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From Rosalind: Your characters taking his/her mother out for Mother’s Day dinner. Where do they go? Describe the evening.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. Hailey Elizabeth

    “Hallo, mum!” Alfie cheerfully greeted his mother. “How’re you today?”

    Surprised by Alfie’s sudden interest in her daily life, she responded with, “Quite fine, thank you. And you?”

    “I’m just jiffy! I was thinking ’bout taking you out for a Mother’s Day brunch. How’d you like that?”

    “That’ll be lovely, Alfie, but you know I have to work today.” She was distraught that she could not even do something for herself on a day devoted entirely to her. Her life was a bit hectic, lately.

    “Ah, c’mon, mum! You haven’t been out in ages. A measly hour won’t do much harm.” Alfie joked, hoping she would agree.

    “Alright, Alfie. I’ll come with you to brunch!” She agreed and off they went. ‘Stardoms’ was Alfie’s mothers favorite restaurant and she was pleased when he pulled into the parking lot.

    “Here we are, then.” He parked the car and ran to his mother’s side to let her out. She exited and they went inside. Once seated, Alfie ordered a tea and his mother ordered water, with lemon, as always.

    “Thank you for brunch, Alfie. I’m enjoying myself quite well.”

    “I’m happy, mum. Glad you could come.” As Alfie said this, Zoella, his girlfriend, came around the corner with a dozen waitresses and waiters to put down a ginormous cake in front of them. They all cheerfully called out, in unison, “Happy Mother’s Day, Mrs. Deyes!”
    Seems like a kid story… eh, oh well! Anyone get my references? Alfie Deyes and Zoella Sugg !? I love themmmm !!!!! 😛 ❤ favorite YouTuber's of all time ! hope you enjoyed ! 😀

  2. “Good morning, Mama!” Dakota greeted cheerfully, eyes shining with happiness. Her hands were clutching a white envelope behind her back, out of her mother’s sight. The living room was dim. The long-haired teenager looked way too excited for this hour of the day, at the ungodly hour of five o’ clock in the morning. Not to mention it was a Saturday! Saturdays were reserved for sleeping in late, not waking up before the crack of dawn. It was blasphemy! “Happy Mother’s Day!” the fifteen-year-old memer added.
    “Thank you…?” Dakota’s mother responded doubtfully, raising a curious eyebrow. Her daughter never acted so optimistic, always wearing dreary colors and being the literal definition of teenage angst. The notion that Dakota could be so peppy was shocking. “What are you doing up so early?” the woman inquired, placing a bookmark in her book and leaning back in her recliner.
    Dakota smirked, eyes closed. Her expression was like a fox’s– just as tricky and mischievous. “I was reading,” the young girl said. ‘I haven’t gotten an ounce of sleep either. I played Love Live! School Idol Festival on my phone for a bit. I chatted with Bianca. Bianca was her girlfriend, who was also a hardcore memer. We had debated the possibly of doing one of those somersault kisses like they do in China.’ Sensing her mother’s next question, she quickly added, “Kafka. Something about a lamb-kitten hybrid that wanted to be killed because it was odd, the main character wanted to kill it, but they couldn’t because it was their inheritance. Also a guy was turned into a huge bug and died.”
    Dakota’s mother raised a suspicious eyebrow. “That sounds pleasant. Who recommended it to you?”
    “Uh… It was referenced to a lot in another book called Tokyo Ghoul, actually. It genuinely was a life-changing,” Dakota agreed. “Anyway, since it’s Mother’s Day…” Dakota beamed as she made the envelope visible. “Tada!” she said, dropping the thing into her mother’s lap. “This is my present to you!” She nodded to agree with her own words. “Bianca and I raised enough money through a bunch of odd jobs.”
    “Thank you, sweetie!” Dakota’s mother said, opening the envelope.
    Mother opens up envelopes so daintily and delicately, like the envelope is money. Like a lady should, Dakota thought. Meanwhile, she tended to tear into envelopes like there were a million dollars trapped inside and the envelope was just a piece of worthless paper. Dakota reduced her envelopes to shreds. Her mother’s were always intact.
    “RAYS BASEBALL TICKETS!” Dakota announced the second her mom’s fingers touched one of the tickets. “THAT’S NOT ALL!” Lord Pepe, she was sounding like one of those contestants on The Price is Right. “TWO OF THEM! 二つ! Deux! Zwei”
    “Oh my…” Dakota’s mother looked astonished. “These are expensive. Hancock Bank Club?”
    Dakota shrugged. “Happy Mother’s Day!”
    Happy Mother’s Day! If you don’t have a mother, celebrate a parental figure! If you have two, go nuts! Just have a great one!

  3. “Thank you so much for taking me out, dear,” the frail woman whispered.
    “No problem, Mom,” Richard replied. “Sorry I haven’t spent as much time with you as I should…”
    “It’s a pity your accounting job takes up so much of your time…”
    “Yeah…” Richard shifted, pulling out his car keys. “You ready to go-”
    A deafening explosion cut him off. Richard swiveled to see the restaurant go up in flames.
    “Was that a car alarm?” His mother looked left and right, not able to find the source of the noise.
    “Mom, go ahead and get in the car.”
    “Why, dear?”
    “Mom, please. I’ll explain later.”
    Ensuring she was in the passenger seat, and the car was locked, Richard ran towards the building.
    “I know you’re there!” He shouted. “Won’t even let me spend one day with my mom, eh?”
    A shadow crept forward, garbed in black. “Dear Agent 309…you’ll get your break once you stop infiltrating our facility.” The shadow thrust her hand forward. “The files.”
    “You think I’d have nuclear codes on my person at dinner?” Richard laughed, pulling out a gun.
    “I know you have them, 309…” She moved forward, walking towards him. “I know you have them because they weren’t in you hidden vault under your bed, not in that hallow brick by your stairs.” She kicked out, knocking the gun out of Richard’s hand. “So give them to me; and I may just let you and your mommy walk out of here.”
    Richard froze. The shadowed figure fell to the ground as a wooden cane hit her head. He looked to his right.
    “Oops, my bad,” his mother said with a smile. “I must have tripped there. I’m sure she’ll be fine. Now, let’s go find that ice cream parlor you promised.”

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