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From Rosalind: Your character is taking a walk one day when they see a beautiful rainbow and wonder if they can find the end. They do, now, what do they find at the end of the Rainbow?

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments!


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  1. I love the rain. When I was a little girl, I remember dancing and splashing and playing and laughing all day long when it would rain. My friends and siblings and I would race from point A to point B, and we’d slide into mud holes. When it was really wet, we’d go to the baseball fields with all our equipment and play baseball in the pouring down rain. When I was a girl, I loved rain. Interrupting my thoughts were two little boys on bikes and a little girl a few years younger running but keeping up with the boys. I smiled at the thought that I used to be her always playing in the rain and chasing uninterested boys.

    As old memories of my boy obsession rushed back to me, I had finally reached my destination, and glad of it. Those memories should be called what they are and should stay tucked away. I walked into my favorite diner, Jean’s Jukebox, and ordered a coffee and an English muffin. As my usual appeared, I glanced out the window and noticed a double rainbow. Shocked, I gasped and stood up. I walked out the doors and down the sidewalk, my pace picking up.

    I crossed the street, and not quickly even though honking horns were letting me know the driver was irritated. My attire was not the best to go rainbow chasing. I started running, slowly, but a run until I reached what appeared to be the rainbow. I walked slowly, remembering that Leprechauns were at the end of every rainbow and not wanting to scare him away. I saw something pink, just above the knee-high grass line, and then realized it was a pink and green hat! A little tiny, pink and green leprechaun hat.

    “Hello?” I called out, considering my options.

    A muffled noise and some laughter followed by a grunt answered my questions; I had to walk over there and meet the leprechaun. I first took out my iPhone to capture a video of what was happening. I started the video and then walked closer. Suddenly, something jumped out at me and I screamed in terror.

    “What do ye want?” an angry midget asked me.

    “Um, are you a leprechaun?” I asked, pointing the camera at him.

    “Yes, me is. Is you a human?”

    “Yes I am.” I put emphasis on the word “I”, taking note of his poor grammar.

    “Well, whatcha been doin over here?”

    His Irish accent had me rolling. The only Irish person I’d ever heard talk was my loverrrr, duh… Niall Horan!

    “You talk really funny,” I giggled.

    “Do I know, well you been talkin’ real hysterical, too, me chap.”

    I busted out laughing, forgetting about trying to hold in the hysteria that was this conversation.

    “Whatcha be laughin’ at?” That made me laugh harder.

    “Looky here, Missy.. you best be goin’ on ‘fore Mr. Caldo gets to comin’ out here.”

    “Mr. Caldo? Who is that? Waldo’s brother?” I asked, laughing so hard I was hiccupping.

    “Who is there, Midg?” a loud voice called out.

    Midg? I though. Ahahahaha. Midg must be short for Midget. Thinking about this thought, I was distracted and did not notice the muscular midget that walked out and now stood at my feet, literally!

    “I warned ye, girly. You’ve done woken the Great Mr. Caldo.”

    I took in Mr. Caldo’s appearance and noticed his white and red top hat, similar to the green one Midg was wearing, and the pink and green one I’d spotted earlier. He really did look like Waldo. “Who’re you?” I asked.

    “I am the Great Mr. Caldo.” his thunderous voice echoed in my head.

    “Right. Waldo’s brother?”

    “How dare you mock me and my younger brother!” He practically yelled whereas I practically fell over I was laughing so hard.

    “Ahhh. It’s true, it’s really you!” I barely spoke in my amusement.

    “What is this human’s problem?” Midg asked.

    “I haven’t the earthly idea. But, I will slap her silly if she laughs… ONE-MORE-TIME!”

    Considering my circumstances, I find it hard to believe he thought that I wouldn’t laugh. So, I let out the loudest, most hysterical, longest laugh I could and then I woke up.


    Woah… it’s long I know! If you read this all, thank you! If not, sorry! 🙂

  2. “Are you ready for this?” my fiancé asks.

    We were currently driving down the expressway, the borderline of Tennessee disappearing to oblivion. We were making our descent to our new location: New York. The thoughts of the concrete jungle, and the strew of people, and the giant buildings towering above us making us seem like ants intrigued us both.

