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From Rosalind: Your character was set up on a blind-date that wasn’t exactly the date to envy. Write a scene of your character returning home, and help them express how they really felt about their not-so-nice night out. Who’d they go out with, what went wrong? This is a good scene to allow your character to indulge in some drama!

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments!

I’ve updated the prompt. Thanks to Hailey for pointing out I posted the wrong one.


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  1. “The crunching of snow as I walked up my driveway helped me relieve my need to scratch this irritable memory that I had just made. Not only is this the first date I’ve had in months, it’s sadly one not to be forgotten. My friend Nathalie set me up with some “well-to-do” guy who’s heading into Harvard Law; sounded like a prize horse and I was running for my money. The whole night was thrown off when I opened the door to this short stumpy clog of a mess; his hair looked like it had been pulled from the drain then teased, his too-tight “silk” shirt made the sweat stains even more visible, and the gut wrenching stench of his aroma was nearly gag worthy. I was surprised to have lasted the 20 minutes of the car ride to the restaurant. We had made it to the restaurant, or what some back-of-the-alley people might call a home. It was something out of a 80’s horror movie; the big neon sign was halfway burnt-out and only two cars remained in the dim lot. Probably the workers cars. I managed to sustain a gag reflex as a breeze of him wafted to me when we walked through the door. Now, I wouldn’t expect this overgrown man-child to know anything of manners, but I was surprised to find nothing of the sort. He managed to order the messiest thing on the menu, and before it even set on the table he engulfed it like it was his livelihood. Lord, the only thing I remember after that is the deathly stench that was given to me as he handed me a jacket when I shivered on our way back home; the only thing this man should be studying is hygiene.”

  2. Omg, i’m working on a novel with this exact scene, basically!

    The whole ride home, Chasidee tried her absolute hardest to be as quit as possible. She wasn’t the rude type, which is why she couldn’t tell Robbie to shove it where the sun don’t shine, and which is also why anytime Robbie’s annoying mother asked her a question, she answered. Although short with her responses, and making it clear she didn’t want to talk, Tina kept pushing, and the most embarrassing questions revolved around the date. This date was not your average date, and as soon as Chasidee got out of the car, she went straight to her bedroom and screamed. Luckily, her mother was not home, and her dad was out back. She threw the stupid pink purse on the ground, the one her mother had insisted she bring.
    She kicked off her flats and grabbed her phone out of her jeans back pocket and immediately dialed Amber’s number.
    “Hello?” Amber answered, quiet music in the background.
    “Heyyyy.” Chasidee drew out the word, preparing Amber for her lashing.
    “Oh, hey, girl! How did the date go? Was Robbie a gentleman?” she asked, totally unaware of what she had done.
    “Do you have any earthly idea what you put me through tonight? First of all, no Robbie was a pig, as always. Secondly, he’s 2 years younger than me. And thirdly, your mom drove us there and back. It was so embarrassing; she even waited in the parking lot. I hope no one I know saw me.” This last sentence was more of a comforting method for Chasidee, and she quietly reassured herself that no one was there.
    Amber gasped a fake laugh. “My mom drove you? I told Robbie to get one of his friends to drive you. I’m sure it wasn’t as bad as your making it out to be.”
    “Amber? Are you even listening?” She plumped down on her bed, throwing the pile of clothes onto the floor. “I told you I didn’t wanna do it, but you insisted. I have grown up with him and it was like dating my brother. He’s so weird and no offense but he actually tried to act like he wasn’t 14. He was sitting straight up and trying to talk deep, and when he went to the bathroom, he came back smelling like my grandpa.”
    Amber giggled. “Awe. He brought cologne. I bet it’s dads.”
    “Haha,” she fakes a laugh. “You wanna know the worst part of the date, the moment that literally made me want to shoot myself?” She asked, not pausing to wait for an answer. “When Leah, our waitress, you know her right? Well, she brought us our check and Robbie went to grab his wallet, or whatever, and then panic clearly hit his face, because I thought he’d forgotten his wallet. But, guess what? His mommy had it! He was all, ‘hey, I’ll be right back, I think my wallet’s in the car.’ And so I just sat there and Leah looked at me like I was just this awful, pitiful sight, and it made me feel so bad.”
    Chasidee went on and on and eventually Amber tuned out most of the conversation. Amber finally said, “Alright, look, thanks for taking him out, and I’m sorry you had to sit through it, but can you stop bad-mouthing him? He’s my freaking brother.” And then she hung up.
    That really sent Chasidee over the edge and she threw her iPhone (with the life-proof case, thank God) at her door. She stood up from her bed and picked up the pile of clothes, once more, and started throwing them across the room. It was her diva act, and it typically happened once or twice a week because of Amber. Amber was a confusing friend, and probably not the best, but she grew up with her, and personally, she knew she needed her in the long run. It was only a matter of time before Amber made Chasidee marry Robbie, which Chasidee swore would be her last days on earth. She’d rather die than marry Robbie Pruitt.

