Today’s prompt:

Today’s prompt comes from Nelle Lytle:

In our case, writing inside out (or outside in) means setting your physical or metaphorical inner bits out of doors, to be walked around and looked at from odd angles, as if they were monuments or mailboxes (as an example). Or it could be transforming your internal organs into flowers or letting a pack of four-year-old’s (human or otherwise) loose in your attic.

Write a poem today that illustrates your idea of what is inside-out.

Post your poem to comments!

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  1. Can you find the secret in the poem? (Well, not all of it, but the majority.)

    Inside-out, upside-down,
    Nothing is the way it seems.
    Seeing changes, seeing things
    In a different light, a different way.
    Deeper than face value, it can
    Enter our inner emotions.

    Our minds are confused,
    Under the sea, over dry land,
    Turned over, spinning in circles.

    That is inside-out,
    Strange, bizarre,
    But beautiful.

  2. Inside-out shows the deeper secrets,
    the long forgotten children that swivel in our minds.
    We make decisions that are tough, turning us inside-out.
    We love for to long and to hard and fall to far down.

    Inside-out is taken as a weakness, but then a bright light shines.
    Weaknesses can become strengths for others,
    the others strengthen the weak.

    No one thing can define inside-out, for there is,
    weak and strong,
    hard and soft,
    light and dark.
    It all depends how it is perceived by the doer.

  3. Inside is our inner thoughts,
    We culture them, letting them grow,
    Our consciousness in knots,
    But no one can know

    Outside is how we act,
    To our friends and peers,
    We are different, its a fact,
    But being different entices fears

    Inside-out is something to achieve,
    To tear our walls down and let others see,
    We must show what we believe,
    Only then can we be free

  4. Tick
    That sound echoes through her mind.
    Why does it seem so unkind?
    It mocks her spilling tears.
    How does it know she lost someone dear?
    It’s the only sound in the room.
    As she lays in her pit of doom.
    But one thought comforts her,
    And eases the hurting in her.
    She knows that he has seen His face,
    And that he is in a better place,
    And that’s all that matters to her.

  5. ~Inside out memories~

    Inside out
    Peaceful death
    Do not shout
    Do not fret.

    Inside out
    Time has come
    Share about
    Your oldest ones.

    Inside out
    Hurry now
    You can doubt
    Take a bow.

    Inside out
    Look over there
    Heavens approach
    Please beware.

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