling sounds. Casi walked into the building without hesitation with her gun cocked and pointed. “I know you’re here, Ziadádes!” Casi called. “I’m here because of what you did to my brother! It’s no use hiding!” A pan clattered to the floor from the kitchen. Casi sprinted to the sound, determined not the let the beasts get away. In the kitchen, she stopped, dumbfounded. In front of her stood two little girls, covered in brown rags and dust. “Where are the Ziadádes?” Casi nearly screamed. The girls flinched, and cowered back. The green-eyed one looked up sadly. “We are.” She whispered. Casi frowned, and shook her head. “No, not you.” She protested. “I want to find the Ziadádes. You must be captured by them, right?” The blue-eyed girl stared Casi in the eye. “We are the Ziadádes.” “No, no, no.” Casi whispered. “You’re just two little girls, you couldn’t have murdered all those people.” The first girl stood up, and put a hand on Casi’s leg, causing her to flinch. “We never hurt anyone.” “Then how do you explain my brother’s disappearance? How do you explain millions of people dying?” The girls looked at each other, and nodded. “Miss, we don’t destroy people. We just moved them.” The second girl smiled. “The Earth is not a suitable place to live anymore. Too much carbon dioxide and factories. You guys haven’t seen a dog or a cat in decades.” Casi looked up, confused. “What are dogs and cats?” The first girl nodded. “My point exactly. So, we moved the other people and your brother to a safer place.” Casi frowned. “And where would that be?” The Ziadádes smiled. “The Center of the Earth.”


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  1. This seems like a cool story

  2. Whoa! PLOT TWIST!!! 😀
    That was so cool! Amazing concept!

    -Hannah O.

  3. I want to know what happens next!! Great story!

  4. Woah…

  5. Awesome excerpt! Amazing creativity!

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