    This is actually a real story that I am working on, and it was so funny when I read the prompt because I knew I could use this scene!!! Basically, Chasidee and Amber grew up together, and Robbie and Amber are sibling. Amber and Chasidee are 16 and Robbie is 14 (for this part)… Chasidee basically despises Robbie because he’s younger than her, and he’s a little weird as a kid (but, I mean, who isn’t, right?). So anyways, they grow up and lose touch, a little. And when Chasidee and Robbie are about mid-20’s… they see each other again, and of course, Robbie is drop dead gorgeous and not at all the person he used to be… Y’know, the usual… I had a similar experience, lol… But, I was in, like, 5th grade with this dude (won’t mention names) and I moved away but kept in touch with my friends (who were also friends with him) and I saw him on Facebook one time, and omg, he got so hot! I mean, come on girls, we’ve all had this moment, right? The young, immature, gross little boy turns into the hot, tall, athletic teenager! Anyways, yeah… that’s it! Thanks!!!

    • Wow, ha ha, love the story.


      Yes, yes, I have found many of my old friends of the male variety on FB, and some of them make me go DAAANNGGGG BOY. I need to move back to my old city. XD

  3. I felt warm all over, but not in a way I was used to. I never felt so out of sorts, so willing to go into a battle to release this sudden tension in my chest. I’d heard Hikaru say the name of this feeling once. I think it was called anger. I had never felt this way before, not even when my parents died a while back. Somehow, just being on a date with Hiroko’s friend Felicity had been so nerve-grating that I just wanted to kick in the door of Hiroko’s room for setting me up with this boring girl. He knew I didn’t like intellectuals!
    “Ichigo Hiroko, I am going to unscrew every bolt from every shelf in the engineer bay for what you sent me on today!” I roared as I walked in the door.
    Hiroko adjusted his black catsuit, then asked, “What, did the date go bad?”
    “Bad is an understatement- she was terrible!” I snapped, flopping onto the beanbag chair in the common room.
    He said, “What’s wrong with Felicity?”
    “Ohhhhh, Hiro… She’s boring. Her hobbies are all lame, and she doesn’t want to do anything… I mean, I can live with a bookworm, but she’s also a stamp collector, loves to watch interpretive dance, and her job is as an accountant. She wouldn’t stop reading through the dinner, she hated the movie, and she apparently has Yorkies. I can live with everything else, but not a dog person.” I explained.
    Hiroko winced, “Oh, sorry. I forgot how scared you are of dogs.”
    “Yeah, ‘sorry’ doesn’t cut it for the worst date ever.” I mumbled, sighing.
    I stared at the ceiling, trying to get a grip and insist to myself that what I’m feeling won’t make me punch him in the face. Hiroko said, “Joell, I’ll make you something to eat.”
    “Fish fingers and custard or I’ll give your sisters free rein of the engineering bay.” I grumbled.
    Hiroko nodded and snickered, “Why don’t you just go out with Lexi?”
    “She’s… I dunno, she likes football, and I hate football.” I drawled on the last word.
    “American football?”
    “If it was American football, I wouldn’t mind as much.”
    “Joell, seriously…?”

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