Character Interview by Hannah

I glance around at the dark gray steel walls, my eyes settling on a single tinted window. I sit back in my chair and cross my arms, speaking towards the wall in front of me. “Are you going to keep me here all day?” My hip feels light without my mechanized dagger sitting comfortably in its sheath. And although they did not force me to change out of my gray armored clothing, they still took my cloak away, causing me to feel exposed.

“If that’s what it takes to make you talk,” a cold, female voice replies, the sound crisp and clear through the hidden speakers, as if she were here in this room with me. “Bear in mind that this is 2243, and your right to remain silent is a mere formality, not an actual defense.” She doesn’t wait very long for my response before continuing. “Also, we have a lie detector hone in on your signature, just in case you decide to try and feed us false information.”

I give the metal wall in front of me an equally steel gaze, hoping that there’s a camera placed there so they can pick up on my dislike of the whole situation. “What did you do with my dagger?” I demand.

“This interrogation works the other way around, Miss Venici,” the voice replies sharply, “And your dagger is currently being placed in evidence, along with your other…things.” I smile, thinking of the small bomb I set to detonate in five minutes. They probably won’t find that’s it’s been activated till the timer runs out. This interview shouldn’t last long. “Now, question one. Is your name Ferraria Venici, and is your planet of origin Mahonda Five?”

“Yes and yes,” I reply coolly.

“Wrong answer,” the voice snaps, “Your name is Vivianna Forge, and your planet of origin is Mia’ad. Nice try, but the equipment caught your lie.”

“You could’ve just read that from my file,” I counter.

“Question number two,” the voice continues, ignoring me, “What is your occupation?”

“I sell ice-cream for a living to cute children,” I answer, somehow keeping a straight face.

“Lies,” the voice hisses, “You have been connected to several assassinations over the past five years.”

“Connected, but not convicted,” I state. I almost continue “and not guilty, either”, but then I remember the lie detector, and I chew my lip, wondering if I’d be able to fool it or not.

“What is your purpose here on Mahonda Five?” the voice presses on.

“Pleasure,” I answer calmly, “I was here to pick up a friend.” It’s true. I was here to pick up my dagger after shipping it separately for travel, and I’ve been friends with the artificial intelligence computer nestled inside it for years. If friends is what you could call our relationship.

“What is the name of your friend?”

“Anubis,” I reply curtly.

“And where did you meet him?”

“The post office,” I respond truthfully, “We touched base there.” There’s so many people crammed in the intergalactic section of the post office at any given time, I’d like to see them try to find where I manage to slip in a few words with any one of them.

“What was the purpose of meeting him?”

“To catch up with how he was doing,” I reply. It’s true, he had many complaints about the way packages are treated during intergalactic travel.

The voice becomes a bit more serious with the next question, and gives up on the angle of finding a connection through my “friend,”, “Do you remember the faces of the people you killed?”

Great. The emotional plea. Designed to throw me off my game.

And it’s working.

“I’d advise you to answer my question, convict,” the voice threatens.

I struggle against the lump in my throat. You think that an assassin would have come to terms with her occupation after five years of contracts, but I still haven’t.

“Do remember the face of your first victim, Robert Veniro, before you stabbed him and killed him?”

I remember that day. That wasn’t a contract. I wasn’t even an assassin back then. “I have a terrible memory,” I murmur, my gaze falling to the floor.

“Do you remember running from the android law enforcement not hours after the alleged assassination of Robert Veniro?”

“It’s Mia’ad,” I growl, my voice distant, “Whether you’re guilty or not you don’t want to be caught be the robos.” It’s not enough of a straightforward answer to be caught by the lie detector.

There’s a bit of a pause before the voice speaks again.

“Why did you become an assassin, Miss Forge?”

I grit my teeth, and stare at the wall with hatred. “I think that’s enough questions.” An explosion goes off, making my ears ring and the side door of my cell shatter from the force of the explosion. I calmly get up from the chair and walk towards the wreckage, stepping through the wall and towards the evidence room. I pick up my dagger and walk confidently out the door while the frenzied shouts of scrambling law enforcement officers echo behind me.



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  1. Hailey Elizabeth

    ah-maz-ing !!! I could picture this all ! It would be a perfect movie !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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