The Art of Poetry by Tamar

I’ve heard friends and peers of mine say that poetry is stupid. “It just complicates things,” they tell me. “Why make a whole deep, intricate piece out of something you could probably say in one sentence?” But while they see poetry as a nuisance, I see it as a beautiful form of self expression. Poetry takes an idea, an emotion, or a situation, and looks beyond the surface. It digs down into our hearts or deep into our minds, and brings a whole new perspective to light.

 One of the things I love about poetry is that it has as many or as few rules as you want it to. As a matter of fact, it can also have no rules at all! Being a slight control freak, I love the aspect of being completely in command of my poem. I enjoy being able to determine the form and shape that my piece will take. When writing a story, you must keep to certain steps that make up a story structure. When it comes to essays, your writing must also be shaped in a certain way. But with poetry, you have absolute freedom of creativity.

 Another aspect of poetry that I love is that it can be interpreted in tons of different ways. What the author had in mind while writing the piece can be completely different from what pops into your head when you read it! And by the same token, that is one of the big issues I personally have with the way poetry is taught in schools today. Yes, a poem can be analyzed to a certain extent, but at the end of the day, we all understand poetry differently. I don’t believe a student can be penalized for incorrectly interpreting a certain phrase or stanza, because every interpretation is valid. So many times in my life, particularly in Elementary school, I did poorly on poetry assignments because I would come up with a new twist on the poem that my teacher (or the textbook) had not thought of. Part of the beauty of poetry is the ability to interpret it in different ways, and I feel like many people fail to see that.

 As Robert Frost once said, “Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought, and the thought has found words.” It is the deepest expression that can come from a person. It is thoughtful, inspiring, and has the ability to make a huge impact on a person’s life.


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  1. **clapping** Especially for the part about different interpretations!

  2. I totally agree with the third paragraph it’s like the only thing I hate about English class! It teaches you how to be creative but only let’s you go there a few choice times. I love that quote too by the way. Some people just know how to put word together. XP

  3. Wow that was DEEP! and just wow!! I absoulutely LOVED it!! Good Job Tamar!

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