Character Interview by Katerina

Belle Lorraine Clais


Katerina: I am here today with Belle Clais, and today she is facing a few difficult questions. But mostly today is about learning more about her. Tell me Belle, what is your family like?

Belle: Ah. That’s a tough question. *Frowns in thought* If you had asked me many years ago, I would have said that my parents were powerful and strong — that they made the perfect couple. If you had asked me five years ago I would say that the couple’s life revolved around their daughter. But today? Nothing is the same. My mom hasn’t actually spoken to me in a few years, she’s basically a stranger to me now. My dad is secretive, but still overly protective. Honestly, the only person that I really have anymore is my best friend.


Katerina: It must have been hard to go through such a shift in your life, I feel for you. While my parents have never been like yours, they have faced difficulties that put a strain on their relationship. Now I and many others wonder, who is your best friend?

Belle: *Smiles in excitement* Her name is Nessa — Vanessa, but I never call her that. She’s amazing. Extremely kind, I will admit that she has been known to be slightly snobbish — but she’s a teenage girl, what do expect? She is the complete opposite of me. Where I’m shy, she’s outgoing. I despise shopping of any kind, she adores it. She can be emotional, and if you make her angry you’ll know it. But at the end of the day, you won’t find a better friend than her.


Katerina: She sounds like a great friend, I’m glad you have someone like her. … What are your plans for the future?

Belle: I honestly don’t know. I have always loved reading, sports were okay, but I never really knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I guess I should figure it out, I’m now graduated and life won’t stop while I try to figure it out. But I do know what I don’t want — I don’t want something that I am not interested in. I want to find something that I am passionate about, that I’ll have fun talking about. I know, right now in my life my mentality is sorta a what’s-the-point-in-this? But I know that I need it, because again — life will not stop for me while I try to figure it out.


Katerina: I think most young people feel that way, but I doubt that they all realize that even though they’re stuck, the world continues. You’re very wise. This has made me curious though. You’re young, but have you ever thought about starting a family?

A: Ah. That is a very good question. If you had asked me a week ago I would tell you that I wanted at least two children. But right now I am back to feeling like I’m far too young, and that even in the future I need to be sure that I’m ready. I do not want to rush into anything, because that would probably be a mistake. And of course I have to find someone who I would love to raise my children with me. But for now, the answer is no.


Katerina: Understandable. Where would you like to live in the future?

Belle: I have lived in Tennessee my entire human life, and it’s beautiful. I so want to travel though. I dream of travelling the world, visiting Paris and Sweden, to Amsterdam and so many other places. After I have travelled and I don’t have that burning desire to know more about everything else in the world, I think I’ll probably settle in Tennessee again — or England, I haven’t actually decided yet. *Chuckles*


Katerina: *Chuckles* Quite a difference in Tennessee and England. In five words or less, describe to us your ideal significant other.

Belle: Hmm. This is a tough question. I would have to say… Attractive — that isn’t in the conventional sense, but I have to look at him/her and see beauty. Kind — because of course I don’t want them to be rude. Thoughtful — I want them to think before they speak, and be cautious of others. Loving — I want to have the semi-cliche cuddling, the sweet kisses, the long hugs. I also want him/her to be imaginative — I want to be able to stay up late and talk about aliens, or magic, the past, the future.


Katerina: That was a bit more than five words. *Chuckles* But I love your explanations on why you want him/her to be that way. Now onto the next question. What keeps you up at night?

Belle: *Chuckles* That’s honestly a loaded question. I would have to say my dreams. Not my wishes for a future, but my actual dreams after falling asleep. I would say that I probably only sleep about three hours a night because I usually have nightmares, or I dream about this guy that I have never met. I know — if you see him in a dream you must have seen him somewhere — but trust me if I had seen him, I would remember. In any event, my dreams are always either scary or thought provoking — they wake me up, and then I am up for most of the night afterwards.


Katerina: I am sorry that you have nightmares, that must be hard on you. I know that I hate nightmares; but now this boy. He sounds intriguing! Is he drop dead gorgeous, then? I must know more about him later. *Winks* But the interview must continue! What is your biggest fear?

Belle: Losing my family and friends. That is an extremely easy question to answer, because they are what matter most to me. If it came down to them or me, I would sacrifice myself for them. I know that they would probably be angry — my dad has always told me that in a tough situation I run, and he’ll find me later. But I wouldn’t be able to do that — I would save them, even if it meant dying.


Katerina: That’s extremely kind of you — very big of you to be willing to do that. I wonder, in the same situation, would your friends so the same? That isn’t the official question, so don’t answer it. The next question is… Many people have wondered who the real you is, what do have to say to those people?

Belle: I am just as normal as any of you. Admittedly, I have a few… Extra things that I am able to do. But I am a teenage girl, I don’t know what I want to do, I both love and hate my parents, I feel smothered and yet I feel free. I have a terrible temper, if you upset me you should probably run because I am terrifying — or so I’ve been told. I suppose the changing of my eye color when I’m angry is one of the reasons that people feel I am so “terrifying”. I truly don’t understand why they change color, now you can see that they’re brown — apparently when I’m angry they’re an incredible electric blue…


Katerina: Now that is interesting! Your eyes change color. I like the idea, to be honest. I wish my eyes turned blue — and stayed that way! Now. Some of your previous answers have made me wonder — what is your true age, Belle? Or don’t you know? *Chuckles*

Belle: *Grows serious* That is an extremely personal question. If you must know… I am 150 years old. I know — what the heck? How can she be so old? All I can say is that everyone has their secrets, and this is one that I will not reveal just yet. But I will say this — it isn’t what you’re thinking. None of the common myths explain what I am. Chew on that for awhile, why don’t you? *Chuckles, and suddenly disappears before my eyes*


Katerina: *Smirks* Well. There you have it folks! That’s all for the interview with Belle Clais, thank you for joining us! I hope you all have a wonderful evening! *Bows and leaves the stage*


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  1. Hailey Elizabeth

    This was quite intriguing, Katrina! I really enjoyed it! Interesting questions; thought-provoking answers; all around great interview!

  2. I loved this interview, Katerina! You did an awesome job, and it was realistic and thorough. 🙂

  3. I have been loving all the interview posts! This one in particular, the right questions were asked and I just love the atmosphere it gave to the character.

  4. Thank you all! I worked really hard on this, and I love how it turned out.

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