Writing Prompt

From Tea: Start your first line with: “Don’t give me that look…”

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. “Don’t give me that look,” Finn groaned. He sat with his back against a wall, his large hands gripping his head. “It was an accident I swear.”
    “I know,” I whispered. He looked up, a goofy grin on his face. His already beautiful eyes seemed to light up like the sun was shining on them despite the darkness that filtered in through the window. My face heated a little and I looked away. “You still screwed up.”
    The smile faded but the gleam just dulled a little. He looked down. “I really am sorry. I didn’t mean to get you dragged into this, but you’re such a good violinist and I want to perform with you.” I sighed. He was perfect. Great looks, a model, could sing. Why would he want to perform with little old me? I scanned his golden hair, his tan skin, his sharp blue eyes. The hair framed his face down to a little past his shoulders. He was the leader of a squadron back when he hadn’t retired. Now he was a teacher. My senior in both the field and life.
    “Why?” The thought slipped out before I could stop it.
    “Why not? Great artists should stick together.”
    “I’m not a great artist. I dabble.”
    “That wasn’t dabbling. I heard you playing the other day. You played for about three hours straight. All different songs. Happy, sad, fast, slow.” He stood and grabbed my hand pulling me into his arms. His other arm wrapped around me. “I wanna sing to that beautiful music. I wanna watch you play.” He pulled back, a hand on each of my shoulders. I tried to hide my now crimson face. “It’ll be fun. Come on.”

  2. Hailey Elizabeth

    “Don’t give me that look…” she said to me.
    “I think this is wrong, and I know you do, too.”
    “Well, if he hadn’t’ve gone and cheated on me, we would not be in this situation.” she defended herself.
    “Dani, it’s not like he was kissing her or anything. They were hanging out at the mall, so what? It’s not that big of a deal and I think you’re making a mistake.” As I said these last words, she slipped off of the window sill and nearly plummeted to the ground. “Dani?!” I screeched. “That’s enough. You’ve had your fun now knock it off.”
    “Gracie? You’re such a big baby. If you won’t help me bug his room so that I can watch his every move, than you can turn and leave.”
    Flabbergasted I stated, “Do you even hear yourself? First of all, bugging his room is disturbing enough as it is; but doing it because he was hanging out with one of his friends – that happens to be of the female race,” I added this last part sarcastically. “is completely ridiculous and uncalled for. You need. To get. Down!” I tugged on her shoulder and we both went tumbling off of his two-story dormitory and landed hard on a ground of bushes.

    short, I know; but eh! hope you enjoyed!

    • XD This one was so funny! I want a part two. :*( Puhweeeez…

      • Hailey Elizabeth

        Heehee ! Thanks, Tea, right? I enjoyed the prompt!!! I was actually thinking of making this into a story… maybe I’ll share Part 2 someday, hahaa! 😉

  3. “Don’t give me that look……” I said, rolling my eyes at him. “It’s not like you’ll be spying or anything–”
    “That’s exactly what I’ll be doing, Pipes!” Zane whined, tilting his head back and groaning. “Why do you always make me do stuff like this?”
    “Zane! Seriously, dude! Toughen up!” Luka cried from a corner, where he sat with his legs pulled to his chest, and his hands wrapped around them comfortably.
    “Luka’s right,” I said, shaking Zane’s shoulders. “Do you want to find out if these prophecies are connected, or not?”
    “I do, I do,” Zane grumbled pushing away from me. “But do I have to–”
    “Yep, you have too!”
    “Why can’t you–”
    “You’re the only one that can be invisible!” I yelled. “Now, go! Get out!”
    “Fine, fine,” Zane grumbled, turning away from me and stomping out of the small cave.
    I quickly sank to the ground, my head in my hands. “Why is this so hard?”
    “Not every kid is part of a prophecy like you, Pipes,” Luka said. “You might as well accept it–you’re part of something big and you can’t ignore the responsibilities.”
    I whipped my head in his direction and frowned at him. “Aww, thanks for those words of wisdom, Luka!” I snapped.
    Luka shrugged. “You’re welcome.”
    I buried my head into my arms again. Why is it me?

  4. “Don’t give me that look…” I sighed and sat back down on the couch. Brownie, my brown rottweiler, continued to glare at me. Who would’ve known that such a cute face could have mustered such a mean look?
    “I didn’t have time, OK?” I tried to reason, but in truth, I had just been too lazy to get the bacon and ice cream. It’s a weird combination, but that was how it was on Thursday nights. It was our night to hang out–watching reruns of Proud Family while stuffing our faces with food, running around the house playing Frisbee, and well, just about anything we could think of.
    “C’mon, I’ll let you have my burger for lunch tomorrow,” I cooed. That usually worked, but instead, Brownie picked up her tail and sashayed down the hall. Seconds later, I heard the door to the bedroom bang shut, followed by the unmistakable sounds of paws scratching against the door.
    “Brownie….” I started saying, but right then and there, I heard the bedroom door lock. Then, Brownie gave a loud bark, which I’m pretty sure translated into, “You’re sleeping on the couch tonight.”

  5. “Don’t give me that look.” I said anxiously “I just forgot that all, I know its pretty much a life or death situation but cut me some slack. I can’t do everything you know.” I finished.

    “Well you could have done this. I’m positive of that.” He slowly rose from his spot, looking more ominous than I had ever seen him. The light was very low in the room, so his facial features were hard to make out.All I was aware of was that he was slowly coming toward me in a menacing way.

    “You know the routine. its like breathing to you and I. If you do this one thing for me everyday then you know that I’ll return the favor. Don’t you?” He was already three inches in front of me. His breath was not the most pleasing thing to be near at the time, but his eyes looked steel grey in the low lit area and his features were still hard to make out.

    “Yes.” I gulped as he started to circle my sitting area and then eventually went to flick on the light switch.

    “Then why wasn’t there coffee in the pot this morning?!” He said while he angrily swished his robe closed to hide his batman footie pajamas, and make his case seem more serious than his playful pajamas.

    “Yeesh.” I said as I rose and headed in the direction of the kitchen. ” I told you that I would, I just needed to ask you if you could drive me to school first.”

    “And don’t forget to put the extra scoop in it to make it strong how I like it.” he called out from the living room.

    “Don’t worry Dad I won’t forget.”

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