Club Day!

We’re excited to announce that Club Day 2015 will be on Saturday, May 23rd or May 30th!  Check out the starts to our site here, which includes pictures, as well:

Are you not sure about what Club Day is?  Let me explain it to you!!

Club Day is a day where our students that have been part of our clubs all year meet up IN PERSON to play games, dance, eat tons of food, and make new friends!  All students that have participated in clubs this year are invited.  We’d love for you to come and join us!

We need YOUR help!

Please submit the following survey:

Make sure to fill it out completely.  Your e-mail isn’t going to be used for anything more than just to make sure it’s only submitted once per person.  We need to have every student INTERESTED IN ATTENDING Club Day fill this out ASAP.  We’d like to start looking at venues so please have this completed by Friday, February 13th.

We will have an informational session about Club Day soon!  Thank you in advance for helping us with this important decision.


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  1. I would love to go but I cannot. The closest place is Jacksonville and that’s five hours away….

  2. Ahh!!!! I’m so excited! I hope I can go again this year! 🙂

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