Today’s prompt:

Today’s prompt comes from Robert Peake:

  • Use at least twelve words from this list: flap, winter, torch, pail, jug, strum, lever, massage, octopus, marionette, stow, pumice, rug, jam, limp, campfire, startle, wattle, bruise, chimney, tome, talon, fringe, walker;
  • Include something that tastes terrible;
  • Include some part (from a few words to several lines) of a previous poem that didn’t quite pan out; and
  • Include a sound that makes you happy.

Write a poem!


Read the NaPoWriMo page for details on how the challenge works and how you can participate this month, no matter what your personal writing challenge is for the month of April.

Please read How to Post during NaPoWriMo to find out how the prompt posts work. Remember that work shared this month is shared in precisely that spirit: sharing, as opposed to critiquing.


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  1. Josiah Velez
    “Fire and Pumice Juice”

    Under my skin is a bruise
    A bruise from a bottle of juice
    You ask, What harm could be done by a jug?
    Or even a hug?

    The cold of winter
    Has left me pale
    But the juice in that pail
    Has left my mouth with a taste of pumice

    The campfire startled all
    Who watch in awe
    The fire soon became a marionette
    One with the shape of an octopus
    This terror pointed it talons at us

    Suddenly, thunder crashed
    And we all smiled at the rain
    Soon, it saw our pain
    And massaged it away
    And stowed it away
    Inside of the fire

    The fire was doused
    And rose like smoke
    From a burning chimney
    Could this be?
    The campfire, our enemy
    Was finally in peace

  2. I left out the part about a failed poem because I couldn’t find one. Here’s the rest though.

    Chimes in the sunshine
    Winter has left
    And spring has gone
    Now I sit
    Next to this campfire
    Going limp
    On the fringe of times
    Waiting for the marionette string to fall
    The disgusting taste of dirt in my mouth
    Waiting for my bruises to heal
    And the joyous song of the chimes to rise again
    I stow my dreams in a little jug
    And watch the bird flap and flail
    Their little talons digging but going no where
    When will the lever of my reality be flicked
    So I may feel the massage of the happy wind on my back
    And hear the chimneys in the sunshine

  3. Gosh, these prompts are getting more difficult by the day! Here’s mine:

    We sit on the rug in our comfortable tent,
    As the opening flap sways to and fro,
    Munching on crackers with olives and jam,
    While outside we can spot a campfire glow.

    Suddenly, we hear a loud strum,
    Someone brings their guitar, and it startles us all.
    But then we relax and begin to sing songs,
    Until out of the blue, we hear someone call.

    “Help!” they shout. “I tripped over a pail!”
    We run outside, and the boy is on the ground.
    His ankle’s bruised purple, he looks somewhat green,
    And out of his mouth comes a moaning sound.

    We bring him a stick to use as a walker,
    He limps to the tent and sits down on the chair.
    He’s crying, he’s shouting, we must get him help,
    But we’re far from a doctor, no way to get there.

    We bring him a jug of water and bread,
    While I try to get service and reach 911,
    Finally, I am able to speak to them,
    They tell me they’re coming, assure me they’ll run.

    They finally arrive with their big, heavy truck,
    And inside, they treat the boy’s ankle well,
    They apply pumice powder to smooth out his skin,
    And bandage it as to diminish the swell.

    “Hooray!” we cheer, as he exits the truck,
    We thank the service of the very kind men.
    When the paramedics finally leave,
    We go back to having our camp fun again.

  4. This is actually the first story-poem I’ve written. It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be!
    My Day at the Beach

    Once I traveled to the ocean,
    To see what I would find.
    I was trying out a potion,
    I bought from a man who was blind.

    The man had been using a walker,
    While standing next to his cart,
    He appeared to be a hawker,
    But one that was very smart.

    He claimed to be a wizard,
    Then pointed to me with his talon.
    “I can turn you into a lizard,
    Or turn your boat into a great big galleon!

    “I can make torches as cold as winter,
    I can fit your car into a jug.
    The laziest man can be a sprinter,
    Or an Olympian a slug!

    “I can cast on you spells,
    That give you great charm,
    Just wear these shells,
    And you’ll shake a merman’s arm!”

    Entranced, I approached him,
    “Is your magic real?” I asked.
    “Yes, but not on a whim,
    Thought that would be a blast!

    “Take this potion here,
    But don’t drink it quite yet!
    If you want to survive,
    Do it in a place quite wet.”

    “What does it cost?”
    “Just the fringe of your shirt,
    Or the potion will be lost;
    To no one must you blurt!”