    “I’m ready.” I breathe out as I admire the mountains of our homeland leaving us for who knows how long. I look up to the sky, not a cloud in the sky- beautiful cerulean blue painted above us. I look at the face of the man who captivated my heart, and all felt well in my heart. We were on our way to a blissful, spontaneous life. We drove for a couple hours, stopping only to get food and refreshen ourselves.

    As we left the local McDonald’s the sight of the sky surprised me. Gone was the beautiful prairie like dream, and in it’s place was a dark world. Humidity entered my pores as we both looked, with anguished faces, at the complete transformation of our surrounding. We looked up at the bellowing sky, it’s dark gray clouds fat and ready to flow out it’s contents over us all. The wind snapped at us, howling a song to us. We quickly ran to our truck as we began our descent again, desperate to leave the storm bound to come. We drove cautiously, waiting in expectance for the downpour; the clouds following us just like the moon did. Suddenly, pellets of rain hit our windshield, completely obstructing our view. Our windshield was draped in water, the wipers completely incompetent to do it’s job. Our car shook as the first bellows of thunder began.

    “There’s no use to keep driving,” I begin to say, “just pull up to the side of the street and wait. We don’t want an accident right now.” My fiancé, Brian, looks up at me in anguish, his desire to head to his dream world beginning to take longer than he desired.

    His breath fanned my arm, “You’re right.” He smiles at me and we turn off the radio. The violent noises of the thunder booming above the sound of the music. The rain continued to pour, seeming like an ocean was hidden in those behemoth clouds. The minutes ticked away, the rain leaving no sign to stop it’s downpour. The time continued to pass away, and finally the downpour came to complete, abrupt stop. We looked at each other in confusion. I opened the door slowly, bewildered by the actions of the rain storm. I held out my hand, expecting to feel trickles of rain drops touch my palm, but nothing came- event he humidity was gone. I looked at Brian with my eyebrows in weird angles.

    “This is so weird,” I whisper. He open his door and steps out of the car.

    “What in the world.” he gasps. I quickly get out of the car too, curious to see what exactly our surroundings looked like after the storm. I step out cautiously and look up in disbelief. Gone was the expressway that we were currently driving through. Gone were all the road signs and occasional dry trees. Gone was the natural world. I spun around in astonishment, drinking in my new surroundings. Around me were giant hills, filled with flowers and colors I have never seen. It’s petals were as wide as hoagie in your local sandwich shop, each petal colored in neon, stripes, pastels, and polka dots. Mile long trees were perched around me, one exactly the same size as the empire state building in New York. The sky was painted a soft blush, bunnies and foxes prancing side by side. My eyes popped out of my head as I saw a herd of fox/bunny babies. I looked down at my feet to see plush green grass, as soft as the softest marshmallow you could eat. Swings hung from the trees like dew hanging off plants after a rain storm. I looked up again, and was intrigued by a massive rainbow taking the place of the sun. The ends of each side seemed to be continents away from each other. It was like a giant dream land.

    “What the hell is this?!” I scream out. A giggle escape my mouth as i reached over to touch a baby fox/bunny. It nibbled softly at my fingers and I gasped in pleasure. I pranced around the trees like a child, eyeing the trunk- each one interestingly inscribed with gold flakes and ordinary wood. I ran over to the mouth of each hill, ogling each flower petal and stem. Each hill seemed to be as tall as an ordinary building. The sound of my fiancé’s laughing led me to him. He too admired the features of the make-believe land, touching each tree and flower petal like I did. I grabbed his hand as we both ascended the giant hills, laughing in sync and breathing in the sweet smell of the air. Our arms flailed like a child’s when interoperating an airplane. We were like giant children in a fairly tale story. We finally made it to the tope of the colossal green hill, and we breathed in gaping breathes. We looked at the landscape of our new land, admiring everything that seem anything but ordinary. I laughed and pointed at the giant “sea”, that seemed to be an ocean of milk, ebbing and flown and even creating waves. A giant bridge divided us from the other half of the mystical land, the other side appearing dark and gloomy. I was taken aback by the similarity to a city I know too well.

