Writing Prompt!

From Rosalind: It’s your characters cat’s birthday. Throw that kitty a party!

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. Hailey Elizabeth

    “Finn!” I call out. “Come here, Finny!”

    Some people call me obsessed, and maybe I am. I have an addictive personality and I guess an obsessive one, too. Like, for instance, I have 4 cats, because I just love them so much. And, all of my cats are named after the Glee cast because I also love them so much.
    See, there’s Finn, the eldest. Then, Rachel, the tabby. And of course Puck and Quinn. Two boys and two girls. I am debating getting a fifth cat to name Beth so that I can have the whole “Puck-Quinn-Beth” family; even though they didn’t stay together.

    So, today was Finn’s birthday and he loved his birthdays. I always threw him a little kitty party that my neighbors have called the police on… on more than one occasion. Finn is turning 4 today and he’ll be getting a new mouse, and another play place. Plus, PetSmart just came out with this new “cat icecream” and I cannot wait to give it a try. I’m sure Finn will like it.

    Rachel came purring up in my lap. “Hi, sweetie,” I proclaimed. “Where’s your boyfriend?”
    Oh, yeah. So, just like in Glee Rachel and Finn are dating and Puck and Quinn are dating. It’s simple, really. Whatever the cast members do, my kitty cats do.

    It’s not weird…

    This is not a true story, I swear, lol! I do have an addictive and obsessive personality, but I am HIGHLY allergic to cats, and I would never be creepy about Glee like that… But, I thought it was funny. “crazy-obsessive-weird-cat-lady-on-the-loose.” XD Lol! Hope you enjoyed! 🙂

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