Today’s prompt:

In honor of Earth Day, write an ode to Earth, thanking it for all it provides.

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  1. Green grass flows through the soil, it’s roots humble to the sun.
    I’m surrounded by unending beauty and I have no need to run.

    I love this,
    neverending sights of swirling colors that seem to make the sky more blue,
    I’m at my wits end with creation, it seems to engulf my head this season.

    The painted canvas on the ground rumbles with pinks, greens, and a some what indigo hue. The sky remains cloudless and the brightest yellow dips its colors onto this no longer blank canvas.
    The trees are surging, with power,
    their prowess is second to none other,

    Its strong bark and the tiny critter homes that reside in its wake,
    it provides a safe-keeping from the outside world, give or take.

    I suppose,
    Mother Nature,
    Provides a lustrous world for our imagination, our hibernation, and our inclination to love and learn.
    To sit and be still and listen to Mother Nature groom her world into a perfect cocoon.

    Thanks for being a shelter and provider,
    keep the swirling colors alive.

  2. Thank you
    for the rich, moist soil,
    that slips through my fingers and onto the ground.

    Thank you
    for the majestic trees,
    with welcoming branches that stretch out like arms.

    Thank you
    for the wind that plays with my hair,
    and whispers comforting thoughts into my ears.

    Thank you
    for the soft grass underneath me,
    that softly tickles my bare toes.

    Thank you
    for all you provide,
    and how you continually support me.

    Thank you, Earth
    for being my home
    and shelter.

    Thank you.

  3. To be honest, I’m not so sure how to write an ode. (Yes, I looked at various sources on Google, but I still don’t think I can write one… 🙂 ) So here’s a regular poem thanking Earth.

    Thanks for the shelter, the sun and the air,
    The warm summer breeze as it slips through my hair,
    The vibrant green grass that colors my day,
    The sand of the beach, the light ocean spray.

    The days that are rainy, the days that are clear,
    The water I wet my feet in at the pier,
    The food that I eat, the sunsets I see,
    The birds that chirp happily, up in the tree.

    Thanks for the fibers that make what I wear,
    Thanks for my parents and their loving care,
    Thanks for the honey from bees, though they sting,
    It’s all thanks to you that I have everything.

    Sorry for all the pollution we make,
    Sometimes we forget what exactly’s at stake.
    We promise to try to keep you safe and clean,
    And make you the prettiest land ever seen!

  4. I’m afraid I can’t thank
    The earth

    For it isn’t the earth
    Who has provided for me

    It isn’t the earth
    Who created me

    It isn’t the earth
    Who saved me

    It was the Creator
    of the heavens and earth

    1 John 4:4 says, “The one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.”

    The earth will be destroyed
    But He never will

  5. Hailey Elizabeth


    Guess what?
    It’s … hashtag earth day!
    That’s right, it sure is! Here’s my poem! – ugh; late, I know… :/





    These beautiful things are all from one thing
    The one thing that provides us with a solid foundation
    To the life we live
    The one thing that produces water
    And food
    And animals
    And life
    Life is what we get for being us
    But what does this one thing get, in return?




    The one thing that provides us with life
    And the ability to breather
    And live
    And laugh
    And play
    This one thing is the one thing
    That receives nothing in return
    Except hatred; after all that is given to us?
    We turn around and pollute the earth? And spit at it’s feet?
    No more.




    Hug a tree today… tomorrow. sorry!

  6. Wind chimes do as they do
    to remind us that we aren’t alone.
    Mother Nature is here to guide us
    and the wind is always near.

    Wind chimes do as they do
    To tell us the Earth is here too.
    We don’t have a backup one,
    So what are we going to do?

    Wind chimes do as they do
    to awaken the souls of a few.
    Their sweet melodies fill the air,
    calming the thoughts of despair.

    Wind chimes do as they do
    To remind us of our past and accompany the birds.
    Both speak softly to the Earth
    Telling it that everything is alright.

    Wind chimes do as they do
    Maybe they are a thought of our imagination, but either way
    they sing to us and remind us that there is peace in this world
    where the line between insane and sane is thin.

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