    “No way,” I whisper as I looked down at my feet perplexed. I shook my head in disbelief, but the idea wouldn’t leave from my mind. I tap on my husband’s shoulder to see the same exact expression as mine on his face.

    “Honey, this looks just like…” he mumbles, “No, never mind. It can possibly be-”

    ” A dream like version of New York.” I state, finishing his sentence. He nodded his head and I began to really double think this place. No way this could be good.

    “Glad you finally figured it out.” a voice behind us stated in annoyance. Brian and I look at each other in confusion and a hint of horror. We turn around and come face to face to a…leprechaun? I laugh out loud.

    “No way. This is way to cliche for me.” I sate, bored. I cross my arms and stare at the made-up creature, rolling my eyes in the process. The leprechaun looks at me and smirks. He get’s up easily and his smile grows into a snarl. My eyes widen in fear, his teeth were gnarled and sharp, etched with grime and as moldy as a year old bread loaf. Brian pushes me softly behind him, and I stare from the top of his shoulder at the new villain of the story.

    “Listen girly,” he chuckles out,” I am nothing cliche. I admit I am indeed a puny, little leprechaun but that doesn’t mean I can’t do bad things.” He spreads out his arms and looks admiringly at the land around us.

    “This place is not a home for you two imbeciles, not sure if you noticed. Anyhow, you need to go. This place may seem all dreamy, we get dozens of you guys a year and they’re all the same. They never want to leave. Now, surprisingly, you guys are the only ones who figured out the landscape of this place.” He clapped his hands in delight and approached me, whacking Brian’s hand from stopping him.

    “This is my territory bud, don’t mess with me,” He grumbles, glaring at Brian. He trapped my pant leg, since it was all he could reach, and dragged me to where he was previously standing. He pointed at the behemoth rainbow before us and began to explain to us our means of escape.

    “Just follow the rainbow, think of New York. What is one place filled with so much sorrow and pain that no joyous stories can make it a happy place again?” I close my eyes and think…What is one place so terrible in New York? The answer immediately came to mind.

    “The twin towers,” I breathe out. The leprechaun nods sadly and looks down at his feet. His blue eyes peer up at me again.

    “Just go where that would be in New York and your back home. You cannot stay here. IT may seem all magical and great here but this is no place for people of your kind. Evil dwells in this place, this is only a cover. Go quickly. Time is running out.” He taps on my leg and ushers me down the hill, along with Brian. We turn around to get in our car to get there, but gaze at only a shrub full of vibrant berries the same exact size as our truck.

    “Great,” Brian grumbles. The leprechaun giggles at his frustration.

    “This place is magical, what makes you think that a car can stay here? Take all logic out of how to travel to somewhere and then you’ll know what to do.” He wobbles towards the hill and waves goodbye.

    “Good luck!” and he was gone. We looked at each other in bewilderment and just sighed.

    “I know what do.” I state. Brian looks at me and ushers me to continue.

    “There’s swings all around us, hanging on the millions of trees around us. We can just swing on them just like Tarzan did.” Brian just shook his head and walked toward the swings and gave a strong tug.

    “This place is “magical” so whatever. I’ll be Tarzan for a day.” he mumbled as he gripped onto the swing. He held onto the ropes until his knuckles were white and swung back and forth until he had enough momentum to trap onto the neighboring swing. I gripped onto his previous swing and did the same, the wind whipping my hair out of my face and sending the sweet smell of this place in my nostrils. We continued to swing, admiring the landscape and drinking in every aspect before we had to leave permanently. We swung to a completely different side of “New York”, the trees seemed older and taller, the grass less green, the flowers disappearing. We began to enter the “concrete jungle” go magical New York. Brian called out something about the towers and began o swing more urgently. He brought his swing to a slow stop and jumped quickly to the ground, rolling over and over until he came to a halt. I grabbed the swing he just jumped off of and did the same, only I landed on my feet. I raised my hand in victory just like a gymnast would and laughed at him. He got up and brushed off the dirt that accumulated on him and just rolled his eyes. We looked forward and there it was, the end of the rainbow. It’s colors glowed and sent a gleam to the neighboring buildings and landscape.

