Writing Prompt!

From Hannah: Write about your hero’s biggest weakness.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. This prompts was soooo helpful.

    “You are weak.”
    The words swirled in my head. I knew I was despite Abner and Milica’s defense of my “strength”. I was weak without someone by my side. I had this power to make me strong. I am not strong without someone. Oh God. I’m a shadow! Without someone strong I am worthless. I scrunched up in a ball, my hands grabbed at my hair as I cried. He was right. He was right! I am weak. I am weak. How could I be so stupid? Thinking I could help them. Abner. Uaithne. Basilius. Manju. Aala. Dromas. I was in all of their ways. They did nothing but protect me. The only reason I had saved Milica and the kingdom was because he was with me. They all were with me. But I couldn’t save her. Natalie died because I wasn’t strong enough.
    “Stop that child.” I jerked, startled. A woman sat in the corner. I had been here for a few days. Why had I not noticed her? Her white hair was stringy and dirt caked. Her eyes glossed over and white. She wore a simple nightgown, covered in dirt and feces. “You have not a need for tears. I have seen your thoughts. You are strong. Not physically but in here.” She taped her mind. “You are the only one I have seen in a while who is willing to enter her own hell as well as others. That is your strength. She died not because of you but because of her own untouched hell. You cannot save them all and most are not strong enough to fight in their own.” Coughs ripped through her frail body. “I will help you. To strengthen your bonds. Come. Come.”
    I crawled on all fours to the withered old woman. She smiled a toothless smile and reached forward. Her cool wrinkled hand rested on my cheek.

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