The Lost and Found Palace of Diamonds by Suerellys

It was a fine warm, sunny day, and Chad and his friend Starlight along with her three brothers had finished their camping trip. It’s now morning, and right after breakfast, Chad and the rest packed everything up and headed home. As they walked, Starlight looks off into the distance, “Hey! What’s that over there?” Everyone directs their attention what looks like an ancient building. “That’s odd…” Chad was puzzled, “We came through this exact same trail when heading towards camp. How did we miss that?” “I don’t know about you,” Replies G-Ray, “but I’ve got urge to go exploring!” The group walks towards the building, and they notice an ancient writing above the doors. “If only I had my translator,” Chad thought to himself. X-Ray, who is always intrigued by unique designs, was studying the side of the building which had some very interesting markings. The floors beneath him suddenly started to crumble, and in he fell, “Woooooooaaaaaaaah! HEEEEEEEEEEELP!” “X-Ray!” UV jumped right after him. “Wait for us!” shouted G-Ray, and the rest jumped in as well.

Chad woke up, realizing they had been knocked out by the impact from hitting ground. He woke the rest up, and they all noticed they were in a room full of tunnels, only torches lit up the place. Starlight noticed a sign, and oddly enough it was written in English; it read, “Welcome to the Carbon Zone, a maze full of tunnels and traps. If you want to make it out alive, you must follow the clues found in the chest below.” Starlight opened up the chest and found a note. She read aloud, “You must answer the questions below, and the tunnels with the correct answers will take you to the right path. Careful! If you take the wrong path, there is no turning back! 1) finish this sentence: The name Carbon originates from ___________ meaning ________.” “Ooh, I know this one! It originates from the Latin word Carbo meaning charcoal!” X-Ray exclaims. “Look, this tunnel is labeled Charcoal path!” Starlight points out. They all follow the tunnel to another room with more tunnels. “Ok, 2) Using the periodic table find Carbon symbol, and subtract the elements atomic number from the atomic mass. What does this number represent?” Starlight looks up from the note. UV points out to the periodic table, “The Carbon symbol is C, its atomic mass 12.0107 minus its atomic number 6 is 6.0107. If I remember correctly, subtracting the atomic number from the atomic mass leaves us with the amount of neutrons in an atom.” “Then the tunnel labeled 6 neutrons is our next path.” G-Ray walks towards the tunnel followed by the rest of the team. This time they find themselves in what looks like a testing chamber with a big computer on the wall, and a metallic vault by the other. “3) Carbon is a solid at room temperature, and one of the most common compounds it exists in is graphite. You must measure the density of the graphite in the jar, melt it, and boil it. Type the data in the computer along with the color, texture of the graphite. Be careful! Graphite is a pure form of coal and burning coal will produce black carbon. Black Carbon is hazardous to health and you must wear the proper equipment provided.” Chad hands out the lab coats, goggles, and masks to each one and they all set to work. UV records the color, and texture of graphite into the computer: Black and Grey color, and has a soft feeling. X-Ray measured the density and recorded his findings: 2.2670 g/cm^3. Starlight got to heating up the Graphite, and G-Ray recorded the melting and boiling points: 3550 C degrees (Melting Point), 3825 C degrees (Boiling Point). Once the data was put into the computer the vault opened up, and Chad, Starlight, UV, G-Ray, and X-Ray went in. The next room had the floor covered in bricks with pictures on them. “4) You must only step on the bricks that represent the different uses of Carbon. Step on the wrong one and you shall fall into an endless pit. Then you must set the time line to the date Carbon was discovered.” Chad shudders at the thought. X-Ray however, was very confident, “Follow my lead guys! Carbon can be used in many ways: fossil fuels, pencil lead, blades with cutting edges made of diamonds, and even jewelry.” He steps from brick to brick, and the others follow. G-Ray sets the time line; “Carbon has been discovered since pre-history” Another door opens up but this time it leads to a door with a keypad. “5) There are numbers from 1-9 and letters s, p, d, and f. First type in the group the Carbon is found in, Next type in the electron configuration, and Last type in the valence electrons. Chad types in the numbers 14, 1s^2, 2s^2, 2p^2, 4, and the door opens. Once they walk through the door, they find themselves walking into the Lost Palace of Diamonds! Starlight and her brothers stared in amazement, Chad joins in, “Remind me to thank my Chemistry teacher for making me recite my elements every week!” Suddenly, the diamonds started to turn dark, and darker, and darker, until…

SPLASH! “AAAAAHHHHH!” Chad hollers as he wakes up surprised and wet! “Wake up sleepy head!” The three brothers shout. Chad looks around, and he realized it is morning and he is still in his tent.


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  1. This is quite interesting! I like the ending where Chad wakes up and realizes it was all a dream.

  2. Suerellys Ortiz

    Thanks! This was originally a chemistry presentation which explains all the information on the element carbon.

  3. It’s really fascinating!

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