Today’s prompt:

Today’s prompt is Carolee Sherwood:

Make up a secret code. Begin by writing a few nonsense sentences, like “The raindrops tap out a cry for help” or “The dandelions are saying all at once, ‘You are overwhelmed.’” The formula is easy: come up with a message and assign it to something unlikely. Remember, of course, that inanimate objects can speak and that signs and symbols may be nonverbal.

Once you have a few sentences, select the one that is most intriguing to you and use it to start a poem.

Post your poem to comments!

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  1. Hailey Elizabeth

    this is not related to the topic … sorry !

    Broken Promises

    Whispered words yelled across patched hearts
    When she spoke of March
    The memories she had would soon drift apart
    Her adoration of her father would leave her empty inside
    The memories she had of him would let her fall asleep tonight
    Lost boats and cast away fish
    Those were all things she enjoyed about her father’s wish
    “Let me live with my beloved daughter, for I know she will care for me.”
    He whispered this to the nurse as she turned to leave
    “Daddy you can’t do this alone, they are here to help.”
    The pain she knew her father endured was something she never felt.
    His cancer had come back as he was given a month to live
    He didn’t want the nurse’s help; just his daughter’s loving gift
    He whispered the night before he died “Daughter, I shall live. You are my broken promise.”
    She cried herself to sleep that night because he knew she was a Doubting Thomas.

  2. The owl waves its wing,
    The pretty lark no longer sings,
    Your hummingbird has died,
    My pigeon has arrived

    The catfish lost its tail,
    It swims to no avail,
    Your guppy has got mail,
    My flounder swallowed shale

    The tiger has got spots,
    It’s tail is tied in knots,
    Your wolf has got no howl,
    My lion just ate a fowl

    What does all this mean?
    Nothing; or so it seems
    You’ll know when the time is right,
    When you wake up in the night…

  3. The gusts of wind chainés across the seashore,
    In circles, in circles, they revolve around themselves,
    The homes jeté out of their foundations,
    Leaping, leaping, they jump through the air.
    The grass changements in a manner so unique,
    It seems to bounce, to bounce out of the soil.
    The tornado is coming, violently it seems.
    And never could I view it with such beauty and grace.

  4. Eyes of blue crystals
    Fly me up in the sky
    Your touch is magic

    Silly fears of mine
    Your eyes keep me up at night
    So open up there.

    We’re going to be alright
    You are only mine
    Nobody can hide.

    Just let me go on!
    Feeling the wind on my wings…
    I like it when you do that.

    Yes, I’m late again!
    Seeing the world as it is
    I’ve never been more alive.

    Feels SO amazing
    All eyes on me
    Conversations, the dentist.

    Okay so for this poem I just took different lines from some of my old poems and mashed them together… Yeah that’s how I roll.

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