Today’s prompt:

Write a poem about your first love. It can be cheese, a cat, a fictional character or your mom.

Post your poem to comments!

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  1. Oh mon amour
    My love
    My french…
    I have loved you wholeheartedly
    since the tender age of six
    You are so beautiful
    in every which way
    Each sound cozying up to my ear
    Every word whisking me away
    Et maintenant je peux te lire,
    et je peux t’écrire
    et je peux te parler
    et je peux dire “Tu me plais”
    parce que tu es parfait
    je t’aime pour toujours
    Oh mon amour

    • Translation please?

      • And now I can read you

        And I can write you

        And I can speak you

        And I can say “I like you”

        because you are perfect

        I love you forever

        Oh my love


      • Hailey Elizabeth

        And now I can read you,
        and I can write you
        and I can talk to you
        and I can say “I like you”
        because you’re perfect
        I love you forever
        Oh my love

        – the end ; in French ! I googled it ! 😛

    • The inclusion of French just made it even more awesome!

  2. I’m sad right now, the color of dark blue
    I’m lonely. Woe for a heartbroken me
    I’m angry. Why? How can I fix this?
    Out of all of the world, why’d it have to be me?

    To loan your heart, just to have it broken
    To secretly cry, and have nobody see,
    To hurt and to hate, all anger, frustration
    Why in the world does it have to be me?

    I shan’t tell all; ’tis too long a tale
    But please, take heed, it needs to be told.
    Wait til your old to be trapped
    In the sad, lonely, twisted frustration that people call “love.”

  3. Hailey Elizabeth

    believe me… when I saw this prompt, after reading it, the first thing that popped in my head was my first boyfriend, Jesse… I wanted to do a sweet, sentimental one about my mom, or my dad, or my siblings, or chocolate… but, y’know. hey , I might do two poems ! Jesse didn’t actually turn into a pig… I just needed rhyming words! but, his sister and I are still good friends, and plus, he comes to visit every once in a while, and I swear… there’s a connection. 😛 gosh . I just wrote a LOT of “and” ‘s in there… XD

    ~ first love : Jesse

    That blissful first love feeling
    That keeps you up at night
    When you can’t control the tingling
    And he’s what keeps you tight

    You do your hair all pretty
    And dress your absolute best
    Because he’s what makes you gritty
    And you can’t control that zest

    He enters your mind
    At the most random of times
    When you should focus on math
    Or get ready for a bath

    I was in the fourth grade
    When my first love entered my rage
    He stopped all educational thought processes
    But kept me happy at my recesses

    Jesse turned into a pig
    Like most boys do
    Gage soon took the gig
    And brought my happiness back, anew

  4. Hailey Elizabeth

    ~ second love : sleep

    Peacefully sleeping at night
    To only be awoken by daylight
    Is the most irritating feeling
    Especially when your legs are still tingling
    From softball practice the night before
    And a game tomorrow evening
    I want to puke; to scream and shout; hear me ROAR
    For if only I could be a bear
    And hibernate into the night
    See me often? No, see me rare
    I won’t leave my den, or my comfy sheets
    Because what good what that do me?
    Crap, I forgot about food.
    Oh well, my friends, maybe the boys will like my new ‘do.
    For to be skinny is all they really want
    Forget about the crap they say “She’s perfect; I want her.”
    Forever and Always is not true
    And never believe they lived “Happily Ever After”
    That’s made up; don’t you hear the producer’s laughter?
    I no longer will rain
    Upon your parade
    Please do forgive me and my crappy mood
    I want a fairytale ending
    And sleep is all that’s due

    *bows* Thank you, thank you! Just kidding. Thanks, though! Hope y’all like it! 😀

  5. His eyes were captivating
    Don’t get too close.
    Once you meet them,
    They’ll steal what you love most.

    Brown hair and eyes.
    Blue shirt and skies.
    Nothing like him.
    What a silly disguise.

    I know who he is
    And what he does
    So I’ll leave him alone
    And stay out of his buzz.

    ~I know it wasn’t the best, but it’s all I did for tonight!~

  6. A young girl I was, only three,
    When a burning desire overcame me.
    My sisters could read, yet I could not,
    So I begged my mother if I could be taught.

    “You’re a bit young,” she said with a smile,
    “Give it a year, let’s wait for a while.”
    But I felt so pained that I was missing out,
    No, I wouldn’t wait! I had no doubt!

    I went to the bookshelf and grabbed a small book,
    I started to sound it out, that’s all it took.
    A letter, a sound, soon it was a word,
    I was reading! I felt as free as a bird.

    Since then I have never left my first love,
    Reading is the reason for what I’m made of.
    Through it I’ve learned lessons for life,
    How to overcome struggle and strife.

    How to be ethical, how to lead,
    How to be kind, how I can succeed.
    The greatest lessons I’ve learned from a book,
    And determination was all that it took.

  7. Sarah Lethbridge

    I would love to do an emotional poem, but I can’t right now, so here goes, (though it’s not my first love);
    His hair is spaghetti,
    His eyes are zucchini,
    His lips are shrimp,
    In French, his name is Cuisine

    I met him, not many years ago,
    When I first learned to make waffles,
    Since I loved them so,
    And thus, I was hooked

    I began with the small things,
    Pasta, for instance
    Was easy to just follow instructions
    And throw in a pot

    But then he dared me,
    To try something different,
    So I cooked up some chicken,
    And the idea wan’t brilliant

    But I tried and tried,
    And continued to experiment,
    Until finally I got it right,
    And received consent

    I stayed with the one
    Recipe for years,
    Never trying,
    Until finally I turned the gears

    I fell in love with Japanese food,
    And he supported me
    As I cooked with soy sauce for the first time,
    Beside my little bonsai tree

    Soy sauce became boring,
    So I moved on to a sweeter sauce,
    Known as teriyaki,
    It became boss

    Until finally,
    Just one week ago,
    I discovered the perfect combination,
    For chicken, shrimp, or fish

    A new sauce called Ponzu,
    Mixed with some honey
    Was the perfect harmony,
    And it didn’t cost much money

    I start my getting butter to simmer
    In a skillet, then dump a small amount
    Of the meat in with it,
    And let it sit for a while, no need to count

    Once it’s brown on one side,
    I flip it over,
    And let it cook entirely,
    Before adding the sauce and honey from clover

    The skillet will let up smoke,
    As if in surprise to this perfection,
    But as long as there is no fire,
    I let it burn a section

    The food I take out,
    Now a perfect glossy gold,
    The skillet goes in the sink,
    With water until it’s cold

    This is the perfection,
    Of my love,
    As long as I put effort into it,
    It will never let me down

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