Appreciating the People in Your Life by Tamar

I’ll be totally honest when I say that for this month’s essay, I was stumped. I’ve found something writing-related to talk about every month prior to this one! But for some reason, I was at a loss for topics for May. Thus, I did a quick Google search for “Writing Prompts for May”, and I came across a website that had a prompt for each of the national holidays that take place in this month. Of course, there were the typical ones like Mother’s Day and Teacher Appreciation Week, but have you heard of School Nurse Day or National Police Week? What about National Pet Week or Weather Observer Day?

Many of the holidays this month seemed to be related to people (yes, I know pets aren’t people, but still…) that influence our lives on a daily basis. Even the weathermen play a large role in our world! So I started thinking about all of the people in my life that I sometimes take for granted. Do I always thank my teacher after a day’s lesson? Not necessarily. Do I smile at the supermarket cashier when I need them to ring up my things? Nah, sometimes I forget. I even take my parents for granted sometimes. I guess that since they’re permanent figures in my life, I overlook everything that they do for me.

This month, try to be more conscious of all the people that affect your life. Show them a bit more gratitude than you usually do. Write them a nice note, give them a small gift, or even just flash them an extra smile. A little kind gesture can go a long way! Schoolwork and the stress of student life can make us forget to pay attention to our surroundings. But it’s been proven that gratitude leads to happiness. If you become more thankful for the people in your life, you’ll realize how blessed you are, and in turn you’ll become a happier you.

So after I had this whole train of thought, I realized it wasn’t writing-related. But hey, who cares? I thought this was a super important message worth sharing with everyone. It may seem obvious, but we all need a little wake-up call every now and then.

I wish you much success in your gratitude endeavors!


2 thoughts on “Appreciating the People in Your Life by Tamar

  1. Tamar, this is an amazing essay!! Thank you for writing it. 🙂 It really makes me think of all that I have to appreciate, and what an enormous impact even little things can have; even a smile, “thank you,” or compliment can mean a lot.

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