Writing Prompt from Tamar

Your character gets trapped in a bathroom stall with a jammed door. How do they react? How do they get out?

Write for 10 minutes! Post your piece to comments.


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  1. It was perfect my step-mom, Stephanie, finally wanted to hang out. After my dad remarried I knew that I didn’t want our relationship to be like the average warped American stepmother, stepdaughter, hate filled relationship, so I wanted to bond. I decided that the best way to get I some real girl time was to go to an overly priced restaurant, and buy all the things my dad would never let us have. Apparently she agreed and we both secretively made plans.

    “Hey Vanessa, watcha thinking about” Steph asked as she sat down

    “Not much I’m just happy that we could hang today. Hey do you know where the bathroom is?” I asked

    “Oh yeah walk down the aisle and turn left it’s right there.”

    “Thanks, I’ll be right back.” I said as I walked in the direction that she said.

    As I walked in I was overwhelmed with the smell of cheap airfreshner. It smelled more like my Grandma’s car then a”mystical breeze”. I walked to the closest stall and went to do my business. As I finished I flushed and went to unlock the door. It was stuck. All of a sudden my heart dropped. This was the most embarrassing thing ever. I could see it all now.I’d call Stephanie for help, and she’d look at me like I was a serious idiot. I had to get out.
    My first instinct was to put both arms on the side of the stall as leverage while I lifted myself and kicked the stall. That failed miserably, and left my head pounding. I tried climbing over the stall, but accidentally peeped on someone and recived some very un friendly choice words. The less said the better. I was doomed!
    ————————————– — ——————————————————————————–
    Sorry I ran out of time before I could finish.

  2. “Come on!” I groan aloud leaning forward and resting my forehead on the stall door.

    After taking a few deep breaths I go back to violently shaking and yanking at the door hoping it will open. With no such luck I stop and take a step back for as much of a start i can get the hurl my body into the door shoulder first.

    “Ow!” I yelp cradling my side as I sink to the dirty floor.

    It’s pointless. Why did I come here anyway? I wasn’t ever going to make it; I can’t believe I came all this way with the idea that I’d become a star. Now look at me, I’m pathetic. When the tears start to stream down my cheeks I barely notice. I just sit there humming to myself like a madwoman and wait for someone to come get me. I’m sure I’ve missed my turn by now and they’ve just forgotten about me. There’s no reason to run around the building searching for a stupid American that didn’t even care to show up.

    “Mina? Are you in here? Mina Waltz?”

    I gasp and stand up. “In here!”

    I wipe my eyes and flatten my dress as the woman on the other side unjams the lock. I got this. I totally go this.

  3. Rusty lazily played with his phone as he sat on the lid of the toilet seat. The only thing a school bathroom was useful for were emergencies and hiding from his angry science teacher, miss Heather, who was probably going to make him clean whiteboards until the sparkled, but so what? He heard the bell ring, looking up slightly. He was safe.
    “Awesome, passing period’s over. I just have to tell coach Barnes that I was running an errand.” Rusty mumbled to himself.
    He went to open the door, but it was stuck where it was. He jiggled the handle, then shoved it as violently as possible. He groaned, realizing he was stuck in there. He pulled his phone back out, only to see the screen die as he tried to turn it on. It had run out of power.
    “Why does this always happen to me? Why not Elf or Gideon? At least Elf could kick the door down, or Gideon could pick the lock…” He thought silently.
    He smoothed his hair with a hand, knowing he couldn’t even call up Zora to sneak into the boys’ bathroom and unlock it with her janitor’s key. He knew there were perks to having friends who were former criminals, but not today. After about three minutes of staring at nothing, he got frustrated. He slammed a foot into the door, but he only ended up falling onto the toilet seat. He groaned, feeling filthy water slowly soaking his jacket. He stood up slowly, now reluctant to leave.
    “Anybody else in here…?” He asked.
    Of course there was no response. Rusty clenched his fists for a minute, then slammed his head against the wall repetitively. It was better than just standing there for an hour trying to open a door that was jammed. He finally heard the door open after a long, silent period of time.
    “Hey, Rusty, you in here?” A familiar voice asked.
    He growled, “Malik, get me out of here…”
    “I’ll take that as a yes. Hang on a sec…” Malik’s lighthearted voice was filled with amusement.
    “Don’t laugh at me.”
    “You’re a little late there…”
    Malik forced the door open with sheer strength. He smiled at his team leader, who was soaked with toilet water, flushed in embarrassment, and looked livid. He glared at the toilet stall door momentarily, then glanced at Malik.
    “So, how bad is it?” Rusty asked.
    Malik chuckled and said, “Well, let’s put it at cleaning the whole school top to bottom every day.”
    “Of course it’s me…” He groaned.
    Malik innocently replied, “You won’t be alone; Carson has it too.”
    “Forget it, I am not going anywhere near that guy!”
    “He’s not that bad, Rusty…”
    “You don’t have to camp with that windbag every three weeks, dude.”

