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From Cheyenne: Your character has found a mystical Genie lamp and decides to make three wishes. What are those three wishes?

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.



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  1. * A mother of 3 who is struggling with life and personal issues
    1.) I wish my son would care about school.
    2.) I wish my daughter would love herself the way everyone else does.
    3.) I wish I didn’t have doubts about being a good enough mom to my children.

    * A little boy who was just diagnosed with leukemia
    1.) I wish my mom and dad knew how much I loved them.
    2.) I wish I could have the new Nerf Gun.
    3.) I wish God knew I was ready to go.

    * A father and husband
    1.) I wish I could provide more for my family.
    2.) I wish my kids didn’t think I hated them all the time.
    3.) I wish I could keep a stable job.

    * A struggling and depressed teenage girl
    1.) I wish I could control my self-harm.
    2.) I wish people would accept me.
    3.) I wish I wasn’t alone.

    * Me
    1.) I wish people knew there were other ways of dealing with stress aside from taking their own life and self-harming.
    2.) I wish parents were confident that they were raising beautiful, healthy, smart children.
    3.) I wish there was no such thing as sickness; death; hatred; poison; or depression.

  2. / * side note * \

    this was not really about me; except the last one, of course… those really are my three wishes. but, my parents do not think these things, and neither do my siblings (whom I have not seen in a while, therefore, I would not know). again, this was not about me I promise. I am NOT suicidal, nor do I self-harm. some people might take this as a “cry for help” or a “plea for an ear” but it was not. I just have many friends that do, and it somehow seems like the “cool” thing to be doing and is now the “social norm.” well, I don’t like it, and I wish there was something I could do about it… instead, I post things like this in hopes that someone who is having stress or going through depression might read it and understand that people can wish; but that never means it will always come through… that also doesn’t mean that you can hurt yourself in order to “release the pain” like so many of my friends claim… I “release the pain” in other ways than cutting my body open, or burning myself, or drinking bleach, or putting permanent scars for everyone to see. I deal with the issue, and I don’t let it control my life. Honestly, it seems like a pretty stupid thing to do, to me it seems like instead of facing the music, you decided to turn away and deal with it in a way that makes the situation worse. think of all the people that didn’t face their problems and instead committed suicide or self-harmed… either their parents found out and put them in an insane asylum; or it was too late and nobody saw it coming, or could help, or knew what to do. nobody knows what you’re going through until it’s too late.

    if you don’t wanna talk to some you know, or a friend, or a parent; call the helpline and talk to a stranger. tell them and maybe they can help. honestly, though, I suggest you tell your parents about your problems before your problems create a mess that you cannot dig yourself out of…

    • Oh, Hailey. What great advice! You’re writing is amazing too 🙂

      • Thanks so much, Savannah! I appreciate it… and, yeah… about my story… that was a true story unfortunately. I was unable to make it to the meeting because I had softball practice, however, I watched it after Mrs. Emery sent me the link and I loved how everyone thought this wasn’t a real story. Everyone was so stunned that something like this could be going on that no one thought it could possibly be true. But, yeah, it is.. and that’s my life in a nutshell.

        I’ve been a writer ever since I could remember, and as soon as my biological dad “rescued” me from that home, I started writing about it. Gosh, how time flies. I’ve written and re-written so much of that book that I eventually gave up, but it’s good to open it back up every once in a while. Thank you for all your nice comments, they meant a lot to me…

        And, thanks, too, to everyone else who seemed to enjoy my story. (In case you were unsure of which one mine is; it was “Pinkie Promises: A non-fiction story by Hailey.” Thank you so much to Noadia for reading it! (Hope I spelled your name correctly; if not, my apologizes!) XD

  3. The glowing was getting brighter and brighter as Amira walked down the hallway. Suddenly, the hallway expanded into a huge room, full of gold and jewels. But Amira wasn’t fooled. She could tell that it all was fake. But then, a lamp emerged on a pedestal in the center of the room.
    “Now that,” Amira thought, “is real!” She rushed over to it and looked at it closely. Little gemstones were placed around the handle and cover.
    Amira had watched a lot of American TV shows on her mom’s phone, and she knew exactly what to do with the lamp. She gently picked it up and rubbed it.
    Slowly, the gemstones started to dissolve into the lamp. There was a muffled noise coming from inside it. Captivated, she pulled the lid off.
    “OHHHHHHHHHH, YEAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!” the lamp said. A bright purple genie erupted out from it. The genie was very small.And it was about the same shape as the body of the lamp.
    The genie stretched, and made himself into his regular height. Which was twice as tall as Amira was.
    “My name is Daoud, and since you rescued me, I can grant you 3 wishes.” the genie declared.
    Amira was thinking hard. What could she wish for? A car? No, she was only 6. She wouldn’t be able to drive it.
    Daoud was getting impatient. “Well, what’s your first wish?”
    Amira didn’t answer. She needed time to think.
    Daoud didn’t like to wait. He waited for 9 years inside the lamp. He began to pester Amira, “Have you thought of it yet? Have you thought of it yet? Come on, come on, come on! Have you thought of it yet? Have you thought of yet.”
    At that point, Amira stopped thinking. She forgot who she was talking to. “I wish you would just go away!” she cried.
    Then, POOF! The genie, disappeared

