Today’s prompt:

Write a poem about being afraid to open a new door or take advantage of a new opportunity.

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  1. Hailey Elizabeth

    College Ball

    High school softball is scary enough
    I have to work harder, I have to be tough
    The games that we play and the practices at night
    They all make me better, my muscles are tight

    College is different, you work till you puke
    I’ll never get offered an academic scholarship at Duke
    Softball is my life, my passion, and my dream
    I’ve always felt at home when I’m part of a team.

    The pitching is tough, first base is a blast
    My coach says I run too fast
    I charge those balls, even when they’re not mine
    But when you’re playing a game, you lose track of time

    I’ll be going off to college soon enough
    I’ll have to worker, I’ll have to be tough
    The games I will play and the long practices day and night
    They’re supposed to make me better, my muscles will be tight.

  2. High School
    Why did I have to leave middle school,
    When I had finally made some friends,
    And met people who I could trust.

    I had my tricks up my sleeve,
    Knew all the teachers like the back of my hand,
    Knew what would make them pleased.

    The cafeteria lunch lady knew my name,
    The janitors would wave,
    And the librarians would smile.

    I figured out how to get easy A’s,
    Free snacks,
    New friends.

    But high school was a new world,
    A new game,
    A new challenge.

    The cafeteria lunch lady didn’t know me,
    The janitors wouldn’t wave,
    And the librarians were rude.

    Half of my friends left,
    Classes became harder,
    And lunches became blander.

    I was terrified of this new world,
    Scared to live in it,
    Scared to thrive in it.

    I felt weak,
    I was no longer a senior,
    But instead a lowly “freshie”.

    But slowly,
    My doubt disappeared,
    The pressure weakened.

    I was no longer afraid,
    Now ready to take the challenge,
    One step at a time.

    Soon I’ll know the teachers like the back of my hand,
    Soon I’ll have tricks up my sleeve,
    Soon I’ll make new friends.

    Until college comes along,
    Opens a new world,
    And begins it all again.

  3. Meetings:

    I find my heart soars with animosity,
    I long to speak with a gilded tongue that is concealed behind quiet lips.
    I wish to speak aloud yet the buzzing in my head says that is a wrong path,
    keeping silent and to the shadows is who I am, what the buzzing makes me.

    Words swirl through my head, the colors bursting through my eyes,
    yet no one notices the quiet girl with a whimsical look in the corner,
    they instead see the dazzling life of the party who sucks them up in a whirl of wonder.

    I could be that person, yet my mind begins to think of numerous disasters that have occurred to others yet not to me.
    Being laughed at or hearing crickets around a room when I speak trudges through my mind yet I know once the words have been spoken nothing but intellect is reflected back.

    When I do speak, I surprise many, for the quiet ones have the most to say but think the way that they convey their thoughts is misguided, that they’ll be judged on their moral upbringing. But who is anyone to judge the way that a wondering mind with a quiet soul thinks?

    One day my quiet soul will venture forth into the depths of what I have wanted to say for much to long, but until that day of celebration I remain in my quiet chains.

  4. Spinning, spinning,
    To the ground
    Spinning, spinning,
    Don’t touch down

    Twirling, twirling,
    Through the air
    Twirling, twirling
    Lift a prayer

    Whirling, whirling,
    To the sky,
    Whirling, whirling,
    As if you could fly

    Landing, landing,
    You hit the ground
    Landing, landing,
    Don’t be found

    Running, running,
    Through the trees,
    Running, running,
    On the breeze

    Free to float,
    But not to care,
    Free to silence,
    Not to dare

    Spinning, spinning,
    To the ground
    Spinning, spinning,
    You’ve touched down
    This doesn’t go with the prompt, but, after being showered with falling leaves I had to write this.

  5. “Love is an open door!”
    From a silly cartoon film to my current reality.
    The door is open, ready for me to enter,
    But I don’t want to do it, I don’t want to do it.
    Oh how much I want to do it! Just to cross that threshold!
    He could be my prince, we’d ride off into the sunset!
    But… we’re both so different, from separate worlds,
    I don’t want to be hurt, don’t want to be broken.
    He tells me he loves me, tells me I’m the one,
    And I love him too, more than I can explain!
    But what if it’s a fantasy? What if it’s not real?
    I couldn’t deal with the pain, with a bitter ending.
    The door to love is open, and I must decide
    Whether or not to walk into this world.

  6. I was always scared to talk in public, so this is what this poem is all about.

    All on me

    Out in the spotlight
    So everyone can see.

    Take your pick

    I know everyone someday quits.

    Be strong.
    Be sensible.
    Know you can live through this.

    Know that you are alive.
    You feel that drive?

    Use it well
    And speak from the heart.
    Cause sometimes, all you need is a new start.

  7. I tell her everything.
    She knows my secrets,
    my worries
    my fears.
    She knows when my tears are falling,
    and she’s there to wipe them away.
    She’s there to sing with joy when I succeed,
    and she’s there to cry with me when I fail.
    She’s there to support me.
    She’s there to stand up for me.
    She’s there
    because she’s my best friend.

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