Short Story Workshop

Each year, a small group of members participates in the rigorous short story workshop. They work closely together, learning about short stories and getting feedback about their work.

Below, you can read their final products. Enjoy!

2014-2015 Participants

Estella – The Awakening of Ethan Bladell

Cheyenne – Dark Water

Rosalind – The Gluttunous Lust of Salem Cain

Sarah – Alteration

Naylene – Dangerous Existence

Hannah – The Phantom of the Rift

Isabella – The Dusty Bookshelf


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  1. Oh my word, new literary candy….let the night begin.

  2. These were some awesome stories!

  3. Hailey Elizabeth

    OMG, Estella… XD I finally got to finish Ethan’s story from start to finish… LOVED it so much!!!! ❤

    Everyone else, what great jobs you all did. I loved all of those incredibly written stories! ❤

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