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From Tea: Your dad just sinks into his lazy boy chair when…

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. Sammy’s dad had just sat down in his Lazy Boy recliner when the doorbell rang out, informing them of a visitor. “Sammy, can you?”
    She huffed. She had just put my ear buds in, prepared for a full Saturday of Nash and Hayes! “Sure.” she sat up and walked the few tiny feet to their front door and looked through the peep hole.

    Oh my god. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! “Dad-daddy!” she yelled. “Momma,” she sobbed. “It’s momma.”

    Her father stood up from his chair with a somber look, “what the hell are you talking about?”

    “Daddy, I swear. Can I open the door?”

    He rushed over, limping on his leg, the whole reason he was pretty much bedridden. “No. Stop it, Sammy. Give me a minute.” He walked in front of her and swung the door open, the Christmas wreath was sent flying.

    “What on God’s green earth are you doing here?” He spat at her.

    “I-I just wanted to see,” she stuttered, then stopped, finally recognizing her beloved daughter. “Sammy.” She started to sob, which in turn got Sammy bawling her eyeballs out.

    “Momma.” she let out a squeal. “What-why are you here? Where are the boys?”

    Sammy’s mother focused her head in Sammy’s direction but her eyes kept darting back to her father. “I-um, would you mind if a came in?”

    “Sure. Momma, please.” Sammy gestured her to follow her.

    “It’s been so long, Sammy. How are you?”

    “I’m fine, I guess. I miss you so much.” She finally said, after contemplating the right answer.

    “I know, sweetie. I’ve been missing you, too. It’s been, what? 5 years?”

    “Yeah, momma, it’s been 5 years last month.” Sammy said, sighing at the length of seeing her mother the last time. “So, where are the boys?”

    “Um, could you please sit down?” Sammy did as she was told, confused on why her father stood staring at the door.

    “What is it, momma?” Sammy said, panic suddenly obvious.

    “Well, uh, I was on my way home from, um, some place. I can’t remember exactly where, when I had to pick up your brothers; from Goshen, you remember?”

    “Yeah. I do, could you please just tell me?” Sammy asked, nervous.

    “Well, I got them in the car, and started heading back home when a car, had, um, hit me. Hit me and your brothers,” she clarified. “Levi was in the front seat, and Liam was in the seat right behind him in the middle row.”

    “Oh my god, momma. Please. Stop!” Sammy practically yelled.

    “Sweetie, I need you to understand something. Levi was very badly hurt. He suffered from a concussion for three days, and then he went into a coma. He didn’t make it, Sammy.”

    “Momma. Momma, stop it, now. What-oh my god-what happened to Liam?”

    “Liam, uh,” her mother started to cry, a single tear falling from her eyes and dropping onto her dirty blue jeans. “Liam, uh, died. Immediately. The car hit him and got him the most.”

    “No, momma, stop. Why, like, why aren’t you hurt? Where are your bruises and scratches? Why aren’t you hurt, momma? Where are they?” Sammy jabbered on and on. Her mother, Anslei, saw the hurt in her daughters eyes, but didn’t know how to heal it. Her father, Joelle, had already left the room. He was in too much pain to watch his daughter go through something so tragic, and as much as he wished to be there for Sammy, he refused to go anywhere near that woman; that murderer.

    “The accident happened on the passenger’s side. I got a few cuts, but nothing major. You have to remember that this accident took place about a week ago.” She finished, leaving room for Sammy to yell at her.

    “A week ago? A week ago! My little brothers died – died a week ago? And you’re still here? Why? Why couldn’t he have taken you? Why did they take my sweet, innocent little brothers instead of you. You’re a piece of trash! You’re the scum of the earth everyone knows. My own mother! My alcoholic, drug abuser, murderer of a mother! It’s you! I hate you!!!” Sammy stormed out of the room, Joelle trying to catch her. After the failed attempt of comfort, Joelle went into the living room to yell at Anslei.

    Sammy grabbed her car keys and walked out the door, calling Madelynn, her best friend; and Gabe, her best guy friend.

    Yuppp… that’s it for today! Thanks for reading if you read it all! XD

  2. Mariana’s dad finally had some free time. The baby was sleep, so he didn’t have hear him whining, and screaming and crying for at least an hour. His wife was at the store so he didn’t have to here her constant chitter chatter and cackling for at least two hours, as long as he turned his phone off. The only person in the house still awake and in a close proximity to him was Marianna and she wasn’t that much trouble. She was pretty quiet and small spoken, in other she was the only person in this confounded house that he didn’t have to mentally tell to shut up every two seconds. Of course if he physically told a baby to be quiet he would keep relishing in all of his noisy pleasure, and his wife was no better. So now he was finally able to relax. The first thing he did was walk to his secret stash of Honey Buns, and Tasty-Kakes, grabbed him a considerably large amount of the sweets and walked to his recliner. He turned on the television and was finally able to watch some football. As soon as he got comfortable and was able to ssssssiiiiiinnnnnnk down in his chair, and close his heavy eyes the doorbell rang, followed by a series of loud and constant knock and a surplus amount of doorbell rings.”CAN A GUY NEVER GET ANY PEACE AND QUIET AROUND HERE?!” He said to no-one in particular as he moved to go and answer the door.
    “Don’t worry dad I got it.” Mariana said as she rose and walked in the direction of the door.
    He had almost forgot that she was even there.” Thanks Mari.” he said as he sank back down. He closed his eyes and drifted back off to sleep before Mariana could even open the door. About an hour later he awoke to the sound of crinkling. He opened his eyes although it was still hard to see what lay in front of him while his eyes were adjusting to the bright lights around him.
    “Whatcha got there Mari?” He inquired.
    “Nothing much. Some girl scouts came by and I bought a couple boxes of cookies.” She replied.
    “Okay, just double checking.” he said as he closed his eyes once more. Then he shot up.
    “You did what?!” He screamed.
    “Some girl-scouts came by and asked if I wanted to buy some cookies so I said sure you have to support the scouts you know.” She answered while popping a Thin-Mint into her mouth
    “With what money?” He asked dreading to here the answer that would befall him.
    “Oh you know that jar of coins you keep next to you “Secret” stash of junkfood? Well I just dumped all of the coins in her little wagon and she gave me like twenty five boxes of cookies. It was a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.” She finished. It was exactly as he suspected. Mariana had just given some girl scout his priceless collection of coins from ancient civilizations. Some of those coins were over one hundred years old. He could never have a peaceful nap without there being some sort of a catch.

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