  4. The pulsing of my temple woke me from my stupor.
    “Day 7,” I mumble as I try to regain my strengths from yesterday’s ordeal.

    Oh, you may be a little confused. I’m currently stranded in a cave somewhere in the many woods of Colorado. How did I get there? Let me show you how.

    “Rolling in the deep,” I screech as the wind blows through my hair while I drive down the highway with the windows rolled down. My head nods to the beat as I look at my GPS. 12 miles until I reach my destination- Rocky Mountain National Park. I had just turned 22 and I was compelled to temporarily lease my apartment and vacate my newly embellished truck/home as I travelled all across my beloved America. My fingers drummed across my steering wheel, and I was interrupted by the groaning of my radio. A sharp scream escaped from it’s mouth and I clasped my ears in desperation. The shrill cry began to hurt my ear drums and I pounded my temples to try to block the noise but it didn’t seem to leave. I fidgeted in my seat and quickly shut off the engine but the shrieking didn’t quit. My head was pounding and I felt my insides begin to churn. I screamed to try to block out the noise, but my incompetent decision made the ringing noise worsen. My body reacted on it’s own, my feet pumping wildly beneath me to escape from the the wretched noise of that evil radio. I continued with my hands pressed to my ear drums as hundreds and hundreds of thick and spiny tree trunks passed my view. The ringing was etched permanently in my skull and my legs continued to act on it’s own, tripping over itself multiple of times. Grass stains and thorns began it’s own design on my White T-shirt, my tears streamed down my now dirty face. I passed by perplexed animals of the forest, their eyes filled with confusion. I passed by a clearing of flowers, a flowing river emitting clear water, and a family of foxes but they didn’t follow. I continued to groan, my sides beginning to hurt because of the excessive running. The sound of my labor breaths began to become audible under the ringing. In the distance I saw a large brown cave, it’s mouth like a home for me. I ran carelessly, my hands no longer blocking my ears since it didn’t aid me at all. My arms pumped in the same velocity as my legs. My heart felt like it was going to burst out of my chest, and the muscles in my legs began to ache. I finally reached the cave and the cursed ringing stopped. My body folded on the floor and my chest heaved up and down as I tried to regain my composure. I took some time to relax and to catch my breath. I closed my eyes and groaned. What the hell was that?! When I finally gained snout strength to sit up, I opened my eyes and stared at the now purple and orange sky. How long was I running for?! I got my feet slowly and began to leave the welcoming warmth of the cave’s mouth, but as soon as I left it’s safety the shrilling noise reemerged and I shrieked in pain. I tried to leave continuously but every time the ringing got worse.

    So now you see my predicament. I’m stuck in this damn cave because ears drums would bleed if I left. Strangely, as i journeyed in the small cave, food was strewed across the floor and that is how I am on Day 7 without being completely and utterly weak. I chewed on a piece of a tough, cold piece of fruit leather. I sighed heavily. I needed to escape this hell. I spent my days sleeping and eating, the snaps of the wind never entering this cave. I laid on my back and stared around the cave, devising a plan to possibly leave the cave. My eyes glanced around the cave, drinking in every aspect. The sight of a pattern of rock on the floor in the back corner intrigued me. I got up and walked to it quickly, the frown wrinkled etched across my forehead. My fingertips brushed across the pattern of rock- a perfect square of 6 identical, sharp rocks poking out of the cave’s wall. I touched, examined, and tried pulling out each to try to decipher the mystery of the perfect square but nothing happened.
    “What a bust,” I grumbled. I began to walk away from the odd square but something came to mind.
    “What if…” I begin as I stare at the square again. I click my tongue and drum my fingertips on my stained khaki shorts.
    “Oh, what the hell,” I mumbled. I was stuck in this dumb cave, might as well try.
    I tapped on each rock in the beat of “Rolling in the Deep”, the song that was interrupted by the shrieking of the wretched radio. I waited, my body tensed as I waited the sky to open up or something. I released the breath I was holding in. My efforts brought nothing. I kicked the wall in aggregation.
    “Get me out this cave!” I growled as tears streamed down my dirty face.” I was tired of eating fruit leather and drink pouches of water. I wanted to go home. I wanted a hot bath! I wanted out of this cave!
    “Damn you radio!” I belted out as I sat down in the dirt, frustrated with my whole ordeal. I sat i silence as my tears continued to flow in crooked streaks.

