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The best thing in life is…

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. In my opinion, the best thing in life is the power of forgiveness. While you should never do something so terrible that it requires forgiveness, mistakes happen because we’re only human. However, being able to admit your mistake and ask someone you care about to look past your flaws is one of the best things about life. Everyone screws up, but imagine never being able to ask for forgiveness, or be forgiven. You’d be forced to live your life with guilt and others wouldn’t be so pleased with you. The best thing in life is the power of forgiveness.

  2. “The best thing in life is love,” Alvilda said. “Once it is found you search for it everywhere. A true love will one day come into your life and you will never want it to leave.”
    “I always thought the best thing in life was the ability to defend myself,” I said, sharpening my blade to get the point across. “I would be nothing if not for what Crain has taught me.”
    “True as that may be,” Naak said with a laugh. “Let me ask you this: Do you love your blades?”
    “Very much so,” I said. I paused. “I also love being able to protect myself. I never thought of it like that.”
    “This is precisely why you need to hang out with more women,” Naak said with a flip of her long red hair. “We pay more attention to this stuff then they do.”
    “You most assuredly do not!” Zachariah said from the doorway. He smiled at us. “If Sabella would just accept my love I could prove it too.”
    I felt her tense up behind me. Her fingers pausing from their braiding. She had already accepted his love but was just too shy to say it. Naak let out a loud laugh. “What kind of face is that?”
    I looked over to see his face. One eyes was opened wider than the other. The tip of his tongue stuck out of his mouth facing upwards. Alvilda let out a deep chuckle and I could feel Sabella laughing silently behind me.
    “You know what the truth is,” I said. “The best thing in life is this right here. Family.”
    “I can second that,” Crain said, walking out from behind Zach. “What a lovely braid Sabella. You should braid my hair one of these days.”
    “If you actually washed it I would.”

  3. The best thing in life is love. Love makes the world go around. We feel it in so many different ways: how we love our family, our favorite TV show or movie, our favorite song, our favorite musician/band, your animal, your significant other, favorite color, shirt, even shoe. Love is an emotion that we all experience even though we don’t realize it. If it weren’t for the force of love, none of us would be here right now. I think it’s important for us all to take a second to step back and realize all the amazing things we were gifted with in our lives and be grateful for love.

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