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From Tea: How about a little booster? Ten things you love about yourself.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. 1) I am intelligent and enjoy learning facts.

    2) I am an avid reader.

    3) I love chocolate.

    4) I have the most amazing group of friends.

    5) I do not have a middle name (surprisingly).

    6) I am musically gifted.

    7) I love surprises and always up to an adventure.

    8) I have straight, black hair 😉

    9) I am a born leader.

    10) I admire the beauty of Ansel Elgort and Theo James 🙂

  2. 1. My synesthesia
    2. My self-confidence
    3. My willingness to forgive and forget
    4. My desire to help people discover who they are
    5. My willingness to be the person who will say what needs to be said
    6. My love of other languages and cultures
    7. My deep caring for my family and friends
    8. My love of writing
    9. My dancing skills
    10. Me!

  3. Ten things I love about myself:
    1 I love my eyes! They are brown with a green outline and sometimes turn green. A guy in 4th grade compared them to eclipses and I was all like awwww!
    2 I love my ability to not drop shots or hit the black. The last time we went shooting I didn’t drop a single shot and didn’t hit the black while my mom hit the black and dropped like two shots.
    3 I love my taste in music! Obviously!! Lol.
    4 I love my flaws. Such as but not limited too: my inability to speak proper English. I talk and it’s like “Burbahburbahbur.”
    5 I love my ability to describe stuff. I think I am best at descriptions.
    6 I love my toes. They are funny looking and can grab stuff.
    7 I love that I can eat tons of food and not gain a pound.
    8 I love my bonds with my family.
    9 I love my poetry.
    10 I love my snow globe collection. It’s a part of me and my emotions.

  4. 1.) I love that I’m shy

    2.) I love that it’s not easy for me to make guy friends so quickly (as in, I don’t have to worry about getting to know “too” many guess “too” fast… if you know what I mean…)

    3.) I love that my life is everything except ordinary

    4.) I love that my eyes and smile are the first thing everybody notices and compliments me on

    5.) I love that my friends (whether new or old; male or female) have always been the easiest people to talk to

    6.) I love that I hold on to promises, instead of grudges

    7.) I love that I love my faith; God

    8.) I love that I have scars, and bruises, and red spots, and stretch marks; I love that I am a female (I am NOT an abused child; nor am I by any means fat; but I love that every girl has that, whether they admit it or not)

    9.) I love the part of myself that refuses to see anything but good in everybody, regardless of any bad intentions

    10.) I love myself

    *** h a i l e y ***

  5. 1. I love that I give people the benefit of the doubt and try to understand them without judging them.

    2. I have compassion and feel another’s hurt because everyone’s feelings are legitimate.

    3. I love my body because it’s like no one elses. Even when it get’s hairy and pimply and smelly and my hair is hard to deal with I don’t want to look like anyone else.

    4. I love that I push myself to perfection when doing something I love.

    5. I embrace all beauty for what it is and refuse to nit pick on flaws. (Unless it’s me. I’m an exception because I’m a hot mess.)

    6. I love that when I open a book I accept it into my heart and when I read a book I put myself through it contents making it my life. Then when I close the book it has become a part of me, a scar. Something that happened.

    7. I love that when my dad gets home from work I turn off YouTube, put down my phone and I say “Hi Daddy” like I’m five as I kiss him on the cheek because he loves it and I feel like I’m actually doing something for someone. (This one made me cry.)

    8. I love that I want to learn every wonderful song that passes my ears because I want to become as wonderful as them.

    9. I love that I take no nonsense and choose peace over useless bickering whether it be bickering with childish name calling or bickering with guns and bombs.

    10. I love myself for being myself even though sometimes I don’t allow myself to be.

    • I call my daddy “daddy,” too ! When he comes home from work , while I am still doing school work on my computer , I stop and get up to give him a hug and I always ask how his day went ! ❤

  6. 1. I love that I LOVE music! ❤ ! ❤

    2. I love that I LOVE writing!!!!! ❤

    3. I love that I make friends easily. 🙂

    4. I love that I love smiley faces!! :):):):):):):)

    5. I love that I am loved.

    6. I love that I am a Christian.

    7. I love that I was named after a movie called "Savannah's Smile."

    8. I love that I am a animal lover. (except spiders)

    9. I love that I have EXTREMELY thick hair so I can do almost anything with it. (despite the fact that it's only shoulder length)

    10. I love that my siblings drive me crazy. (Because I am now a very patient girl :))


    Hey, I just discovered something about myself. I obviously love the word love. HAHA 🙂 😀

    • 1, 2, 3, 5, and 9 are awesome, and match with me, ha ha! That is so cool about being named after Savannah’s Smile! I smirked at #10….that only applies with my youngest sibling, not the middle ones. 😛

  7. 1: I love when I brighten someone’s mood

    2: I love being able to write and share with others
    3: I love giving hugs!

    4: I love that I have artistic ability
    5: I love that I wanted siblings growing up, and now I have 6 of them!

    6: I love that I’m sort of an animal whisperer, hehe
    7: I love that I can be serious, but I can also be content and breezy

    8: I love that I always see the positive in things
    9: I love that I have a natural curiosity and ask questions

    10: I love.. well.. Love. I love that I love, love 🙂

  8. 1 I don’t give a rat’s butt hair about other people’s opinions
    2 I can’t feel pain in my hands
    3 I don’t spill secrets
    4 I love writing
    5 I loved Nimoy (live long and prosper *sobbing in the bathroom for an hour*)
    6 I’m just awesome!
    7 I own the cutest rats ever!!!
    8 I’m considered insane and I love it!
    9 hugged at every bicyclist passing by the neighborhood park was fun~
    10 I kind of adore all the scars I got from falling down stairs and skinning my knees, even if that sounds weird.

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