    “What’s up with you?” I heard from behind me. My body twisted in fear and confusion. I stand on feet quickly and look frantically across the cave, facing the origin of the voice.

    “You okay there?”

    This time the voice came from behind me, the place I was facing first, and I shrieked. I twisted my body again. My body began to shake. My breath began to become labored as I thought of every possibility. It was eerily quiet for 5 minutes, until I felt someone tap on my shoulder. I leaped, turning in the direction of the unknown intruder. My face panicked, I faced my intruder- a blue man.

    “Listen, you called me hear. Why are you freaking out?” he breathed out as he paced the floor, “This happens every time.”

    I begin to mutter to myself, “How is this happening?! What the hell? I’m dreaming I know it! This is a freaking dre-.”

    “Listen Lady, I don’t have time for this. I’m a genie and you called for me so what do you want?” he asked, an annoyed expression reading on his face.

    I opened my mouth, and closed it. I’m in a cave, it’s been 7 days and all I’ve had was fruit leather and water. I may be completely drugged but I’m going to anyway. Anything to escape me from this place.

    “What do i have to do?” I ask.

    “Just say genie grant me with, and that’s it.”

    “Genie grant me a way back home.”

    “Easy. Alright now tell me your next two.”

    “No! That’s all I want! Get me out of here!”

    “You sure?”

    “I’m sure! Get me out!”

    The genie looked at me bewildered and just rolled his eyes.

    “Whatever,” he mumbled, “Just close your eyes.”

    I smiled to myself. I’m outta here!

    “Thank you!” I scream out.

    I exhaled slowly and closed my eyes. The last thing I heard was the snap of the genie’s fingers.

  5. Nice story, Karissa! I completely forgot about the writing prompt while I was reading… You have great detail in the way you write and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  6. Leon smiled at what lay in his backpack.
    “Hallie! Come here!”
    “Wha…” A small girl tottered in, her right hand in her mouth. Her blond hair was twirled into unruly knots that curled against her little yellow sundress.
    “You’re going to love this Hallie!” Leon beckoned. “Come look at what I found!”
    Hallie climbed up on Leon’s bed to peer inside the pack. Leon pulled a shiny golden object out, holding it in front of his little sister.
    “See Hallie? It’s a genie lamp,” Leon grinned, unable to keep his excitement in. “Guess what that means?”
    “Wishes! Wishes!” The little girl jumped up and down, shaking the bed.
    “That’s right, Hallie! We get three wishes!” Leon placed the lamp on his bed. “Now, what should we wish for? We could do a million dollars….or we could do something good, like wish for world peace…or we cou- Hallie, don’t do that!”
    The little girl rubbed the lamp frantically, shouting ‘Wishes, wishes!’. A pale mist emitted, swirling around Hallie. Leon blinked, finding a tall thin Arabic man holding Hallie. He had a slight blue hue, and on his head perched a purple turban.
    “Hello, Young Master,” the man rumbled. “I have never served one so innocent before. I am sure this will be a delightful experience.”
    “Hello, Mr. Genie? I wish fo-”
    “Silence!” the genie thundered. “You did not rub the lamp; you do not get the wishes.” He smiled at a laughing Hallie in his arm. “The Little Master gets the three wishes.”
    “Wishes! I wish…I wish…to be a princess!”
    The genie snapped his fingers. Hallie’s dress grew longer, and her hair straightened itself out. A golden tiara glittered in her hair. Leon noticed the walls shifting, and turning into stone. He ran to the window. Outside was a land of farmland and small cottages.
    “Caste! We live in castle!” The little girl clapped.her hands. “I wish…for a pony!”
    Leon sighed, rolling his eyes. His sister was going to waste all the wishes on little fantasies.
    He didn’t notice the brown and white fur growing on himself. ‘She doesn’t understand that that wishes were nigh on impossible to come by.’ Leon thought. He scratched his hand, which was becoming harder and glossier.
    I ran out of time, but pretty much Leon becomes Hallie’s pony, and Hallie’s last wish is for everyone to be happy.

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