Today’s prompt:

It’s the last day! Write a poem about being proud, accomplishing your goal. After all, writing thirty poems is NOT easy, and you’re almost there! You should be very proud.

Post your poem to comments!

Read the NaPoWriMo page for details on how the challenge works and how you can participate this month, no matter what your personal writing challenge is for the month of April.

Please read How to Post during NaPoWriMo to find out how the prompt posts work. Remember that work shared this month is shared in precisely that spirit: sharing, as opposed to critiquing.


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  1. As I see the finish line,
    I pick up the pace
    Man, it is good,
    Finishing this race

    It’s not like it wasn’t fun,
    That there weren’t good moments too,
    It’s just exhausting on my right hemisphere,
    And my brain’s turning blue

    I must admit I found pleasure,
    In writing scenes galore,
    And truthfully it overcomes,
    The writer’s block I’ve had to endure

    Congratulations to all,
    Who’ve put up the fight,
    Now that it’s 9:30pm,
    I’ll say ‘Goodnight’

    Happy NaPoWriMo all!
    It was such a pleasure seeing all the beautiful poetry! That, and the nice comments on mine, kept me going throughout the month. Sadly, I won’t be able to do this next year, (due to no FLVS class), so I’m glad I was able to do it this one. I’m trying to get a creative writing club started at my school though, so if that works out it’ll be nice.

    • We’ll miss you Sarah. I hope you can get something going at your school!

    • Hailey Elizabeth

      It was so cool getting to know you , Sarah ! 🙂 You had some of the most beautiful poems I have ever read ; and I swear to you , I am not just saying that … The was you talked about God and made your poems rhyme , and sound interesting , while not preaching ( because those types of people can get on someone’s nerves ) was extraordinary ! I can’t believe you aren’t coming back … 😦 It was cool getting to know you and I wish you all the luck with creating a Creative Writing Club at your school ! 😀 Nice getting to “know” you ! 😛

      – Hailey Elizabeth ❤

  2. Today is amazing!
    You’ve made it through!
    Be very, very proud
    On my behalf and for you.

    Have a day to relax
    Everything’s done.
    Remember that, okay?
    The fun has just begun!

    Be crazy today
    Or sleep and rest
    Whatever you do,
    Do it your best!

    You’ve done all you can!
    Good job to you!
    Have the best day ever,
    And everyone else too!


  3. Hailey Elizabeth

    I can almost see the end
    Coming up in sight
    For this is what I’ll lend
    Take my advice

    When you feel as though
    You might explode
    Take a step back
    And clean up your act

    Don’t feel ashamed
    Of what you’ve almost done
    You cannot be tamed
    It’s better off you run

    Be a wild spirit
    Lift you hands up high
    Feel the roar inside, can you hear it?
    Let it out and go with the tide

    The end is almost near
    And I can’t help but clap
    Emptied are my fears
    And the emotions I can’t tap

    I’ve made it to the end
    Of this little scheme
    It’s 9:10am
    And over is the theme


    there is my final poem … I can’t tell if it’s good or not; oh well !

    Mrs. Emery, can I send you my Word Document of all my poems? What even is the point in that? Are you going to publish some of them on the blog? Or is it just to prove that we participated? Let me know? Thanks!

  4. Colors start to blend in a paper blank sky
    I see the blotches extend like a ship’s sail,
    A faded ring around a creation of my own.

    Blue for the empty days where my words
    were lost to school and family and friends.
    My pen was left at home, the ink held tightly
    waiting for an indentation to be made.
    The absence created a red x, so bold and reminding
    that goals cannot always be kept, but renewed.

    Red for the blaring days where the first hour of my awaking
    was spent on constructing something so different and new
    letter upon letter carefully placed.

    Purple for the time a haiku was thrown in
    for though they can hold meaning they are easier
    a filler of nature that opened my eyes, but only half way.

    Green for the wooded stanzas that grew upright;
    with each pounding of ideas a new branch was formed
    and leaf after leaf sprouted from those lines
    with a strong period placed at the end.

    And finally-
    Yellow, for the rhymes that kept like a bouncing ball
    a Dr. Seuss drama, with my heart stitched to the computer screen.
    My eyes were wide open with wonder; for five minutes worth of
    letters were just sewn together with a needle I did not recognize as mine.

    I stand looking at the canvas, now completely covered in a mix,
    and I daresay my smile has never been wider, never been more
    A book locked up in a drawer was pulled out, and apart of myself
    was written, a brush dragged upon pages blanker than my mind
    [only when it comes to writing an Elizabethan sonnet]
    Great job everyone! This was my first year doing NaPoWriMo, and I have never felt more excited for April in my life. I didn’t write a poem everyday, sadly, but I did complete my primary goal of at least participating. Thank you to all of those who participated and were encouraging to me and others. It’s definitely motivated me to continue. I can’t wait for this next year!
    I also created a blog: which I have never done before. This April really blossomed with new experiences! 😉

  5. Sweat dripping down my brow,
    I spot the ribbon real close by,
    Just a few more strides and steps,
    I’m almost there, I have to try!

    Alas, I cross the yellow line,
    I see the ribbon start to tear,
    I can’t believe I made it now!
    I hear the finish-line horn blare.

    The marathon may have been hard,
    But I pushed through, I got it done,
    I never thought I’d come in first,
    But here I am, and I have won!

    NaPoWriMo was so tough,
    Sometimes I thought I’d never write,
    The days my mind went on a strike,
    The days I’d crunch my pencil tight.

    But despite those challenges,
    Every poem came out great,
    A burst of creativity,
    A new idea for every date.

    My hand is sore, and so’s my brain,
    But this month was so much fun.
    I know we all worked hard at it,
    So here’s congrats to everyone!

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