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From Rosalind: Your character wants to pull a prank on their friend. Describe the perfect prank, the steps, and the outcome.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. Hailey Elizabeth

    “No, no, it’s perfect. It’s gotta work.” I argued.
    “Yeah, well, good luck with it. I don’t want any part. And, I mean it, Liz, don’t ask me to help.” Josie demanded.
    “Ugh, you’re such a bummer. Can you at least help me plan it out… and then, I’ll actually perform it?”
    “I mean, yeah, I guess.” she agreed, and I was glad. This was going to be pretty tricky considering Rodge was the King of Pranks. He’d already gotten me twice… today.

    “Alright, so what should we do?” she asked.
    “Um, well I was thinking we could TP his house!” I said, all enthusiastically.
    She shot down my plan quickly, “TP his house? What is this middle school?”
    “Well, what’s your genius plan?”
    Wagging her finger, she said to me, “Uh-uh. I told you I would help. If you get caught, it’s on you.”
    “Jooosie.” I begged. “You’re better at this than me.”
    “Stating the obvious.” she joked.
    “Well then tell me!” I said.
    “Ok. Fine. It’s gonna take a lot of work, and a few missed classes, but I think we should cover his car in post it notes and write really stupid or funny notes on them. I saw it on Pinterest and it’s not the best, but it’ll do.”
    “Missed classes? I mean, I’m all for pranking him, but my dad would kill me.”
    “Well, lie.”
    “Lie? Who are you? Missed classes, pranking, and lying? I’ve known you all my life and this is the Josie I’ve never seen? You bring her out our Senior year of high school? Now is when I meet Fun Josie and not Up-tight, Goody-Two-Shoes Josie?”
    “Be glad I’m helping you. Now, chill yourself and just do it.”

    ___ the next day ___

    “Alright. I got the post-it notes and some sharpies.” Josie exclaimed, sitting right next to Rodge.
    “For what?” he asked.
    I panicked, my usual in situations like this. “Uh, um, Josie?”
    She was red in the face, but clearly a natural at this. “Liz and I are doing a project in Science Class. It’s about the effect a sharpie color has on different shades of post-it notes.” I’m telling, I’ve known this girl since the 2nd grade and never, not once, have I met this Josie. It’s blowing my mind, to be frank.
    “Yeah.” I said, annoyed yet pleased.

    ___ two hours later ___

    “We. Are. Killing. it!” I shouted at our master plan – well, Josie’s.
    “Yeah,” she agreed, smiling. “Now, just fill out a few more and put them on the trunk. I’ll put some of these,” she said, grabbing the finished ones out of my hand. “on the back doors.”
    We were half way through and getting close to the deadline; lunch ended in 23 minutes, and counting. My nervousness set in and I was quickly – and randomly – placing the post-it notes anywhere, and not really in an order, like before.
    Josie took notice and said, “Do you want it to look bad?”
    “What, no, I just,” I stuttered. “Gosh, maybe this wasn’t a good idea. What if he gets mad or we get sent to the principal’s office. And oh my gosh, what if we get expelled. And, ugh, my dad’s really gonna have a fit.” I practically spat out in a rush of words.
    “Liz, dude? Chill, okay? It’s called a prank. Senior year is coming to an end, and no body – not even Mr. Mac – should expect us to just sit back and take it. Now finish up so that we can stand by and wait.”
    I listened to her and finish with the small stack in my hand. Next, though, I decided to take a few pictures; to remember this awesome moment! Eventually, as we waited outside, the lunch bell rang out and it was time for Rodge to come out. As I saw him exit the building, I started recording on my phone. (The slow motion option would definitely come in handy!)
    Rodge noticed us sitting at the table next to his car and smiled, waving ever so happily. “Hey, Rodge, look!” I yelled out, pointing towards his car. But, before he even looked, it hit me; we did NOT just cover Rodge’s car in post-it notes – some of them a bit inappropriate and vulgar, with some choice words here and there; oops! The covered car was… oh boy! My throat got dry as soon as Mr. Mac walked out of the building. He smiled at us and said, “Goooood Afternoon, ladies!”
    “Hi, Mr. Mac!” Josie had clearly not yet caught on to the disaster that was about to unfold.
    Mr. Mac headed straight for his car… the car covered in square, rainbow colored, and refreshingly vibrant post-it note car. “Who,” he sputtered. “Who did this?”
    I, like an idiot, hadn’t yet stopped recording and put my phone down from utter shock. So, Mr. Mac turned towards me and said, “Young lady! My office! Now!”


    Ahh… good senior times! Cannot wait to pull this one! I mean… if I weren’t virtual-schooled… 😦 Ooh, ooh… idea! We should cover Mr. Elchenko’s car in post-it notes! Who’s with me?! Lol! Jkjk! XD Hope you enjoyed!!! 🙂

  2. Hailey Elizabeth

    I’m telling you** is what that sentence should say… the one under “___ the next day ___” where Josie describes their “Science Project” 😉

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