Character Interview by Shannon

Character: Airell Mitchell (Airell is pronounced air-ell.)

Airell is a name that means nobleman, or in this case, a noblewoman in ancient Celtic language. Airell is from Northern Ireland, and usually oblige to follow her heritage.

Airell’s Interview Questions:

Today I traveled to Ireland, just to learn more about Airell than what meets the eye! Here are three questions, that will venture you into Airell’s world, and her main deisre4s in life.

  1. Looking at your family background, would you say you are very “unique” when it comes to your interests, hobbies, and even passions?

Airell: “I would say I am a unique girl, because my family, well, one side of my family, I grew up in a single-parent household, not knowing who my father was. Anyways, though I will say i’m quite unique because my family is a family that loves to challenge themselves. Whether it’s playing a new sport for the first time, or adventuring out of your comfort zone, count my family in! As for me, I usually love to read, which isn’t challenging at all, unless you make it challenging, and that’s what so unique! I love to be quite, my family loves to be loud when trying new things. I like to enjoy gentle hobbies such as painting, and simply hiking, my family turns that into a splatter painting contest, and a race to get to the top of the trail fastest. I am completely opposite from my family, and that’s what I say is unique about myself in terms of family backgrounds”

  1. You usually option for a more casual lifestyle, rather than going for the full heritage commitment, why is that?

Airell: “ I usually try to avoid my heritage, mostly because it links to my other half of my family. As mentioned before, I don’t know who my father was. My mother refuses to talk about hi, or his family altogether. In fact, the only snip bits of information that iv’e obtained, was that he was very inclined to the Celtic culture. I feel that if I were to go all out on my culture and heritage, I feel like that will hurt my mother much more altogether.”

  1. What is one thing in life you desire to achieve?

Airell: “I desire to find my identity. It may seem easy living with one parent, but with a a parent who won’t contribute to finding your identity, is a struggle all by itself. To find out where my roots come from, rather than listening to stories my mother conveys to me, is a life long goal of mine.”


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