I am hatred by Caitlyn

A stranger in my eye,

Now as I look upon your envious gaze,

Shifting colors of green and brown,

What do you envy?

The voices you hear outside your window?

The laughter of friends hanging out together?

Do you envy their happiness?


With greedy eyes that dart to them,

Looking out the window.

Your eyes shift,

Glowering into me,

Scolding me for not going out,

For not being outgoing,



Why do you direct your gaze to me?

Ah yes.

This stranger who stares at me with such passion,

Such hatred,

Is myself in the mirror.

I am hatred.


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  1. Whoa, nice twist at the end. 😀 I went back and read it a second time to get the full-effect…wonderful and relatable writing!!

    -Hannah O.

  2. I loved this Caitlyn! It’s very powerful writing, great job!

  3. Wow…

    Girl, you left me SPEECHLESS

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