Writing Prompt

From Tea: The first line is “Don’t give me that look…”

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments!


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  1. Hailey Elizabeth

    We’ve already done this one before … but I’ll do it again ! Nothing more exciting than getting a second chance at writing .
    “Don’t give me that look…” Geoff stated.
    “You know very well why I am giving you this look, Geoff.” Harry sat down in the chair that used to sink him down when he were a kid. He was no longer a kid and the pleasure the chair used to bring was only now filled with distant memories of his father.
    “You cannot truly expect me to sit back and watch this city destroy itself while you and your little college buddies play “dunk & drunk.” Geoff was clearly mad, and Harry knew it.
    “We don’t sit around and drink alcohol all day, you know.”
    “Right,” Geoff mumbled under his breath, picking up a stack of papers and moving them from one side of the desk, to the other. He was OCD like that, and it had always interested Harry when he was a boy.
    “Can you listen to me without interrupting, Geoff? Hmm? Do you think you could give me the full attention of someone who used to be very close to me? Just this once?” Harry was now angry at Geoff’s constant remarks about Harry and his college life. Since Jude, Harry’s father, had died 3 years back, Harry had tried his hardest to fix what his father had left behind. Geoff knew he was trying, and even though he hated to admit it, Harry reminded Geoff exactly of his father; a good quality and a dangerous one.
    I think I’ll leave it right there… Keep you all guessing and I’m thinking about continuing this one into a novel … A novel based on idekrn (I Don’t Even Know Right Now) … lol 😀

  2. “Don’t give me that look Khaled!” The usually cheerful warrior shouted in anger. “You wouldn’t understand.”
    “Understand what? That you would betray our Queen, Milica, who has raised you since you were five for some guy!”
    “Just like you did!”
    “That’s different and you know it! He would never ask me to betray my queen. I have never betrayed my queen!”
    “You killed Abram!”
    “I had to! He wanted me to! He wanted our queen saved and you too. He loved you!”
    “Doesn’t matter! I didn’t love him!”
    “Khaled,” my queen’s usually smooth voice, which was now hoarse with torture and thirst interrupted. “She has made her choice. Even with her betrayal I will still love her.” Her ice blue eyes gazed at the warrior, who laid on a bed of feathers and silk. “I do love you Natalie. Shame we have to loose you.”
    “Khaled, we need to move. Now!” Abner, the warrior who had stolen my heart and taken me into his kingdom after I was banished from my queens court, yelled from the hall. Aala paced near the door. His nervousness increased my caution. I took Milica’s arm in my hand.
    “Come. Let’s go.”
    “Goodbye Natalie.”
    I took off with her next to me. Weak from torture and malnutrition she hobbled along. We made it to Abner and his wolf Dezba and she was swung onto his back. The ice mage, Manju filled the doors as we passed them. Attackers were taken on by the legendary warrior Basilius and the dwarf Uaithne. Aala stuck to the back. Ready for any ambushes from behind. Corner after corner we rounded. Corner after corner my heart broke. The palace I had once known was gone. The warmth and memories of childhood defeated by an impostor. Warriors I had once worked with gave me nothing but bad looks from their icy prison.

  3. Sarah Lethbridge

    “Don’t give me that look, Atheris. You knew this was coming.”
    “Why did you betray us?” I hissed at my former mentor.
    “You Animus…well, you’re just too dangerous and alien.” Major Denzek cocked his gun. “The endgame was always to exterminate your species.” He walked closer, putting the muzzle of his gun to my head.
    I thrashed, extending my fangs as far as I could. It wasn’t long enough. I really wished I wasn’t tied to that chair.
    “Ah, poor poor Atheris…”
    “My name is Abigail!” I shouted. My chair flipped over my head, hitting Denzek in the back. A crack resonated.
    I stood, watching Denzek gasp on the ground. I grabbed his gun.
    “You killed Canise and Falca…” I leveled the gun. “But I’m not the one who will exact your punishment.” I threw the wretched device far across the room.
    “What…will…you…do…without me?” Denzek gasped, trying to stand.
    “What I’ve always tried to do.” I replied, not turning around. “Save people.”

  4. “Don’t give me that look…” Mason said as he punched the wall out of frustration.
    “What look Mason?!” Zoey said so loud the neighbors could hear her. Mason just sat there and a tear fell from his eyes as he looked up at Zoey she was speechless she looked white as snow “Why..Why are you crying..?” She stated stuttering. “Because I say I love you and I mean it but when you say it back I don’t feel like you do…and…you…you talk to Rhydian and I..I saw you kiss him…” He said embarrassed as he looked down crying. “Mason…I didn’t know you…you were watching..” She looked down avoiding eye contact. “OH..so if I wasn’t watching you’d continue? Really Zoey that’s your Reply “I didn’t know you were watching?” You know I love you and always have but why love someone when she clearly doesn’t feel the same…So I’m tired of being cheated on you got your chances..you broke them you obliviously don’t see a good guy when you have one huh?” He said as he was pacing back and forth. “Well I..I..Don’t like Ryhdian..” He cut her off “Oh so you just kiss people you don’t like? Really Zoey? Your being pathetic I’m through with this conversation.” He stormed out.


    The next morning Zoey went to go tell Rhydian of what happened and that they couldn’t hang out anymore When they met in the alley that they always did he tied her hand with rope covered her head and threw her in the back of the truck…He was kidnapping her.


    Well? I hope you like it! I hope you enjoy it haha!! Good twist huh? Thought I’d put some suspense in it.

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