Opposite Worlds by Cheyenne

I feel as if I am in another world. I write novels, as I am sure you have been told. However long it takes to finish a chapter, I do not mind. It’s peaceful letting myself drift away into the story through time. When writing a poem, I travel somewhere new. A place unknown to me, maybe unknown to you. Sometimes it is hard to think of theme. Gosh, it’s hard to even do a rhyme scheme! But poems are simple and lovely. Every time I read one, it sounds like a melody. My eyes dance across each word, each verse, and as I continue, I tune all things out, completely immersed. I am rather jealous that I cannot truly write poetry. Every time I try, it becomes a sixty-paged story. But I never stop trying; to say I hate writing poems, well, I’d be lying. Though I know I make them long, I find it helpful to think of them likes songs. Emily Dickinson and Shel Silverstein surely had tunes. I used to read their works several nights under gray moons. I marveled at how concise a poet could make his story, how he could make me feel, think, and smile in his glory. I am a novelist at heart, but somewhere inside, I am a poet; all I have to do is start. I wish you all the best of luck this year. Your work will make us all laugh, cry, and cheer!


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  1. Hailey Elizabeth

    great poem, Cheyenne!

  2. Love this!

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