Member Recognition

Congrats to the club members we recognized at our last meeting

Scribbler of the Year: Alexis Davis

Devoted Scribbler: Sarah Lethbridge

Editorial Board Member of the Year: Rosalind Rohrbaugh


Goodbye and good luck to our graduating seniors and departing members. We’ll miss you!

Alexis Davis

Tea Kothe

Sarah Lethbridge

Hannah O’Neal


A big thank you to our Editorial Board Members for this year. They did an awesome job contributing their time working for the club.

Tamar Lilienthal

Tea Kothe

Cheyenne Cintronn

Hannah O’Neal

Rosalind Rorhbaugh


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  1. Congrats, Alexis, Sarah, and Rosalind! We’ll miss you, Alexis, Tea, Sarah, and Hannah!

  2. Bye, Seniors! Good luck with your bright futures! 😀

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