Today’s prompt:

Have a soda can nearby? Twist the tab back and forth, saying each letter of the alphabet. When the tab falls off, whichever letter it fell of on is the letter that you CANNOT use in your poem! If you don’t have a soda can, choose a letter of the alphabet and write a poem without it.

Post your poem to comments!

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  1. I couldn’t use C. If you don’t know what a katana is look at this:

    The Blade-
    Eyes shut
    An image flashes before me
    Sleek with finesse
    The blade shines
    A pink sakura petal swirls around it
    Strength embodied in a single blade
    Speed paired with beauty
    A true legend
    Sharp metal that slivers all
    Ancient and foreign
    It shines in the light
    And I sigh
    The blade breath taking

  2. I can’t use M. I wrote a haiku on this waterfall >

    Shedding tears of wrath
    Roaring for Heaven Above
    Cascading brilliance

  3. I can’t use W, so here it is!

    Darkness closed around me
    I could not breathe.
    I yelled for help
    I called his name.
    No one ever came.

    He heard me,
    yes he did.
    I remember his face.
    Seeing me there.
    I felt as light as air.

    I hurt him,
    Yes I did.
    It felt good.
    I felt like I should have quit.
    He earned it.

    I did something bad.
    I should have run.
    Then he screamed.
    I only beamed.

    I regret nothing,
    For there is nothing to regret.
    All is done.
    I had fun.
    He should have been the one.

    I’m in my closet right now, and all I can see is my laptop screen so I thought about darkness and death… Yeah…

  4. I thought it would be fun not to reveal the letter I didn’t use. Enjoy trying to figure it out! 🙂

    It’s funny how sometimes,
    The answer’s right before you.
    You can sense it, you can touch it,
    Yet it skids out of your grasp.
    It’s funny how sometimes,
    You know you’ve got it figured out,
    But then a twist occurs, a zap of time,
    And poof! The moment’s gone.
    It’s funny how sometimes,
    You skim over the obvious,
    Just to after figure out
    It was right before your eyes!

    • Hailey Elizabeth


      – you didn’t use those ones … hmmm . I don’t know . tell me ! tell me ! tell me ! XD

  5. Couldn’t use J –

    The coming of spring puts a random merriment in my step,
    little did I know that my mind had been clogged with all sorts of misshapen things.

    That I was, in a word,
    Torn and had slashes across my foggy head, and these slashes were wearing me down thin.

    I suppose winter can do that to someone, the gloominess of the grey days of dawn.
    Now the flowers sprout from their soil, and I with them.
    For now I have my passion fired,
    my energy re-driven,
    my ideas surging!

    I had no idea the capable powers of such a season,
    The coppery tones mixed with their orange hue, the blues and indigo’s vibrant for their time.
    The fresh faces of green and the resentment of only green that will be left behind.

    I am, without a doubt,
    Loving this season and splendor.

  6. S.O.S.
    Save our souls.
    Save our skins.
    Save us,
    for death is near.
    Slowly, this ship is failing,
    sliding into the icy depths.
    Some of us will survive,
    but most of us will not.
    Our shrieks echo across the merciless night,
    for the unsinkable ship is sinking,
    and we are all going with it.
    The Titanic.
    It will become nothing but a mere memory,
    left to linger in people’s minds.
    Save us.
    Save our souls.

  7. I didn’t understand
    This thing that was happening
    I didn’t get it,
    Why me?

    Why was I the one chosen?
    Why couldn’t it have been him?
    Why couldn’t it have been her?

    “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?”(Matthew 8:26)
    Lord I am so unworthy. Unworthy!

    “Fear not, for I am with you;
    be not dismayed, for I am your God;
    I will strengthen you, I will help you,
    I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”(Isaiah 41:10)

    But why do I go through this suffering?
    Why am I still hurt?

    “For I consider that the sufferings
    of this present time
    are not worth comparing
    with the glory that is to be revealed…” (Romans 8:18)

    Indeed, for living with You
    In Your glorious kingdom
    Will be worth it
    It will all be worth it…

    (I couldn’t use z)

  8. I didn’t have a soda so I wrote a haiku about the letter P
    Peaches plums and pears
    Precise and palpitating
    The perfect produce

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