Dialogue Assignment Excerpt by Estella

“Look inside yourself, man. You have so much more potential than you could possibly imagine. If you wanted to, you could be a world famous movie producer in five years! You could have everything you want! But you have to make the choice, and you have to push yourself and step out of your comfort zone. Just decide who you want to be, and then work for it! So far, all you’ve been doing is moping around, complaining about how much your life sucks. Well guess what? It doesn’t have to suck. So just because someone else is actually brave enough to follow their dreams doesn’t mean that you should make fun of them and criticize them for it.”

“Look, life is like a bunch of trains. Yes, you’re born into a specific train, and you tend to stay on it for the first part of your life. Some people are born on the cheapest and ugliest trains, while some are born on the luxury ones. You, my friend, were born on a middle-class, average train. Once you grew up, you could have easily tried to jump to another train. If you had believed in yourself, you could have sustained a good job and be promoted from there. But no. You decided to jump lower, to a worse train than you were born on. Why? Because you decided that that’s where you belong.”

“There are two types of successful people: the train jumpers, and the train builders. The train jumpers aren’t afraid of leaving the comfort of their home train. They aren’t afraid of leaving their hometown, moving away from friends and family, or leaving a decent job for a risky but potentially better one. These train jumpers have mastered the skill of finding opportunities and taking advantage of them, and they constantly search for better opportunities. They never settle. How do you think people become CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies or the President of the U.S? They do it because they constantly jump trains and try to be better than they were before.”

“Then, there are the train builders. An example of a train builder would be Bill Gates. Bill Gates wasn’t happy on the train he was on, so he decided to build his own train. An awesome, luxury train. And, nobody else can ride on it except himself, because he built it for himself and only for himself. Yes, building a train can be lonely, but at least you get to ride in a better train than everyone else in the world.”

“However, you, Ethan, are none of these people. You’re like everyone else, settling for the average and the mediocre opportunities that come your way. And, the worst part is, you don’t realize how much potential you have! For goodness sake, Ethan, you can build your own train! You can become the best movie producer in the world! You still have time! Go to film school! Write your script! Do something!”

Silence. Ethan stared at Curtis for a few long moments, not lowering his gaze. Then, finally, he opened his mouth and whispered:

“But… What if I’m not brave enough?”

“I’m going to leave you with this, Ethan: those who are brave enough to do something are not the ones that have no fear. They’re the ones who have the most fear, but still do it anyways.”

And with those words, Curtis left Ethan forever.


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  1. NOOOOOO! Curtis! Come back! Don’t leave Ethan! This is a really good excerpt Estella.

  2. Good job , Estella ! Nice dialogue piece ! 🙂

    – Hailey 😀

  3. Wow!! That is so inspiring and well written. Great work!

  4. This was a really great read! Nice Job! 🙂

  5. This is so inspiring. I really enjoyed reading this! 🙂

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