  4. I put down my tube of mascara. “I have to pee. Give me one sec.” I say.
    “Kk.” responds Alexa.
    “Y’know,” I begin, unzipping my skinny jeans. “You don’t have to say, out loud, what we text on our phones. It’s weird when you go ‘kk’ all enthusiastically.” I mimic her as best I can. But, nailing Alexa Pruitt’s accent is pretty difficult. Alexa was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. Whereas for me, I’ve lived in this crap-town called Frisco, Texas all my life. I’m country, she’s Australian.
    “Oh, right, bugger!” she says with a laugh.
    I flush the toilet and add, “I though ‘bugger’ was a British thing.”
    “It’s no one’s thing, particularly. For example, you knew the word, so therefore, it could be a Texan thing.” She says this as I try to open the door and sudden panic hits me.
    “Uhhh, Alexa?” I say, hysteria rising in my voice. “The door is, like, locked or something. Can you come push on it.”
    She lets out a laugh. “Aha.” It’s so adorable, really. “What on Earth are you saying?”
    “The door? It’s, um, locked, or something. ” I manage.
    “Alright. Well, why are you so scared-sounding? You sound like a little child.”
    I’d never told anyone my biggest fear. “Alexa, what are you afraid of? Spiders? Clowns? Cheerleaders?”
    “Uh, I guess spiders, maybe.”
    “Alright. Well, I’m scared of, um, tight spaces. I really need to get out of here. So, please, be a doll and KICK IN THE FRIGGIN’ DOOR!!?” I burst out, unexpected.
    “Oh my gawd, Addie, you’re really quite scared, aren’t you?” I could tell she was holding back a laugh. “Well, alright.” Sometimes, the things she said and how she said them reminded me of Julie Andrews. I know, I know… She’s British, but still.
    “Alexa! ALEXA, please! Hurry.”
    I heard some footsteps and then a “BANG!” as her foot connected with the door jam.
    “Uh, why don’t you just crawl under?”
    “Ew. But, fine. Yeah. Sure.” I sounded as though I were reassuring myself that that was the way out. The only way out.
    So, unwillingly, I got down on my brand new skinny jeans, manicured hands and crawled from underneath the door. Once out, I stepped back as if it were coming alive. “Let’s just go, kay?” I say quickly.
    “Kk.” says Alexa, smiling and clearly making fun of me.

    Lol. Good, right? Hah. Hope you enjoyed!
    Have good days!

    – Hailey 😀

    • Wow! I’m scared of tight spaces too! I start to panic. Great story!

      • Thanks , Savannah ! Yours was super funny ! Lol ! I loved the sarcasm in the little girls voice when she was all “the lock’s on your side.” haha. made me laugh ! KUTGW

  5. “I cannot believe this is happening.”
    I banged my fist against the stall door. How long had I been in here? Two hours? This was starting to get frustrating. I grabbed my phone out of a pocket and looked at the million text messages I had texted Linda to come and get me out of here. But had she replied? Of course not. I rammed my fists against the door harder.
    “Hellllllooooo!” I yelled. “I am not the only one in here, am I?”
    Obviously, I was. Here I was, at the mall with my best friend, stuck behind a jammed bathroom door. She should be back by now. She knew that I had gone to the bathroom! Where was she?
    “She’s gonna get it,” I grumbled. I charged against the door, banging my head in the act. “Ow!”
    I slumped against the door and rest me head against the hall. ”This is hopeless. I’m going to live here for the rest of my life and grow old and then die on the toilet seat.”
    I sighed. “Okay, I’m exaggerating. Keep your cool, Hazel. Keep your cool.”
    And then I lost it. “Oh, whatever! I’m talking to myself now! I’m driving myself crazy in here!”
    Banging my fists against the door and screaming my head off, I was probably not the best sight. So, of course, right at that moment, someone had to enter the room.
    I slowed my mad rage seeing a little girl through a crack in the door. She looked about eight years old, but she stood at the stall door with one eyebrow raised. I stopped my beating and felt my cheeks grow red, even though she couldn’t see me.
    “Will you please open the door?” I begged.
    “The lock’s on your side,” the girl replied.
    “Well, obviously it’s not working or I would already be out of here!” I practically yelled.
    “Okay, okay. Chillax. Why don’t you just crawl underneath? That’s what I would do.”
    “Are you kidding me? I would get my pants dirty!”
    The girl sighed and I saw her roll her eyes. “Fine. I’ll use my super kick. Ya!”
    Her leg shot out and the door came flying towards me, whacking my forehead.
    “Ow!” I stumbled out of the stall.
    “I take karate.” The girl flashed me a smug grin.
    “Whatever.” I stomped out of the room. And there was Linda, standing in front of me, laughing like crazy.
    I stared at her. “Really? You were here the whole time?”
    Linda laughed harder. “Listening to you yell like that! Ha!”
    I swatted at her. “I was in there for like, two hours!”
    “Actually, only fifteen minutes.” Linda held up her watch.
    I shook my head. “I’ll get you back!”

  6. I love these prompts! This one was so much fun! Thanks Tamar!

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