Meeting Next Week

Harks and alarms! Greetings and Salutations, Scribblers!

Our next meeting is Thursday, February 5, 7-8pm EST.


During this meeting we will discuss updating fairy tales!

If you’re not able to join us this week, I will send out information about the assignment.


Open Mic

Want to read some of your writing at this week’s meeting or have someone else read it?

Open Mic Requirements:

-You must email your piece by Wednesday, February 4.

-You can submit fiction, poetry, or non-fiction.

-Your piece or excerpt should be 500 words or less.

-Pieces must be school appropriate.

-Pieces will be read on a first come, first served basis as time allows.


Literature Chat

Do you want to share a book you’ve read or an author you love with the club? Maybe you read about a writing technique or idea that you’d like to share.

Literature Chat Requirements:

-You must be present to discuss your slide and have a mic to be able to speak to the group.

-You must create a powerpoint slide about what you’d like to share.

-You must email your piece by Wednesday, February 4.

-Your powerpoint should be limited to one slide.

-Topics must be school appropriate.

-Topics will be read on a first come, first served basis as time allows.


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  1. Hi , Mrs. Emery ! I regret to inform you that … lol just kidding . This is not a rejection letter form Duke University ! However , I am sorry to say that I will not be able to attend the meeting on Thursday night . I am super bummed that I , actually , will more than likely not be able to attend any of the CWC Meetings . My softball practices happen to be Thursday nights from 7-9pm … Right when I would be attending the meeting . I am so sorry ! I am posting on this blog , though ! So , I hope that still counts as being apart of this group !

    I have been unable to attend my other club meetings (Teen Driving Club ; Yearbook Committee) as well . I have such a hectic and chaotic schedule , but I really wanted to (1.) be apart of these clubs and (2.) crowd my college applications with tons of extra curricular activities ! I’m terribly sorry that I’ve only been to … one … CWC Meeting . But , I really look forward to logging on to this blog in the mornings and being apart of these postings !

    Thanks so much for being an awesome club sponsor ! You’re super cool 🙂

    – Hailey 😀

    • Aww, thanks Hailey! There are many members who just participate on the blog, so that’s totally fine. If you can ever join us, we’ll be happy to have you. Otherwise, have a great time with softball!

      • Thank you ! I’m glad you understand . Honestly, I was partially afraid of being kicked out of the club . But , thank you for understanding . And , thanks ! I will definitely have a great time with softball !

        Have a great day !!!

        – Hailey 😀

  2. I can’t attend the meeting tonight, sadly. I submitted a short story I had planned on reading at the meeting, but since I can’t come, I wont be able to read it. 😦
    Thank you,

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