Writing a Friendly (Love) Poem

With Valentine’s Day, finding the perfect gift for a special someone or dear friends and family can be tough. That is, it can be tough for people who aren’t writers. I like using my passion for writing to create pieces of work to give as gifts to those I love, and what better way to tell someone you care about them than with a poem made from your heart?
If you and your special someone know another language, a great way to express your love for them would be to write them something in that language. Expressing sentimental things in languages that you both can understand is special because it shows that you are tapping into the culture you both have a passion for.
Though many associate Valentine’s Day with couples, it is a holiday meant to express love and care to all that you treasure, not just a person you are in a relationship with. If you have a best friend or siblings, write a poem describing the things you appreciate most about them. Perhaps they are good listeners and sit through hours of you reading passages of your novel, or they enjoy comedy, so an impersonation poem of them may be the perfect choice. Either way, they will treasure it and know that you have a place in your heart for them.
Songs are poems with music accompaniments. If your special someone is a music lover, write a creative song detailing wonderful things  about them. Make it as personal as possible. It’s okay if you’re not a songwriter. The point is that you’re pouring emotion and thought into a piece specifically designed for them, and chances are that they won’t care too much about an off-beat melody when your words are making them tear up with joy.
It’s true when people say “it’s the thought that counts.” Oftentimes we charge through life so quickly that we do not stop to smell the roses. Even a short and sweet poem for your loved one or friend will make their day bright, and one of the best things about love is that there is always some left over for others you have yet to meet.


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  1. I love this!

  2. Love this idea! I’ve actually recently thought about doing these things for my friends’ and relatives’ birthdays. They usually love seeing things I’ve written, but I don’t often do writing for others besides my parents (My siblings and I write letters for their birthdays and Mother’s Day/Father’s Day). Some of my friends do know other languages, so that might just be something I use as well. I always stumble over words when speaking, hence I feel I can convey my feelings much better through writing. Off to write…

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