Today’s prompt:

Let’s try a mish mash, both with form and ideas. Write 3 poems in which you combine things that normally don’t go together.

Poem #1: Write about some kind of feeling or idea. Anything that is esoteric.
Poem #2: Write about a person, place, or thing.
Poem #3: Write about both topics from your first two poems.

Final step! Combine all three poems together to form one! Sometimes new and interesting surprises and undercurrents can come out of unrelated ideas.

Post your poem to comments!

Read the NaPoWriMo page for details on how the challenge works and how you can participate this month, no matter what your personal writing challenge is for the month of April.

Please read How to Post during NaPoWriMo to find out how the prompt posts work. Remember that work shared this month is shared in precisely that spirit: sharing, as opposed to critiquing.


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  1. tamarlilienthal

    I stand before the open box,
    Looks like a living paradox.
    It’s bright as night, dark as day,
    I come closer, it goes far away.

    From the box I see a form
    Emerging slowly, not the norm,
    Alas, a sparkling genie jumps out,
    It starts to run and pace about.

    “I don’t have time!” it yells to me.
    “Three wishes – quick! Or I must flee!
    I haven’t got all day and night,
    So hurry up, or I’ll take flight.”

    I’m short on time, what should I say
    Before this genie goes away?
    A dog? World peace? A shopping spree?
    Oh why is this all up to me?!

    But suddenly I stand real tall,
    I know the best wish of them all!
    “I just need one wish,” I respond.
    I know this wish will go beyond!

    “Ah, wonderful,” he says to me.
    “Just one wish instead of three!
    So, what is it? Say it fast,
    So I can finally leave at last!”

    “The one wish,” I tell him with pride.
    “Is quite a smart one, I’ll confide.
    My one request, if you may,
    Is for three more wishes every day!”

  2. Depression is a horrible thing,
    It can morph someone into a monster,
    Or just a sad beast,
    If you fall into it, you’ll be a goner

    Horses seem to be free from this,
    They always seem to be free,
    Relaxing while eating,
    Not even bothered by a bee

    But here is a story,
    Of Cassie the horse,
    Who had been a sad little creature,
    But didn’t start out that way

    She was once a young girl,
    Happy as could be,
    But then she was brought down at school,
    And spent her time under a tree.

    Her father didn’t know what to do,
    So he finally called in a specialist
    Whom had dealt with this before
    Cassie didn’t even try to resist

    The specialist seemed quite odd,
    He had blue robes and a blue pointy hat,
    He claimed his name was Dr. Merlin,
    And he promised he knew ‘just the thing’

    Left alone under the tree,
    The doctor and patient stared at each other,
    Finally Dr. Merlin asked,
    “Ready to get started?”

    “What do you mean?”
    “Well, what do you want?
    Your father hired me,
    But I want to know what for.”

    “Well,” Cassie thought
    “I wish I could be like my horses.
    I want to be happy again,
    I want to be free,”

    “Sounds good!”
    Merlin noted, smiling.
    He waved a stick, pointing at Cassie,
    Merlin squinted like someone styling

    Cassie looked down,
    And to her surprise,
    She turning into a horse,
    Before her very eyes!

    Soon, Cassie was a small filly,
    Happy as could be,
    She ran to her mare’s side,
    Forevermore free

    Merlin chuckled,
    First one completed,
    Many more to go…
    I got a little off track of the prompt, but my first ‘poem’ was about depression, and the second about horses. It kinda just went from there.

  3. POEM 1
    Thoughts swarm my mind.
    I let them in.
    And try to be kind.
    They find every crevice and hole.
    I let them.
    It seems like they’ve made a goal.
    Swimming everywhere.
    Off the page.
    Help me contain them.
    Don’t make my mind a cage.

    POEM 2
    She’s helpful and hopeful
    She’s a strong iron pole.
    She’s old but happy.
    She’s a ghost with a soul.
    She’s a graceful person.
    She’s a crayon that won’t get dull.
    Who is she?
    You figure that out.

    POEM 3
    Her thoughts are not contained.
    Let them flow free.
    They are kept in her mind.
    Until she falls to her knees.

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