Today’s prompt:

Write an Elizabethan sonnet! You can write about any topic, but must use the sonnet form. Your sonnet should have 14 lines and use the following rhyme scheme: A B A B C D C D E F E F G G
Bonus Points if you can also write each line in iambic pentameter!

Note: Check out what iambic pentameter is.

Post your poem to comments!

Read the NaPoWriMo page for details on how the challenge works and how you can participate this month, no matter what your personal writing challenge is for the month of April.

Please read How to Post during NaPoWriMo to find out how the prompt posts work. Remember that work shared this month is shared in precisely that spirit: sharing, as opposed to critiquing.


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  1. This doesn’t go with the prompt because personally, I don’t really like Elizabeth sonnets… So here it is:

    We’re up in the clouds
    I got my wish
    We are flying like birds
    Away from the herds
    And schools of fish
    Nothing is loud
    All is good
    And how it should.

    I’m flying.

  2. Down my window it cascades,
    Pitter patter goes the rain.
    The sky is gray in many shades,
    Each droplet the size of a grain.
    Pitter patter, so it falls,
    On this dark and gloomy day.
    Thunders sound like booming calls,
    Lightning strikes the sand at bay.
    Waves are crashing on the shore,
    Wind blows clutter all around.
    That pitter patter I abhor
    As the raindrops hit the ground.
    I hear it front, side, and behind,
    Pitter patter controls my mind.

  3. This doesn’t go along with the prompt, but I tried to write monorhyme for today.
    Meh xD I was never one for rhyming poems anyway lol
    The rushing surge that pushes over the edge
    Where two scared observers shake on a ledge
    For their boat at the bottom is caught in a wedge
    Where the water escapes to meet a cypress sledge
    And from that day forward they happily pledge
    To always look out for a merciless edge!

  4. This doesn’t go with the prompt, but it’s my poem for today. 🙂
    It was a cold, dreary night
    And she sat on her windowsill
    The moon was full
    The sky was dark
    And stars dotted the sky
    Her honey brown hair
    Rippled down her back,
    Her chocolate brown eyes
    Sad and weary.
    And across her heart
    Her hands were laid
    As she mourned silently
    With no one there
    But her.
    Her and the stars.

    For awhile
    All was silent
    As she gazed
    At the lights dotting the sky.
    But then the memories came like a river
    Flowing through her mind…
    He had wrapped her in a tight embrace
    And held her close
    And gazed at her in silence,
    And then he had turned
    The door had closed
    And he was gone.
    Just gone.
    Pulled out of her grasp
    No matter how hard she clung on

    She squeezed her eyes shut
    Trying to block the flow of memories.
    A tear
    Slipped down the young girl’s cheek
    Hitting the windowsill
    Like a raindrop.
    She opened her eyes
    And searched the stars
    For one last glimpse
    One last glimpse of her father.
    But the stars were cruel
    And hard as stones
    And she looked away hopelessly.
    But then
    A gust of wind,
    A feeling of warmth against her
    She rubbed her tear-stained cheeks
    And peeked out through blurry eyes.
    She watched the stars shimmer,
    And a feeling of peace washed over her.
    And she finally found comfort.
    She found comfort in the stars.

  5. This doesn’t go with the prompt.
    A grain of sand

    Sand can be transparent,
    It can simply disappear,
    One person’s errant,
    And it will shatter for a million years

    Sand can be strong,
    The foundation of skyscrapers
    It will always belong,
    Stretching across acres

    Sand can be whatever it chooses,
    It has choice of free will.
    God formed us of the dust and the sand,
    So what will you choose do be?

  6. Great job everyone!! 🙂

    My poem doesn’t go with the prompt either, but here it is:


    Beauty in Creation
    By Hannah Oliver

    Every time I look outside
    And think about the beauty of the day
    From the bluebird’s song to the ocean’s tide
    The snow in the winter to the sunshine’s ray

    I am awestruck at the wondrousness of God’s creation
    It is amazing; It is incredible

  7. I suck at iambic pentameter so I didn’t inclued that but here is my sonnet.

    The koto
    String light as a feather
    Fingers swift like a soaring wind
    The laws of sound will not tether
    The human ear will not bind
    The beautiful sound
    And the shifting waves
    That could devour the ground
    And bring the dead back from their graves
    It is not planned
    The joyous sound you produce
    Nor will it be banned
    As you paint sound in the colors of chartreuse
    Let your music resound
    And sink into the very ground

  8. Had to leave a sonnet, although my stressing might be off somewhat.

    We want some pretty words for ugly times,
    hope new made to delay our resign.
    A catharsis, refreshing church bell chimes.
    A happy reference, better-day shrine.
    That offer in human medication,
    expensive drugs to treat our worries.
    Magic to maintain sophistication,
    complete the day with no mental flurries.
    We want to believe more than Duchovny,
    but proof we need never seems to come up.
    Decrease heart, increase productivity,
    drop your thoughts in the world’s bottomless cup.
    We are affixed inside false, glassless screens,
    lying and reenacting daily scenes.

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