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Write a poem about the saddest goodbye, the end of a story, a poem about closing a door and moving on.

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  1. Goodbye, old friend.
    It seems you’ve moved on!
    Don’t leave me here.
    I have to be near!
    I’ll miss you.
    Best friends forever.

    I hope God welcomes you.
    With joy and hope.
    The next world awaits you.
    I promise I won’t mope.

    Have fun and be kind.
    I’ll be waiting for you if you change your mind.

  2. Poem about the hardest goodbye:

    Thats all I see when I see your faces
    I don’t see the tears in your clothes, the dirt etched on your cheeks
    I don’t see the houses you live in, the poverty surrounding you
    I don’t see the misery that you are surrounded by
    I see beauty outlined in all the features on your faces, on your skin, on your smiles, on your eyes
    I see beauty enlaced in your hearts
    My memories are blurred, my heart feels faint
    I embraced you all for the last time, my heart tearing into pieces and attaching to all of you
    My heart is attached to our memories together
    I miss you so much it hurts, my moments with you an endless playbook
    My tears blur the features of your faces as I yell out “I love you” for the last time
    We turned the corner and your faces were gone
    Your smiles were gone
    You were gone
    All I have are memories of your sweetness and beauty
    You are all beautiful
    That is only thing I see
    Your beauty


    This poem is about my experience with children I met on a missionary trip, and the beauty of all of them captivated me . It was a trip of my tears mixed with their tears, my joy mixed with their joy, and an over all union of sweet love. It was the hardest good bye I’ve ever made.

  3. The days we spent together
    Were the best days of my life,
    Believe me, I’d continue on,
    But it would turn to strife.

    Long-distance relationships,
    They say they can work out.
    But that’s just in the movies,
    Ours would fail, I have no doubt.

    It’s not that I don’t love you,
    Don’t take it the wrong way.
    But I’m leaving tomorrow,
    And I’m sorry I can’t stay.

    A year can be eternity,
    For two people in love.
    One may see it as a test
    To see what we’re made of.

    But I already know I’d fail,
    I wouldn’t keep in touch,
    With my new job and whole new life,
    It would just be too much.

    It’s easier to end this now,
    Though I am in such pain,
    But hope this chapter of our lives,
    Will not have been in vain.

    You taught me new things every day,
    And for that I thank you.
    I hope that you’ll forgive me,
    There wasn’t much else to do.

    I’m sorry things must be like this,
    Each time I think, I cry,
    But I believe it’s for the best,
    Goodbye, my love, goodbye…

  4. This poem is from Kefira’s point of view from my short story, Alteration. (If you want to read it, check out the ‘Short Story Workshop’ on the top ribbon.)

    Dear, oh dear mother,
    I do love you so,
    Not that I would choose another,
    But your dreams will have to go

    I followed them truly,
    As were your wishes,
    But I was rewarded cruelly,
    As my tail swishes

    Dear, oh dear mother,
    Most parents have wishes they enforce
    For their child to be some type of doctor or other,
    Not for their child to become a horse

    Now I run on four legs,
    Through empty, barren fields, with no herd
    The ‘good doctor’ knows this; ‘Come back!’ he begs,
    I am not his slave, so I say not a word

    Dear, oh dear mother,
    I fulfilled your wishes,
    And I do hope you are happy
    I do so hope you are happy…

  5. Hailey Elizabeth

    ~leaving my biological mother and my step-father~

    I remember the day so clearly
    I believe it was a Sunday
    Probably sunny outside
    My brothers had no idea what was going on
    They were outside hunting bugs
    While I wept in my mom’s arms, begging
    “Please. Let me stay. I want to stay with you.”

    My tearful outcry did nothing but make the situation worse
    See, I had grown attached to my parents, like most children do
    And even though my step-dad was not my father, he was there in place
    He played the role, and did an okay job at it
    But, when my biological dad found out about me, 8 years old
    He immediately set up a date and time to meet with me
    And that day was one of the greatest days of my life

    I met him and grew attached to him, like most children do
    And the adults decided it was best for me to live with him
    My mother told me it was because I should get some time to know him
    My father told me it was because my mom was a druggie and an alcoholic
    My father was right
    She was
    And still is

    I cried for days and days
    But the loud sobs soon turned to
    Loud laughter
    Because for once, in a really long time
    I was a kid again
    I no longer had to worry about bills (helping momma)
    Or getting my siblings ready in the morning for school (helping momma)
    Or making sure to tell momma that we were out of food (helping momma)

    Because my dad and my step-mom had it all under control
    And they made it clear that my only concerns were to be
    As happy as absolutely possible
    And I was for the longest time
    And then a table turned, like most tables do
    And my mom went to jail
    And I felt sorry
    So I asked to talk to her

    But that didn’t happen because it would’ve ended
    Badly, very terribly badly
    And now it has been
    4 years
    And 7 months
    Since I last saw her

    1 year
    And 3 months
    Since I last talked to her
    And I miss her, really I do
    But it’s up to her to put her big girl panties on
    And call me
    I’m leaving this one alone
    She needs to take responsibility for her actions

    I just told my entire life story in 7 un-rhyming stanzas …

    Wow… way to take a load off. I fell a little bit better. really . I do ……

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