Writing Prompt

From Cheyenne: You’re taking a nice, warm shower when suddenly…

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt

  1. “B-B-B-Benny and the Jets…. Benny! Benny! BENNY! B-B-B-Benny and the Jets” I sang loud at the top of my lungs. My parents were gone for the weekend and my little brother was spending the night with my Uncle Jake. Home alone at 16 was boss, especially when you could scream “Benny and the Jets” at the top of your lungs while warm water sprinkles down your neck, sending shivers down your spine because it feels so warm. My shower was coming to an end, though, because my tummy has been unfed for 3 hours and it craved some major Fudge Brownie Chocolate Trinity ice cream. I got out of the shower after turning the shower head off and wrapped myself up nice and tight with my towel. I opened the door and screamed my bloody head off when I saw Carter sitting on the floor outside of my bathroom.
    “Carter? What the hell are you doing here?” I yelled in his ear as I squatted down beside him.
    “Mom doesn’t like it when you say that word.” My annoying 9 year old brother said.
    “Yeah, well mom’s not here. And you shouldn’t be either. Where’s Jake?” I asked, grabbing a hair tie and throwing my hair up into a wet, messy bun.
    “I got scared and so he came and dropped me off. I wanted to sleep here with you, since mom and dad are gone.”
    “Ok. Um, well, where’s Jake at? Did he just leave you here?” I asked, now mad at Jake and upset for my scared little brother.
    “I think he’s outside. Or in the garage.”
    I stormed past Carter and met Jake in the garage, rummaging around in my dad’s old fishing buckets. “What are you doing?”
    Jake, clearly startled, dropped my dad’s favorite fishing rod and spun on his heels. “Oh. Hello to you to, soaky.” He joked, but it was not funny. “Did you see Cart, yet?”
    “Yes. Yes I saw /Carter/.” I emphasized his name because Jake always called him Cart. Mine was Had’s.
    “Oh. Okay, good. Well, then, I’m gonna go. I assume you’ll call your parents? Oh, and don’t go anywhere with him. I tried to take the kid to get some ice cream before dropping him off and he about had a conniption right there in the parking lot. Never in my life have I seen a kid cry over being offered ice cream,” He shook his head and started leaving out the garage door.
    “Kay. Well, bye now.”
    I got bored with it so it turned to crap . Ugh , oh well . Fun , anyway … I missed these good ole prompts ! 😛

  2. “Atheris!” a voice shouted.
    “Sir!” I replied, trying not to let my annoyed tone get through.
    “I need you out here yesterday!”
    “Yes, sir!” I yanked the knob down, ending the artificial rain. The water felt so nice on my scales, but, orders were orders. I slid smoothly into my body-tight suit. A little emblem of a snake was sewed onto the black suit. I pulled back my brown hair to a ponytail, checking my reflection. My bright blue scales contrasted my dark green eyes. Smiling, I revealed my fangs, pure white and glistening.
    Closing my mouth, I walked out of the room,
    “Major, sir!” I saluted.
    “At ease, Specialist,” Major Denzek did not look at ease.”We have a mission for you.”
    “Team?” It was the first question I always asked. I had to know if I was going in alone or who had my back. It was usually more important than the mission itself.
    “Canise will be your recon,”
    Good. I liked Canise; he was quick, precise, and to the point.
    “And…Falca will be your rear-guard.”
    I internally hissed. Falca was stuck up, bratty; ¿Cómo se dice…annoying?
    “Mission?” I questioned, trying to get past the disappointing news.
    “Extraction. We found another Animus.”

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