Today’s prompt:

Today’s prompt is from Donna Vorreyer:
Put your mp3 player or any music making device on shuffle.
Write down the first five titles that come up. No cheating allowed!
Use all five titles to draft a new poem. You can use other words around the song titles, but the titles must be incorporated. They have to be used intact — you can interrupt them with punctuation, but you may not remove or change words.
Shuffle away — the more eclectic your music collection, the better!

Post your poem to comments!

Read the NaPoWriMo page for details on how the challenge works and how you can participate this month, no matter what your personal writing challenge is for the month of April.

Please read How to Post during NaPoWriMo to find out how the prompt posts work. Remember that work shared this month is shared in precisely that spirit: sharing, as opposed to critiquing.


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  1. Live it out (Abandon), Hope (Royal Tailor), Do right (Debra Killings), Living for the other side (Capital Kings), Am I wrong (Nico and Vinz)

    Sometimes it seems
    Like you’re at the end
    There’s no reason to go on
    It’s time to give in
    But you have to keep going
    You have to live it out
    Because there’s only one you
    And you have so much to do

    You must hope and pray
    that you are brought more
    sunny days.
    Wake up every morning,
    with a smile so bright
    Wave to people on the corner,
    and try to do right

    It’s about living for the other side when
    people say turn away
    why am I wrong for never giving up
    for staying strong when everything looks bleak

    Life was never said to be easy,
    so don’t quit at the first sign of trouble
    Stay bold
    Stay sharp
    Stay alive
    Because that’s life

  2. I am second to something greater
    Until the whole world hears I’ll shout it
    Not for fame or ’cause I think I’m feeling so fly
    This is just how we do it
    My group and I
    We’ll lift our coat of arms
    Never ashamed
    Of the name we proclaim
    I Am Second- Newsboys
    Feeling so fly- Toby Mac
    Until the Whole World Hears- Casting Crowns
    How We Do It- Young Chozen
    Coat of arms- Jonathan Thulin

    • I love Feelin’ So Fly and Coat of Arms, I have those too, ha ha! I love your poem by the way. 🙂

    • Wow! Toby Mac, Newsboys, and Casting Crowns. Those are actually my top favorite singers xD

      • Oh, man! I love those singers too! Mom loves Casting Crowns as well 🙂

      • Cool!! The guy who sings coat of arms, Jonathan Thulin is really good too, he kind of does like Christian pop, and so does Young Chozen, although his is more rap than pop.

  3. Hannah Oliver

    In Christ alone my hope is found
    I can always trust in Him
    Amazing grace how sweet the sound
    In the bright and in the dim
    My hope is built on nothing less
    One thing remains
    How He loves us
    Blessed be Your name


    (I think I accidentally used 6 song titles in my poem instead of 5.)

    – In Christ Alone –
    – Amazing Grace –
    – My Hope is Built on Nothing Less –
    – One Thing Remains –
    – How He Loves Us –
    – Blessed be Your Name –

  4. This doesn’t go with the prompt, but it’s what I did for today, 😉

    A breeze
    Rushing by
    In a hurry
    To go somewhere
    Pushing me aside
    It flashes by
    Without care

    The sun
    Casts down
    Its radiant smile
    Lighting up the sky
    Like a burst
    Of fire
    The rain
    Always sad
    Its tears
    Pouring down
    And in its sorrow
    All hopes seem to drown
    The stars
    So bright in the sky
    I do think
    That I can touch them
    And fly
    It’s a beautiful thing
    And we sometimes fail to realize it
    So stop.
    Just stop.
    Look around.
    Look around you

  5. The Body – Wale
    Good Life – Kanye West
    Can’t let you go – Fabolous
    I don’t mind – Usher
    Nothing – Mase
    Growing up an insecure girl, I was required to learn:
    not to let the soul go blind simply because
    the body is imperfect
    with stretch marks written in coded language
    only passionate readers can understand
    I live a good life, but I’ve always refused to be accept good.
    I want perfect, but for now I don’t mind
    My faults contain the most powerful earthquakes and
    to the old me, I can’t let you go.
    Nothing has changed but my perception of beauty.

  6. Let go of your emotions and numb your feelings
    Keep breathing until the world stops turning
    And when you look to the western sky, do not be scared
    if you find yourself colorblind, unable to make out the blue
    in the black that shakes you
    Don’t believe in love, for you cannot determine its authenticity
    and perhaps you must put up your life for rent, because
    money is hard to get. Money that keeps you moving,
    because it’s the only thing that matters.

    But I tell you: life is hard to get.

    Songs: Let Go (Frou Frou)
    Keep Breathing (Ingrid Michaelson)
    Color Blind (Counting Crows)
    Don’t Believe in Love (Dido)
    Life for Rent (Dido)
    I honestly wish I knew what this poem means lol.

  7. 1. Human – Christina Perri
    2. Man on the Moon – Phillip Phillips
    3. Just a Kiss – Lady Antebellum
    4. Latch – Sam Smith
    5. Fool for You – Phillip Phillips
    (Yes, I’m a huge Phillip Phillips fan, so the probability of two of his songs falling out in the mix was huge.)