    Astounded, I gave him what he asked for.
    The wizard took the piece quite happily, saying
    “I should open a store!
    You don’t even know what you’re paying!”

    I was confused, starting to wonder,
    But he shooed me away with a flap
    Then came a ‘pow!’ like a clap of thunder,
    I was startled as he was gone in a snap

    So, hours later, here I was,
    In a wet place to try the potion
    I drank it down without a pause,
    Regretting that it tasted like lotion

    I looked at myself and was surprised
    To find purple bruises spreading across me,
    I lost my tan which I prized
    And I shouted, “Now I see!

    “You wizard, cruel trickster,
    You told me I would meet a merman!
    I should have never drunk your mixture,
    But I didn’t know I would get four more hands!”

    My skin was feeling rubbery
    As I stumbled into the ocean
    My body became blubbery,
    As I thought of a new notion

    “This potion is turning me
    Into an octopus!
    This is a creature I don’t want to be,
    I would prefer a platypus!”

    I swam down deep
    When my transformation was complete
    I wish the wizard could have turned me into a sheep;
    Then I would at least have feet!

    My name is Ursula,
    You will find me in deep caves, hiding, hiding
    Turns out I did meet a merman,
    Was that good? I’m still deciding!

    • Hailey Elizabeth

      o… m… g… :O

      you did this? holy crap?! this was astounding! I cannot believe you made this! it was so good!!!!!!! Ursula from The Little Mermaid! this is gold, Sarah! amazing job! 😛

  5. Hailey Elizabeth

    Dandelions don’t bloom in winter
    Nor do birds often flap their wings
    Hibernation takes control of animals
    And alteration sets into flowers and trees

    The birds no longer chirp
    Although their songs will be missed
    The annoying sounds of winter soon will be a bliss
    For if it weren’t for winter, my days would be short

    Campfire songs fill the night air
    As children run around the forest “Hey Jimmy, watch for that chair!”
    Jimmy now has a limp and Alice startled the big black bear
    Nana lost her walker and Suzanne never mends her hair!

    This poem barely rhymes and the riddles make no since
    I guess I will stop this poem before that alligator goes “tsss”
    Haha that’s supposed to be funny, but of course you didn’t laugh
    I sense anger in your voice, come on let’s take the raft!

    The family piles into one raft as we drift among the river
    Steady movements; easy motions, “Jimmy quit your quiverin'”
    Alice caught herself a fish and begs me “Daddy do try!”
    I can’t quite get that awful taste to leave my mouth, so here I lay and cry.

    The raft ride is over and we head back to our spot
    For this camping trip has been a little less that hot.
    The fire crackling makes me smile, one of my favorite noises.
    The joyful glee I get from it makes my wife question her choices!

    For three children and a nana on this family trip
    Was not a good idea, little more than nana’s recent skinny dip
    That site was awful, horrible and distasteful
    But I am glad now as this trip comes to an end, my family very grateful!


    12 words from the list?
    – no, only 6, sorry but I tried!

    Terrible taste?
    – that awful fish!

    Previous poem?
    – only a few words about the camping trips here and there!

    Happy sound?
    – yes, of course, for the wife now questions her choice in life partners!


    stupid, I know… but sorry. that’s me! 😀

  6. Okay this is really really bad and I’m soooo sorry you have to read this but it’s all I could do…

    Some Random Guitar Guy

    The walkers walk by me
    Watching me kindly
    Out in the winter snow

    I strum a few chords
    To my new winter jam
    As people gather
    Tonight, I’m giving all that has been stowed

    The walkers keep walking
    Just give me a chance!

    No one stays
    The message conveys
    I pack and leave
    Without a penny, oh please!

    I walk with the walkers
    Passing a campfire
    Started by just one little torch!

    I can relate
    There is no debate
    I just need a little bit more.

    My chimney needs sweeping
    My house needs keeping
    I need a little bit more

    The octopus on the wall
    Glares at me tall
    And tells me “just a little bit more.”

    The eagle’s sharp talons
    Grasping me oh heavens
    Tells me “just a little more”

    I miss the waves
    Of crowds and gaze
    Out in the snow
    And listen to the ocean waves inside my head

    I remember something then
    Just under ten
    When you smile, everyone smiles too.

    So I go out and I play
    Without any dismay!

    And I get cheers
    I love this now
    Feeling myself bow
    And I smile some more:)


    Disgusting Thing
    Unclean houses…

    Old line from a Poem
    When you smile everyone smiles too

    Ocean waves


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