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Write a poem about your feet and where they have taken you.

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  1. Hailey Elizabeth

    life’s journey

    ~ 5 years of age
    I tip-toe softly to your door
    Asking to stay a moment more
    You tell me “no, please go to bed,”
    But that only makes me plea and beg

    ~ 15 years of age
    I step lightly up to you
    Standing tall, I confront your ignorance
    For you have bullied me, you fool
    And I can’t stand the smell of your fragrance

    ~ 20 years of age
    I run hard and round the base
    For I have just made my first home run
    I’ve always begged for just one taste
    Of how it would feel to get this rush

    ~ 40 years of age
    I march confidentially in battle
    For I am a soldier and you are in my land
    I must protect my country, but I am sorry for the rattle
    Come along with me, let’s stitch you up, dear friend

    ~ 60 years of age
    I place my foot delicately up the stairs
    Because I now have to climb my bed
    I am old and weak and have many tears
    For my frail body can’t handle the life I’ve led

    ~ death & acceptance
    I run gleefully up to your door
    And asked to please be let in
    For it is you I have waited for, Lord
    And I’m glad to see you forgave my sins

  2. Blistered and cracked
    Painted a white hue
    I know as a fact
    That I wouldn’t be anywhere without you.

    You fall and break
    But you take me places
    You slip and ache
    And you win me races!

    Going all around
    Where I wish to go
    Don’t make a sound
    If you want to grow.

    Keep me moving
    Don’t let me fall
    And I’ll keep approving
    When you just want to loll.

  3. My feet have taken me to school,
    From classroom to classroom I shuffle,
    Carrying textbooks, papers, folders,
    Piling on the workload.

    My feet have taken me to the lunchroom,
    For the long-awaited thirty minutes
    Of freedom, tranquility, chatting with friends,
    But the bell rings soon after.

    My feet have taken me to dance class,
    As much as I love it, it takes over my evening,
    For a few hours, I forget about school,
    But my feet take me back to my homework.

    My feet are so sick, they’ve been stricken,
    Stricken with a horrific disease,
    They shake, they tremble in anticipation,
    Waiting for summer to come.

    My feet can only be cured with medicine,
    That is still far away, it won’t come so soon,
    It will arrive on June 18th, in the form of a bell,
    Signaling the end of the school year.

  4. My feet have taken me places
    I’ve often begged not to go
    On jogs
    To school
    To work
    Yet in the end I thank them
    For the benefits of their forced endeavors

  5. Traveling amongst friends,
    there’s sand between my toes and lust in the land.
    I can feel grass beneath my feet as the age comes nearer,
    I didn’t think getting older would make things more clear.

    I’ve stomped my way up wooden stairs of anger,
    Then padded down ladders to sneak a snack of midnight hunger.
    I laugh as I splash in puddles,
    people stare at my blackened feet like I have a short story to tell.

    I could tell many things of where these dirty feet have been,
    numb and aching, soft and searching, they’ve been through life without sin.

    I’ve got scars from where a friends cat scratched me at a young age,
    I’ve got bruises from the night before when I took all of the stage,
    I had no idea such little things could hold so much story,
    Guess I never knew how much little things could hold so much glory.

  6. My feet carry me through the hallways which I love to pace,
    And also they hold me up when I stand in place,
    Making me able to venture to unknown worlds,
    Where all my troubles fade into white noise.

    My feet cause me to win races,
    So I get first places.
    Feet are key to exploration,
    To this mysterious world where all is “wrong.”

    My feet drag me through life,
    Even when I’m hopeless-rife,
    Because my feet are a part of me,
    And no matter what anyone says, I say I’m going to be who I will be.

    My feet will continue to move,
    And I’ll continue to be an artist and on my groove.
    My feet and I probably need to chill,
    Before it all goes downhill.
    ( ˘ ³˘)❤

  7. Sarah Lethbridge

    O feet, stay steady,
    For our journey has just begun,
    O feet, stay ready,
    For the marathon of life we run

    You may be weary,
    And ready to rest,
    But I beg you, plead you,
    To still do your best

    For I still have many things,
    Yet for me to do,
    I have many places,
    And challenges to go through

    O feet, you have taken me
    To horrors to close to hide,
    O feet, you have taken me,
    To where I’ve almost died

    Yet, feet, you have also
    Led me to places unseen,
    To do things no one will believe,
    And information have you gleaned.

    O feet, please hold on,
    We’ve only just begun,
    O feet, soon you’ll be done,
    If you’ll only just run

    • Hailey Elizabeth

      wow , Sarah ! this was really cool ! I enjoyed this a lot ! I loved how you were actually “talking” to your feet . it made the meaning of the poem /that/ much better ! great writing ! 🙂

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