    You, the man on the moon,
    Feels like you’re a billion miles away.
    You seem so distant, so removed,
    It’s like a mountain stands between us.

    Do you love me? I have doubts.
    Am I your one and only?
    Tell me what’s on your mind,
    I’m here, ready to listen.

    I’m an open book before you.
    Are you the same before me?
    I sense your secrets, your remorse,
    But you just hold it all inside.

    Just a kiss, a gentle touch,
    Even just latch your hand to mine.
    Show your affection, show your love,
    Don’t keep this cold and bitter distance.

    I’m only human, you should know,
    And humans yearn to understand.
    I want to know what’s come between us,
    I want the truth, it’s all I ask.

    I’d swim an ocean to get to you,
    I’d give my life up for yours.
    I’m a fool for you, I love you!
    It hurts me that we’re apart.

    Even if it takes you some time
    If you’re not ready, that’s alright.
    I’ll still be here, waiting for you,
    Ready to love you once again.

  8. American Dream- Casting Crowns
    Ballade- Richard Clayderman
    On Top of the World- Imagine Dragons
    Bleeding Out- Imagine Dragons
    America- Imagine Dragons

    I’m living the American Dream
    with freedom, life, and liberty
    for all who believe in equality.
    From sea to shining sea she stands
    Rise to the top of the world

    She’s bold and brave to
    believe in a dream
    that prevails all injustice,
    all fury.
    She’ll stand through war
    until she bleeds out for more of
    the red, white, and blue of her flag

    Ballades will be sung,
    Shouts will be heard.
    America will be one to
    be crowned queen
    of all the earth.

    From the West to the East
    From the rurals to the suburbs
    For the Founding Father of
    the Constitution shout,
    “America: On Top of the World!”

  9. It doesn’t go with the prompt, but here it is:

    Fiery lights,

    Up in the sky.

    You breathe,

    “Oh my, oh my!”


    Fiery lights,

    Way up in heaven

    “One, two, three,

    Four, five, six, seven,”


    Fiery lights,

    Twinkling bright

    As you watch,

    in the blackened night


    Fiery lights

    That hold you close

    And wrap you up tight,

    They love you the most.


  10. Songs:
    All I’m Holding – Building 429
    God of Wonders – Third Day
    Holy – Avalon
    Slow Down Time – Jeremy Camp
    I can’t hear what the doctor’s saying,
    I just tell him “I need more time!”
    He tells me to just start praying
    Until the funeral bells chime

    I sit alone in the corner crying,
    “Please, just slow down time today!
    “You’re all I’m holding as I’m dying,
    “Please, keep death at bay!”

    Three days later, I’m singing praises,
    The God of Wonders saved my life!
    The doctor claims he was mistaken,
    But I know The Holy One erased my strife.

  11. This isn’t the prompt, but I felt really sad today so this is what I wrote:

    How can people live, if living isn’t a choice?
    How can people live, if there is no rejoice?
    When mankind dies out, who will be the one to shout?
    Because when people can’t live in harmony, they’ll have to look to astronomy.
    So when all is said, how can people live if they’re already dead?

  12. 1) Take On Me – A-ha
    2) I Get Around – Beach Boys
    3) Girls/Girls/Boys – Panic! at the Disco
    4) Shake It Off – Taylor Swift
    5) Thanks for the Memories – Fall Out Boy

    It was nice of you to take on me,
    And for a while, I thought it was love,
    but your affection was only charity,
    and it’s only yourself you think of.

    At first, people were a boring mix of girls/girls/boys,
    but, with you, I tried to act like I get around.
    Then you decided to make me one of your toys,
    begging to be picked up from the ground.

    For a while, I felt honored, and I had no doubts of your genuine love,
    but as time passed, I saw how you only wanted me when you got bored,
    After all this time, it was not me you thought of,
    and in your eyes, I was just another girl you “scored.”

    Now I’ve broken free from these boundaries,
    and left you to your silly games,
    so farewell, and I guess, thanks for the memories;
    at least now I’m rid of your fraudulent aims.

  13. One Thing – Finger Eleven
    Jar of Hearts – Christina Perri
    A Rush Of Blood – Coasts
    What is Love – Jaymes Young
    One Last Time – Jaymes Young

    I cannot tame this one thing.
    It beats just for you, as if each breath you took gave me reason to breath.
    It’s keeping me alive just to love you, but can you say the same of me?
    You have a collection, a jar of hearts lie upon your shelves,
    A collection you’re proud of.
    Yet despite your demises and false promises a get a rush of blood at the sight of you,
    You have a power over me that even I don’t comprehend.
    Questions bear in mind for you; what is love holds no meaning for you because love is a Self-compromising emotion you consider a false prophet.
    My heart is only as big as my fist, and it can only take so much,
    Yet you contain no mercy,
    For I’m your last, one last time before your collection is complete.
    You have no mercy, not for my tiny heart.

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