    “What to do we do?” Brian asked. I continued to admire the rainbow, never seeing one so vibrant and large, nonetheless even seeing the end of one. The air around it seemed to glisten and I thought back to the events of 9/11 watching as the rainbow lit up the sky of such tragedy in America. I smiled at the sight, and felt sorrow at the same time- it was bitter sweet. I grabbed Brian’s hand and said,

    “This is such an important part of what makes New York, New York. This affected us so much. We need to show our respect to this place. We need to just touch it.”

    Brian look at the rainbow with reverence and nodded. We stepped forward in sync, and together place our palms on the glow of the rainbow. I clicked my tongue in pain, the rainbow’s intense heat pressing itself on our palms. Suddenly, a sharp wind blew on us and then it stopped.

    I opened my eyes and felt the same bittersweet feeling. We were back in our truck, the sky clear as day, and on the side of the expressway just like before. Brian looked at me with a sad smile and began the car again. To New York we go, but with a new amount of admiration and respect then ever before.

    “To New York,” I breathed out, admiring the ordinary sky land around me.

  3. It was raining, and I leaned back in pleasure. I loved the rain, it had something cleansing about it that always put me in a better mood. I felt his presence behind me, but refused to acknowledge him. He sighed and wrapped his arms around my waist.
    “You’re interrupting my relaxation in the rain, Lucious.” He chuckled, but didn’t say anything in return. We stood in silence as we watched the rain fall around us and it soaked us. It didn’t matter, we wouldn’t get sick anyway. As it slowed to a drizzle I searched the sky — I knew that somewhere, there would be a rainbow and I loved seeing them. My eyes caught sight of it and I touched his arm to get his attention.
    “A double rainbow. That’s interesting. I wonder, is it double the gold under there?” He chuckled, obviously joking. But it made me wonder. I stepped away from him, focusing my eyes on the rainbow, and took off. I could hear him calling my name, but I continued to run as fast as I could — and I was faster, so he wouldn’t catch me. I could feel the running stretch my muscles, and I smiled briefly at the thought that I was capable of running like this. My eyes never left the rainbow, and it might have been in my head, but I could swear that I was getting closer to it.
    I watched as it came to tower over me, and stopped as I reached the bottom. I had done it! The bottom of a rainbow… I looked at the rainbow, and the colors that seemed to flow into the ground and spread their color to the rest of the world. I focused my vision and saw the pulsing of the ground as it drank in the colors greedily. My lips parted in wonder and I reached my hand out to touch the beautiful rainbow.
    “Don’t!” I heard a thickly accented voice, and felt someone pull my hand back. I spun towards them and went into a low crouch, bearing my fangs. I looked at him with the electric blue eyes that startled everyone, but saw him staring at me in confusion. “How did you get here? What are you doing here?” He sounded genuinely puzzled.
    “My name is Belle. I came here because I was curious.” He shook his head.
    “I mean why can you see what we do if you’re not one of us?” I cocked my head to the side and looked closer.
    “Your skin has a green tint. And your hair is so red. Who are you?” He stared back at me as I stood from my crouch cautiously.
    “I’m a leprechaun, obviously. But you are a vampyre and you shouldn’t be here. The magic must be running low…” I let out a surprised giggle.
    “You don’t look like a leprechaun! You look like a normal person, you’re so tall. The only thing that gives away your otherworldly ancestry is the skin.” At that I looked at my own skin and frowned in concentration. My skin didn’t have near the greenish tint that his did, and it upset me for some reason. “Why isn’t my skin as vibrantly green as yours?” He chuckled.
    “You aren’t a leprechaun, obviously.” But he peered at my skin as I did, and backed up slowly. “You’re her, aren’t you? You’re the one that Cassandra gave birth to but chose to leave the village.” I shook my head.
    “No. My name is Belle Lorraine Clais, and I’m a hybrid.” He looked confused. “I’m meant to be the leader of all. To lead the Hidden Race and make everyone get along.” He frowned.


    Guys, I didn’t finish the scene obviously. But my ten minutes was up. I know it’s long — if you read until the end I apologize for the lengthiness.

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