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Write a poem about a day/event/occurrence that changed your life.

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  1. It was just a race between friends
    Nothing special
    Nothing fancy
    I had my sights set on the prize
    But someone had other plans
    A secret contestant entered the game
    Unbeknownst to me
    I thought it funny and slightly odd
    Who was this guy who wanted to beat me?
    I played along, all in good fun
    But I still wanted to be number one
    We had a good clean fight
    All was fair
    But I knew I couldn’t just leave it hanging there
    I kept on talking
    Dropping by
    There was something I liked about this guy
    We became closer
    He became sort of a hero
    And all because of one race
    To see who would end up
    Farthest from zero

    A story about one of my closest online friends and I. It was purely by chance that he joined a casual competition between me and another friend, and I am so glad he did.

  2. A fiend,
    a little me scampers across your life hoping to be unscathed by your ungrateful gaze,
    you look beyond my barriers and see a kid who’s easy to break,
    you know that I can’t fight back against your words because they are the first I ever heard.

    A fiend,
    you think bluntly against me, igniting my hatred towards the things about me I should learn to love,
    thick hair and freckled cheeks shouldn’t be cumbersome to you,
    yet your anger is so bitter underneath that I can’t see it’s not me you’re angry at.

    A fiend,
    you come from a broken home and maybe it was my once wholesome family that set you aflame,
    yet how can you blame a innocent child for a parents strain.
    My little eyes try to see past your fury but it tears me apart trying to piece you together.

    A fiend,
    I learned eventually to be the thick haired and freckled girl with pride,
    I grew up stronger for the angst that was put down on me by what you thought was hatred towards me.

    I suppose in the end you won, or thought you did,
    we no longer exchange words after I learned better for my health,
    I suppose you won the first fight, but I won the prize.

    This is about my first bully growing up. It was a unpleasant experience, but it really shaped me into the person I am today, and I now only thank the girl for the life experience she gave me.

  3. Sunshine no more
    The sunshine stopped
    And my world went grey
    I don’t have any sunshine no more
    She pulled my heart
    It’s string snapped
    Emotional strain!
    Emotional strain!
    Her silly gifts didn’t lessen the pain
    And the tears she held didn’t go unnoticed
    Her guilt was contagious
    And I began to think
    Why didn’t I visit her?
    Emotional strain!
    Emotional strain!
    I could feel myself falling
    Into the black
    Her deathbed in my mind
    Like his before
    Why didn’t I get to say good bye?
    Emotional strain!
    Emotional strain!
    The world took on a gloomy feel
    And the sunshine stopped shining
    I couldn’t feel it
    The light and warmth
    The sunshine stopped

  4. I adore rainbows
    Those colors that dress the sky
    I find joy in them.

  5. There once was a little bonsai
    Sitting on a hill,
    It’s life was satisfactory,
    Until one day the Dove did trill

    “Repent!” He cried loudly,
    “Acknowledge the Son!”
    The bonsai wondered
    When the Dove would be done.

    The bird never stopped,
    Going from branch to branch, calling
    For the plants and animals
    Most stood behind, stalling

    One day, the Dove,
    Tired as he was,
    Came to rest on the bonsai,
    Giving it pause.

    “Dove,” it asked,
    “Why do you keep asking,
    If the animals never listen?”
    The Dove said, “I’m done masking.”

    “The Creator of All sent me,
    Because He holds His works dear,
    He wants you to come to Him,
    Because the end is near.

    “It is true that most don’t listen,
    But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try,
    No, some will eventually see the truth,
    And, when He comes, fly higher than the sky.”

    The Dove, his rest done,
    Flew back across the way,
    Pleading, preaching with the deer,
    And, oh, did the Dove pray!

    Years later, when the Dove
    Was no longer seen,
    The bonsai sat and thought,
    Looking upon the scene.

    There were only a few animals,
    That were daring to preach,
    The truth that the Dove taught,
    Others they tried to teach

    Soon the bonsai added his voice,
    Hoping to spread the truth,
    About the Father and Son,
    Most rebelled like youth

    The bonsai worried,
    For all his friends,
    For they wouldn’t listen,
    And it was almost the end.

    • Hailey Elizabeth

      ugh so good…….. omg why so amazing?! I cannot believe how talented you are!!!!!

  6. Two prosthetic legs,
    And she thought she could dance?
    On national TV? Was she crazy?

    Two prosthetic legs,
    And they showed her rehearsal tapes:
    Trip upon trip, fall after fall.

    Two prosthetic legs,
    She was overestimating!
    I laughed, knowing she’d never make it far.

    Two prosthetic legs
    That stood on that floor
    Like a soldier, a warrior ready to fight.

    Two prosthetic legs,
    Moving at the speed of light,
    Beautifully, gracefully, nothing short of a miracle.

    Two prosthetic legs,
    And thousands of tears from viewers,
    Week after week she amazed us all.

    Two prosthetic legs,
    No one thought she could do it.
    But she danced, oh she danced, and she got second place.

    Two prosthetic legs,
    One inspiring woman.
    If she could do anything, so could I.

  7. They yelled
    They screamed
    Nothing was as it seemed.
    He slammed the door
    She cried on the floor
    Nothing was as it seemed.
    I was sort of happy for them
    No more fighting
    But it was hard
    Seeing her so sad.
    He visited on Sundays
    I never really liked him
    Nothing was as it seemed.
    He wasn’t nice to me
    Or kind as can be
    Nothing was as it seemed.
    They tried to work together
    But in the end,
    Nothing lasts forever.

    Life forgives
    And life forgets
    But life never
    Pays its debts.

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