Character Interview by Jillie

  1. Interviewer: So Ebony, let’s get down to business. Give me all of the details on what your brother was doing and where he was the night the bank was robbed.

Ebony- Well, I don’t keep tabs on him but I think he was down at his friend Jake’s house watching a Harry Potter marathon. he’s sort of a big nerd..


  1. Interviewer: Mhhm. What car does he drive?

Ebony: He drives a black Land Rover. Mom bought it for him on his 17 birthday.


  1. Interviewer: And what was he wearing that night?

Ebony: I don’t know! He just called me to tell me where he was going because that’s what little brothers do! Trust me, he wouldn’t do this. We are fine financially, and I don’t see why he would even need or want to do this!


  1. Interviewer: Okay, now let’s stay on topic. Was he acting suspicious or extra careful that week? Anything that would have rung any alarms?

Ebony: No. He FaceTimed me every night from his dorm room and told me how his day was. He was perfectly fine! I seriously don’t see why you are wasting your oxygen. Tim if a good student, brother, and friend. I mean, for anything it could have been Jake.


  1. Interviewer: Okay, okay, good. Tell me about their friendship.

Ebony: Jake and Tim have known each other since high school. They went to different colleges, so they hang out on weekends. Tim texted me and said that he was going over to Jake’s for the marathon on TV. Wait! Hold on a sec…


  1. Interviewer: Anything you want to tell us?


~Ebony quickly searches through her texts from the week before.~


Ebony: Here! He kept saying to me over and over again that he loves me and mom very much and he wouldn’t do anything to hurt us! But it doesn’t make any sense. Why would he do this?


  1. Interviewer: Well, was he under any drug or alcohol use at the time? Those things are very common.

Ebony: Well, when you took him in to questioning did he pass the alcohol test? How am I supposed to know if he was under the use?!


  1. Interviewer: Okay okay calm down. Just a few more questions.

What time did he tell you that he was going over to his friend’s house?

Ebony: It was about 7PM.


  1. Interviewer: Can you give me a background on Jake?

Ebony: Well, he was a really good student in high school. He was on the varsity football team and had lots of friends. Jake, well, he wasn’t the nicest of the group but he was really smart. OOOOOHHH! HOLD ON!


~Ebony checks one more time through her texts~


  1. Interviewer: Umm… What did you find?

Ebony: Here! My brother told me that Jake and his mom were going through a rough time in relation to money! It has to be him! It just has to! I’ll give you Jake’s information but promise me you’ll check him out.


Interviewer: Thank you for your time, miss. And yes, we will keep an eye on your brother’s friend.


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  1. Ooh! Yay thanks Mrs. Emery! I know it’s not the best, but I just needed to write something to clear my brain, 🙂

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