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Today’s prompt comes from Kristen McHenry:

“In ancient times, Persian rug makers were deeply religious and believed that only God could make something perfect. They would deliberately drop in a small faulty stitch, a flaw, into each Persian rug. In doing so, a ‘Persian Flaw’ revealed the rug maker’s devotion to God.” — Karel Weijand

Like many of us, I often struggle with the gremlin of perfectionism. The above quote reminds me that achieving perfection is not my prime directive in life, and that in fact, striving for perfection can be a form of hubris.

Write a poem about flaws and perfection in yourself or in nature or write about how you feel about being imperfect or perfect.

Here are some things you may want to reflect on as you write: Do flaws add beauty to the world? What does it feel like to experience perfection? What is it like to encounter flaws — in our selves, in others, in systems or in objects? As imperfect beings, are we able to adequately judge perfection?

If you’d like, you can try contrasting these both concepts in one poem or just choose the one that you feel most drawn to. There is potential for both perfection and flaws in everything on earth, so there’s no limit to to subject you use to frame your poems.

Post your poem to comments!

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  1. Hailey Elizabeth

    Flaws & Imperfections

    My flaws
    Are my flaws
    And you have no authority
    When judging me
    Because your occupation
    Is not to judge people
    On how they look
    Or talk
    Or act

    You can’t claim to know me
    When you judge me from the side
    Or see me in a bikini
    Or perhaps with my hair up
    Or no make-up on
    Or on the days that I wear sweatpants
    Because I don’t feel like looking pretty

    But truth be told
    I am gorgeous
    And even though you judge me
    You are gorgeous too
    Because if it weren’t for you
    There might not be a me
    Because some people find that attractive
    And you might be doing some good in the world

    Even though you judge me
    You have nothing on me
    Because what I choose to wear
    Or how I choose to act
    Or who I choose to hang out with
    Should not concern you or your daily life
    Because of people like you
    #AmandaTodd lays in a grave
    All due to the fact that you couldn’t accept
    Her flaws and her imperfections

    Her flaws and her imperfections
    Are her flaws and her imperfections
    And God gave us flaws and imperfections
    Because they are not flaws and imperfections
    Because when He created you and me
    He called us magnificent
    And beautiful
    And made no one out there look the same

    Flaws and imperfections
    Used to be
    Flawless and Perfected
    It’s because of society that we call our chubby cheeks
    Or our crooked smile
    Or our green eyes
    Or our curves

    The ones with the slim faces
    Are also pretty
    And the crooked smile is
    Quite adorable
    And the green eyes
    Are stunning
    And the curves
    Are womanly

    We are pretty
    We are gorgeous

    I am pretty
    I am gorgeous

    He made me pretty
    He made me gorgeous

    My flaws and imperfections
    Are my flawless perfections

  2. Perfection is an ideal not fully understood by humans
    We grasp at the thought with twitching hands
    We stand on it as though it’s sinking sand
    Like illiteracy you see it without comprehending
    Not even nature
    With it’s circle of life can claim to know perfections secret
    The animals of the air
    Beats of the ground
    The plants that decorate the earth are clueless
    So I
    In the position of a meager human
    Am unable to fully explain or offer any thought
    For any uttered word would not full describe

  3. Perfection is perceived as a impossible conclusion of ones-self.
    Yet we don’t look beyond what we think is perfection,
    And see with our eyes that,
    Everyone has something that makes them ‘unique’, can’t that be called perfection?

    To be your own person and to strive to be the best you you’re capable of, isn’t that
    Flowers have lines and purple colored veins,
    yet when we see this in our human selves we think, we chastise, they’re ugly and plain.

    Having stretch marks shouldn’t mean your vile,
    Your a mama’ lion you went that extra mile.
    Having crooked teeth shouldn’t be frowned upon,
    At least those people have a real smile, it’s not put-on.
    Having frizzy hair shouldn’t be a bully’s approach,
    It should be a source of attraction, like fire on a torch.

    It seems silly people make these things to be simple and unneeded,
    When did it becomes societies way to become unfairly treated,
    for something that your genetics made,
    Because lord only knows how were were made is how you should stay.

    There’s no perfect or imperfect.
    There’s people who can look in the mirror and say, I feel great today.
    Then there are those who look in societies mirror and say, now it’s to late.

    Being perfect is neither of those things, in fact.
    It’s about looking in the mirror and saying,
    Yeah, I’m me, and I like that.

  4. Sarah Lethbridge

    We always find flaws,
    In ourselves,
    But mostly in others
    Like the books on our shelves

    We have this nasty habit,
    To look on the bad side,
    Not at the silver lining,
    But instead we are snide

    ‘We need more money,’
    ‘Our house doesn’t look good’,
    ‘Get a better paying job,’
    ‘I don’t know why I should!’

    There will always be flaws,
    Until He returns,
    So be positive, stay happy,
    Your words shouldn’t cause burns

    Is the glass half full, or half empty?

  5. Perfection itself is an imperfection.
    Everything has beauty
    And everything has good
    But not everyone sees it
    As they should.

    Perfection itself is an imperfection.
    Everything has flaws
    Me, you, him, it, and her
    Everything also has happiness
    Even the cold winter spur.

    Perfection itself is an imperfection.
    In all its ways.
    Everything has grace
    And everything can stray.

    Don’t get caught up
    In trying to fit in
    Because perfect is a figure of your imagination.
    Just look from within.

  6. Perfect imperfections.
    A paradox you’ll say.
    But imperfections really are
    Perfect for our world.
    Without them we would live
    In a monotone of life,
    No differences, no aspirations,
    Nothing to improve,
    Nothing to strive for,
    Dwelling on a plateau.

    Instead the world’s a mountain range,
    Perfectly curvy in its design.
    Peaks and valleys, a constant climb,
    High points, low points,
    It’s what makes this life
    Worth living, working for change,
    Imperfections make us different.
    Special, unique, one nation,
    Imperfections make us human.

  7. Personal
    Real (perfection)
    On (Earth)
    (For) Now

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