Today’s prompt:

We haven’t done much with form yet. Who’s ready for a classic? A haiku has three lines and uses specific syllables – 5, 7, 5. Traditionally, the haiku is about nature.

i have been writing (5 syllables)
a lot. only day thirtenn! (7 syllables)
time for more coffee. (5 syllables)

Today, write two haikus. Your first one should be about nature. Your second haiku should be the opposite – anything that isn’t nature.

Post your poem to comments!

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  1. Nature kind of sucks,
    so I won’t write about it.

  2. Nature, Wi-Fi-less.
    Technology for the win.
    I regret nothing.

    • Hailey Elizabeth

      omg this is hilarious! I literally laughed so hard. it’s so true though; and that last line… haha! great poem! XD

  3. Dark clouds churned in the
    sky. Waves crashed like angry fists.
    Work of an Artist.

    Something is changing,
    it started small and now it
    grows, never ever stopping.

  4. A bee buzzes round
    The rose that takes my breath now
    Though the thorns prick me.

    I feel as if a
    haiku must only be a
    poem on nature.

  5. Leaves fall down the trees,
    Covering the grass below,
    Home for a squirrel.

    She makes fun of me,
    Is crazy and studious,
    She is my sister.

  6. Nature is endless,
    All things float in the stream here,
    At last my heart beats.

    People shove words,
    A never-ending cycle now,
    At last my heart stops.

  7. When the waves are rough,
    and I’m drowning in despair,
    I flee to nature.

    His hands are at work.
    You can see it everywhere.
    It brings me comfort.

  8. Flowers floating in the breeze,
    Knowing they will hit rocks and trees,
    But still they continue on

    Skyscrapers reaching far up high,
    Claws trying to grasp sun and stars
    Greedy, stealing away the sky

  9. Mentality is
    What you make of it, isn’t it?
    What does that make me?

    Flowers drift upon the wind
    Twirling around the blade of mine
    Beauty in the blade

  10. Flowers strewn about
    Just beware of their secrets
    They will not forgive.

    The moon is so bright
    On this happy summer night
    Just think of the odds!

    Yeah… the last one was pretty bad…

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