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Write about the biggest battle of your life.

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  1. I was afraid,
    I felt alone,
    Kneeling down I prayed,
    The cold projecting a moan

    I picked up my weapon,
    Ready to fight,
    Looking to heaven,
    Wishing for might

    I hiked through the blizzard,
    That blanketed all,
    Seeing others withered,
    I was determined not to fall

    Reaching the clearing,
    I knew she was near,
    With that thought, I was fearing
    Her hate, which was severe

    I caught glimpses of her face,
    Sin shone through her scorn,
    Of happiness there was no trace,
    I didn’t think I would see the morn’

    I took up my weapons,
    His armor and shield,
    Snow falling from the heavens,
    I knew her fate was sealed

    She put up a fight,
    Knowing what I was doing,
    Claws gleamed with might,
    Her anger was brewing

    The light shone above,
    A heaven-sent message,
    I would be protected by His love,
    With the silence was presage

    She laid down, slayed
    I saw myself dying,
    Rejoicing, I prayed
    Kneeling, and crying

    This battle is fought,
    By those who see fault,
    With Sin and her devilish ways

    Give your life to the Lord,
    And He will en-armor you
    With His armor, shield and sword

  2. Hailey Elizabeth

    a dying mother

    when your mom disappears for a week
    do you get scared? are you ready to weep?
    go cry in the corner, for she will soon be home
    but what if she never returned? for you would be alone.

    my mother disappears occasionally
    without good reasons; quite irrationally
    she leaves for a few days and never comes back
    my step-dad leaves the door unlocked, un-tacked

    what if your mom was dying?
    would you fear your chance in flying?
    away from the noise of crying relatives
    and out of sight of same-old primitives

    when your mom disappears, evermore
    would you get scared? will you be ready to weep?
    go cry in a corner, for she will not come home
    she has died unexpectedly and you’ve never felt more alone.

    • Great poem, Hailey! It really touched me, (yes, I did tear up, but that just goes to show how wonderful this work of art is!)

      • Hailey Elizabeth

        thank you so much, Sarah! I love your poetry way more though! I loved the one for this prompt. It was amazing… I love that all of your poetry pieces are about the Lord! It’s amazing!!! 🙂

  3. Tears on the rose
    Tears on the rose of my biggest battle
    My greatest adventure
    I forced myself from my crouched position
    The last of the wet water sliding down
    Rosy cheeks red from tears
    Eyes scanning the tomb
    Of the woman I admired
    Even now
    With her challenges and mistakes in the open
    But it didn’t matter
    She was my hardest battle
    Her death 5 years after her partners
    And just as sad
    As cancer swirls into their lives
    And my own

  4. Morning Mourning
    The atmosphere within these walls concentrates on my shoulders and back,
    pinning them to the padding beneath.
    Sunshine paralysis.
    Piercing the consolation darkness,
    disturbing unconscious effective thought to arise
    effective action.

    Movement is painful, arbitrary, reasonless,
    yet its emphasized, so-called “importance”
    terrifies me.

    I am sweating like 21st Century polar ice caps,
    so pay no mind.
    There is comfort in heavy cotton,
    and I’ll weather the heat until I melt,
    as long I don’t move from this space.

    There is no cosmic mandate
    to do anything.
    I will lay and procrastinate and starve in this bed,
    if I may? –
    as long as I do not leave this space.

    me off this mattress,
    I am the roadkill of my mind.
    I am the culmination,
    of too much and too little.
    I am the unbalanced standards
    in a southern education system,
    a national downfall.

    into my slumber,
    because I can’t spring from every
    existential crises which overtake me.
    If I don’t burn to death,
    these conditions will force me to freeze,
    just not in this space.
    As long as I do not leave this space.

    That intruder – that light,
    burning my eyes.
    I swear,
    it’s like window-shopping
    in a crowded smoke shop.
    It’s like a knife of brightness,
    is stabbing me to breakage,
    and stopping finally,
    but only so I can witness the damage.
    I turn over.
    I pull over the covers.
    I am unharmed,
    as long as I do not leave this space.

