Today’s prompt:

As as child, I had two heroes: Wonder Woman and my mother. To me, they were one and the same. Both had long dark hair. Both were strikingly beautiful, and both had incredible strength.

Write a poem in which you pay tribute to your hero, past or present.

Here are few possibilities for inspiration:

  • What made your childhood hero so special? What traits did you envy? Are super powers involved?
  • Do you have more than one hero? Consider drawing a comparison between them.
  • Honor the everyday heroes among us — the policemen, the fire fighters, the troops — risking their lives everyday.
  • Did your hero ever fall from the pedestal you put him or her on?
  • Maybe you’re the hero you want to write about! Have you ever had a moment when someone has made you feel like a hero? Did you ever save a cat from a burning building? Or maybe it was something as simple as staying up all night with a friend who needed you.

In any case, share with us in your poem what made or makes your hero so deserving of admiration.

Post your poem to comments!

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  1. Hero From Afar

    I walk in his empty footsteps,

    a sunset behind.

    He doesn’t notice,

    or maybe he can’t see,

    that he means just about

    the world to me.

    We’ve never met

    a couple of antipodes,

    but we call each other friend

    and my admiration grows

    He stepped in,

    and offered his smile

    when I didn’t even know

    it would all be worthwhile.

    His patience stays strong,

    his kindness doesn’t waver

    I liken him to

    my awesome grammar savior

    But more than that,

    I don’t think he knows

    the influence he had

    on the path I chose

    Without him, I’d probably be stuck

    in a major I didn’t want

    or a career that sucked

    I have yet to tell him

    just how much I admire

    his own determination,

    and his own fire

    For now I just venerate

    my hero from afar

    someone who could only come

    from a wish on a star

  2. This doesn’t go with the prompt, but it’s what I wrote for today 🙂

    You might be sick
    You might be sad.
    You’ll be anything but glad.

    You’ve caught a bug
    and feel like a slug
    cause this blueness is getting to you.

    Well, find the good
    and get in the mood!
    So that blue won’t follow you.

    Break free!
    Yelp with glee!
    Cause blueness is no longer!

  3. Hailey Elizabeth

    “Make peace with your heart and you’ll always be rich…”
    I love that!


    : soldiers :

    Soldiers – when you think of that word, what comes to mind?
    Would you like to know what words come to mine?
    Heroes, bravery, fighters; these are just a few.
    Love, courage, faith, and family, too;
    Soldiers fight for their loved ones, day after day;
    They hope the suffering will end, but they know it will stay.

    Soldiers – they have families, like you and me.
    They have babies at home, and want them to live free.
    A few more words have since come to mind;
    These soldiers fight, and don’t worry about time.
    They don’t know how much longer they will fight,
    They can’t help with groceries; they don’t know money’s tight.

    Soldiers – we should praise them, let them know we care.
    I’m sure it hurts them; they don’t know what’s fair.
    “The president’s an idiot, he’s stupid and wrong.”
    This is what the news says, so we Americans follow along.
    What if soldiers are different, don’t they care about this world?
    Oh, that’s right; they’re fighting in a different part of our world.

    • Hailey Elizabeth

      this poem is really long and one I wrote about 3 years ago; when I was 12 years old… so my poetry skills have obviously improved. I literally just copied and pasted it out of my old writing documents… I re-read it just now and realize that it just sounds… weird and immature (from a state of mind type; not an inappropriate type…) sorry, lol! 😛

  4. Hailey Elizabeth

    long = old … don’t know how I screwed that up ?! “this poem is really old and one I wrote about 3 years ago…” that’s what it *SHOULD* say…

  5. Sarah Lethbridge

    I’ve loved a lot of different heroes,
    Ever since I was young,
    When I didn’t know just how bad,
    To them I had clung

    Sometimes they were super,
    Sometimes they were teachers,
    Always they will be my parents,
    While occasionally different creatures

    My dog, a golden retriever lab,
    Was one of my heroes,
    His name Sampson,
    He was a strong but playful dog

    When I was little he would
    Chase all the monsters away,
    And protect me when I
    Adventured outside

    Now he is old,
    With lots of hair falling out,
    Half blind and half deaf,
    To speak to him I must shout

    My father is my hero,
    He can always make me smile,
    And laugh ’till the tears,
    And he is never guile

    He is an enjoyable person to be around,
    Yet he tells me he is really shy,
    Everyone we see wants to talk to him,
    Yet he will never once sigh

    I’ve had lots of heroes,
    As my life as played out,
    But I’ve noticed one thing,
    That connects them;

    They can always make people smile
    Yet they can be serious when necessary,
    They never see the downside,
    No matter how hard the circumstances

    That’s the kind of person,
    I’m trying to be

  6. “There’s a hero when you look inside your heart,”
    Mariah told us years ago, and it still rings true.
    Each and every person is a hero in some way,
    There’s a brave, courageous spirit lying deep inside of you.

    Sometimes life gives you troubles, it’s not easy to push on,
    Sometimes you feel like giving up, it’s just not worth the pain,
    “It’s just too hard,” you tell yourself. “Why should I keep at it?”
    You feel if you go on some more, you might just go insane.

    But the little voice inside your head says, “I’m not leaving yet,”
    You summon up that little spark, that bravery inside.
    You choose to take that extra step, to go the extra mile,
    You choose to face the problem, not to run away or hide.

    Heroic in your own way, you face the issue head-on,
    You overcome adversity, you’re able to be strong,
    You might give others credit, say that situation’s changed,
    But truthfully, that little spark was in you all along.

    • Hailey Elizabeth

      wow , amazing poem , Tamar ! I really loved this ! the words you wrote are so true ! thank you for sharing this … everyone needs to read it !

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