Writing Prompt!

Include the following similes in a story, poem, or essay:

“as dense as London fog”, “like oil and water”, “her eyes are like the sun”, “as mean as a snake”

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. “She’s about as dense as London fog, that girl.” She heard her mother say.
    Anna leaped onto her bed and threw herself under the blanket, sobbing into the sheets. “Anna, sweetie,” her mother cooed. “You’re gonna have to get over this. That girl is a devil child.” Her mother continued her supposed to be pep talk. “Her eyes are like the sun, all fired up and red and hateful. That girls got pure evil in her heart, and nothing more.” Anna wailed louder. “She’s as mean as a snake, Anna.”
    Anna interrupted, “Mom! She used to be my best friend! Why aren’t you understanding that?”
    Her mom was now angry, and Anna knew it. “Anna, listen up, you are a nice girl. You’re very pretty and charming, but you’re also very vulnerable to girls like her. She isn’t nearly as blessed as you, sweetie. She’s jealous, and jealousy is all it is. You two are like oil and water when you’re together. She was always wanting to get you in trouble and you always knew it.”
    Anna listened to her mom and realized she was right. Her best friend wasn’t her best friend anymore. Anna was more upset about the fact that she had no one else to confide in.


    Hi! It’s Hailey… I was here last year. Some might know me. Anyway, I have a blog (which is why you can click on my name, its also on the “Member Blog’s” tab). Becuase I have a blog, my name sometimes shows up as either “Hailey Elizabeth” (my name) or “mydailyinkling” (my blog name). I just wanted to clarify that we’re the same person! 😛 Thanks!

  2. Keaton
    We attracted each other
    Like oil and water
    Her eyes are like the sun
    Her blade mean as a snake
    Against my throat.
    Her gaze chilling
    Like a London fog
    Her body swift and flexible
    Like a lone panther
    Her beauty unmeasurable
    In the beholders eyes
    Her lips ripe
    As the berries in June
    Her scars forth coming
    With tales of great battles
    And her life is mine
    For her love is with me
    Even as she fades into the night
    I was here last year and now I’m back! The poem I wrote is about a main character of mine from the point of view of a different character.

  3. A breathe a fresh air becomes me, I’m washed over with relief.
    They say people are meant to sooth your soul,
    But I fear this was not the case in our dearly loved world.
    We were opposites from the beginning; like fire and ice, earth and air, man and woman.
    Though the most appropriate being oil and water..
    We tried to hard to rekindle our broken pasts of which we were not there for,
    We tried to break even on our promises,
    We tried to understand each other,
    We tried to be together,
    We tried to love.

    But like oil and water, all that was left of us,
    was still our untouched,
    souls in the breach.

    I was a member last year, (and hopefully my re-application went through smoothly), and I’m so delighted to be back again and to see all the new stories all of you will be creating!

  4. “Why can’t you understand that!?”

    She is as dense as London fog sometimes, my fists clench in uncontrollable fury. I stared at her feeling her frustration radiate off in waves.

    “You know, you can be as mean as a snake!” She sneers while her eyes are like the sun, blazing with passion.

    I scowl and my nails dig into my palms, “Speak for yourself! At least I didn’t lose the dog!”

    “It was an accident!” She shrieks, her foot stomping with rage.

    “It doesn’t make a difference! What are we going to tell our daughter?” I snarl in retaliation, my hand flinging toward her bedroom.

    “Daddy?” A small, innocent voice rings out, causing both of us to turn. Our daughter stands in her doorway, holding a stuffed bear.

    “Yes sweetie?” I ask kneeling beside her.

    “Where’s Peanut?” Her eyebrows crease in confusion, her genuine gaze piercing my heart.

    “Um, honey, Peanut…” I trail off, unable to continue. A small scratching at the door catches my attention.

    My wife casts me a hopeful glance and opens the door. A small shape scurries in, dashing into my daughter’s room.

    “Peanut!” She cries in glee and follows him into her room.

    I turn back to my wife, who’s eyes were filling with tears.

    “We’re like oil and water, you and I.” I pull her close, my own tears beginning to form.

    A small smirk tugs at the edge of her lips, “Opposites attract, right?”

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