    Dear God,
    take my thoughts, take my brain.
    Peel me before I wake,
    because I am unsafe here.
    I am in an agreement,
    to which I never signed.
    I am in a world with two options:
    I can live or whine,
    live or whine.

    Peel me before I wake,
    for I may not do so.
    Peel me before I wake,
    for I hold a broken dynamo.
    Peel me before I wake,
    because for god’s sake,
    here is the only place I feel safe,
    just as long as I do not leave this space.

  5. Sunlight bathes my weary face,
    And the grass brushes against my bare feet.
    The wind soothingly whispers into my ear,
    Humming a soft song like a lullaby.
    The white, fluffy clouds,
    Drift across the bright blue sky.
    I stare at them from where my head rests on the ground,
    Wondering what it’s like to be up there.
    I close my eyes,
    Trying to imagine,
    Trying to imagine I am up there,
    Smoothly floating across the sky with the clouds.
    I can just imagine,
    That white fluff brushing against me,
    And just resting in the sun’s friendly gaze all day.

    But suddenly,
    It all changes,
    As the clouds turn dark and scary.
    My eyes snap open,
    As wet, cold water droplets start to sting my face.
    They fall like a rush of tears,
    Streaking down the big, black sky.
    I leap to my feet,
    Struggling to run away from this grassy meadow,
    That has suddenly turned into a monster.
    It’s jaws reach for me,
    Yellow flashes of light streaking across the sky
    Running away from the jaws of this monster,
    I can see nothing,
    Just flashes of light.
    My face burns from the stings of the monster’s tears,
    And my feet are sore from steeping on rocks and sticks.
    I slip
    And come crashing to the ground.
    My face slaps against the muddy grass,
    And my knees hit the ground hard, instantly bruised.
    I struggle back to my feet,
    The monster’s roar ringing through my ears.
    Now my clothes are muddy and stained,
    And my whole body is sore and bruised.
    Nevertheless, I charge across this muddy battlefield—
    My home is just ahead.

    Breaking into the shelter of home,
    I slam the door behind me.
    I sink to the floor in exhaustion,
    A wet puddle forming beneath me.
    I rest my battered head against the old, brown door.
    The monster roars outside,
    But thankfully,
    It cannot get in.
    And now the thoughts start to flow through my mind—
    How quick those soft, floating clouds
    Turned into black, scary beasts?
    And right now,
    I whisper an oath to myself—
    I will never trust those deceiving clouds again.

  6. Haha, this my humorous way of interpreting the prompt. 🙂 I’m sure there are some more sympathizers out there! Enjoy!

    Do I choose the cake slice,
    Or grab the apple instead?

    Do I give into the voices
    That are filling my head?

    “Tamar, it’s alright,”
    They try to persuade.

    The craving for sweets hits,
    Just like a grenade.

    I can’t do it, no,
    The temptation’s too great.

    It’s okay if one time
    I don’t care for my weight.

    But another voice comes
    And begins to speak.

    “Tamar, you have strength!
    You can’t be this weak!”

    I stand for a moment,
    Which feels like a year,

    And after some thought,
    The choice is quite clear.

    (Now feel free to come up with your own ending! Lol, I figured it would be more fun if I never revealed my choice!)

    • Hailey Elizabeth

      lol, Tamar! that cake slice, duhhh! loved it, and yeah, I get the same thoughts. oh boy… but, nevertheless, I will always choose the cake slice! 😛 great poem! loved it!!!

  7. Wait, it’s over?
    That can’t be it!
    What will happen to Clover?
    I’m going to have a fit!

    Authors are mean!
    They kill the best
    They make a scene
    Just give it a rest!

    I’m very mad.
    He was so cute!
    That ending was bad
    Authors are brutes.

    I’ll get the next book.
    No! It comes out in 2 years!
    I’ll hang them on a fish hook.
    Now here come the tears.

    This was about finishing a really good book and not having the next one. I hate that feeling!

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